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Privacy Policy uses any possible measures to secure our visitor’s privacy and to ensure the security of the visitor’s data. The sole purpose of using your personal information is to provide you with the best possible experience while you visit our website. This page completely describes what kind of user-generated data we hold, not hold, and how we use this kind of data to ensure our visitors are getting a swift reading experience.

In case you don’t understand something or want to know further regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact Us page.

Information we collect

These are the types of user-generated data from our website that we hold.


User comments including their name, email, websites, and  IP addresses are stored in our databases. This helps us detect and remove spam comments and accounts.

How We Use Your Information

As we stated above, the sole purpose of retaining your personal information is to provide you with a swift experience when you visit our website. It’s convenient for us to give you customer service when we know your information from the beginning. It allows us to give the fastest possible feedback. We can also track user’s clicks on our website to make the site more convenient for the readers to find appropriate information.

It also allows us to find possible breaches in our service. Retaining and monitoring personal information and comments allows us to detect spammed comments and remove malicious links.

Your Information Is Secured

We have made decisions and taken steps to protect user data as highly as possible. We assure you that your personal information will never be subject to any data breach or information theft. We also make sure to not share your data with any third-party organization who may use it in the wrong manner.

Access To Your Information

If you don’t want us to retain the personal information provided by you and want them to be deleted, we request you to contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page. We will first check your identity and then remove your data from our database.

Cookies & 3rd Party Advertisements

While leaving comments on our website, user’s agree to our cookies policy. We retain the user’s name and email address as cookies format. The sole purpose of cookies is to make sure that the user’s are not forced to input their details while commenting again. Cookies are kept for 365 days.

As we allow ads on our website, it is possible that the organizations whose ads you see on our website will place cookies on your browsers. has no control over this. We can only assure you the safe usage by us of your personal information. We can not determine or control how third-party advertisers or organizations use your data and delete them. So, we advise you to read their cookie policies as well.

Our Advertising Partners

Google is our primary advertising partner for this website. They use various kinds of cookies to make ads more relevant to the user.

You can turn off cookies if you don’t want to get personalized ads. Google may still show you ads based on your IP address or searched items.

Google uses other advanced technologies like HTML5 or Flash to show you dynamic ads.

What Ads Google shows you?

Google can show you any ad depending on your current or past location and the terms you search while using various Google products like the Google search bar or Youtube.

For instance, while visiting our website, you will mostly see ads related to pets or other relevant ads to your country.

Children’s Information

We don’t collect anyone’s personal information who is under the age of 18 years knowingly. If you’re a child and have accidentally provided us your personal information, we request you to talk to your parents and let them reach out to us. We’ll review the issue immediately and hopefully remove the information. If we know that we have accidentally collected any child’s information, we’ll make sure to delete them as soon as possible.

Our Rights

We hold the authority and right to make changes to this privacy policy at any point of time without any previous notice. But we’ll make sure to let the reader’s know about the changes made by us the next time they visit our website.

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