Air Arabia is an air carrier located in the United Arab Emirates that specializes in minimal-cost travel. Sadly, on certain Air Arabia airplanes, the only animals allowed are falcons. Air Arabia does not permit any live animals in the cabin of its planes, with the exception of falcons. Bookings should be successfully completed 48 hours in advance of travel.

To get additional details, phone 09069590004.

Pets in Cabin Guidelines

  1. Hold luggage fees are three times higher for Falcons.
  2. Over one falcon each handler necessitates the purchase of additional seats. Per additional seat, a total of two falcons are authorized.

Airlines pets travel cost

Falcon transportation is available for a cost that is three times the hold luggage rate. If the traveler wants to book more than one falcon, he or she would need to book one or more tickets.

Pets Reservation

  • Call at least 48 hours before the airline flies to make a reservation.
  • While reserving through an agency, book your tickets 48 hours early.

Restrictions and documents

Falcons are charged three times the normal excess baggage rate


Is it possible to bring my pet along in the cabin with me?

Air Arabia welcomes only Falcons as pets to board with the passengers in cabin.

Is it possible to bring my pet as checked luggage?

No, unfortunately, air Arabia does not allow any animals to fly as cargo.

Is it possible for my pet to travel with me as express cargo?

Currently, no animals are allowed to fly as express cargo on Air Arabia.

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