Yes, Air France accepts service dogs that are assisting any individual with disabilities. One traveler can take only one dog with him/her. The service dog needs to be trained from a recognized organization. Trained service dogs are carried by Air France for free. You have to make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements set by the destination country.

General Guidelines For Service Dogs On Air France

  • Service dogs travel for free on Air France.
  • The dog should be taught how to behave appropriately in public.
  • Untrained service dogs will not be accepted.

Seating Arrangements

  • You have to maintain the hygiene of your service dog.
  • A collar or tag should be clearly visible on its body identifying it as a service dog.
  • The dog should be leashed for the duration of the flight.
  • The dog should not block the hallway.
  • The dog can not take up any seats.
  • It should be seated next to your chair on the floor or under the chair.
  • When traveling with a service dog, you can not book any emergency exit row seats.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric Service Dogs are accepted on flights that are going to or departing from the United States.


If you are traveling with a service dog, let them know about the dog at least two days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. You can just email to the address provided below to contact them.


It is advised to check in at least 2 hours before the flight when traveling with a service dog.


Does Air France accept service dogs?

Yes, Air France allows people with disabilities to take one service dog with them.

How much does Air France charge for service dogs?

Air France does not charge anything for accepting service dogs. Service dogs travel for free on all routes via Air France.

Does Air France require service dogs to be in a container?

No, Air France does not require containers for service dogs. The dog can just sit by your seat or under your seat, But it can never take up any seats.

Does Air France allow psychiatric service dogs?

Yes, Air France accepts psychiatric service dogs on flights to and from the United States only.

Contact Details

France and other countries[email protected]
United States[email protected] +1 800 237 2747

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  1. Question! We have 2 Frenchies that we trained as Psychiatric Service Dogs through “Service Dog Training International.” We are flying out of Paris to Seattle WA. Will Air France allow them to fly without “formal” training? I’m having a hard time getting that information. Thanks!

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