Yes, popular airlines American (AA), Alaska, Air Canada, United (UA), JetBlue, Lufthansa, Air France, and ANA have their pet cargo service to transport your furry friend.

Pet shipment during Covid-19 has become far more complex than before. Most of the airlines have halted their services regarding pet transportation in this period. In this epidemic, shipping pets as cargo is still something that travelers can enjoy.

As most of the airlines are now not allowing pets inside their cabins, so it is more convenient for now to ship your pet as cargo. You do not have to accompany your pet during air travel in this method. The responsible airlines or forwarders will handle all the activities for you.

So, here we are listing some of the airlines by whom you can still ship your pet as cargo during covid-19.

AirlinesCargo Cost
Air Canada$215 to $625
American Airlines$150 to $200 (Varies)
Alaska Airlines$250 to $350
Air FranceVaries
British Airways -IAG CargoVaries
Amerijet Pet CargoVaries
Avianca Pet CargoVaries
Singapore AirlinesVaries

Air Canada Pet Cargo

Air Canada freight solution enables users to transport not just to their pet cat or dog but also to other living creatures such as fish, reef, beetles, and other insects. Their specialized team makes sure that the pet has a comfortable and safe freight voyage.

Pets that can not be shipped :

  • Non-human primates
  • Threatened species and related products
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade


To transport the canines or felines via Air Canada shipment, you can and should buy your ticket thru an authorized IPATA representative. The representative will answer any questions you need about paperwork, kennels, procurements, and retrieving the animal. Visit this website to find an operative.


Pet shipping is inaccessible for trips to/from the United States due to Covid-19 constraints.


Fees within Canada :

Costs for pet transportation within Canada vary from 215 USD to 625 USD.

Charges for international shipments :

The cost of transporting a mammal varies according to the type of mammal, its source, and its total geometric mass. Before flying, speak with an AC Dogs representative to find out the overall price of international freight.

Contact Details


1-800-387-4865[email protected]

Lufthansa Pet Cargo

Lufthansa Freight Live Creatures is a cargo system that helps you transport the animal or some other living creatures without having to attend to them. Freight reservation is available exclusively through specialized freight forwarders. As a result, if you’re looking to ship the pet from across the US or internationally, you’ll need to work with a freight shipper.

Animals that are not accepted :

  • Monkeys
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Fighting  dogs
  • CITES 1 animal


The cost of Lufthansa pet transport varies mainly on the aircraft and destination, and there could be extra fees for a couple of specified harbors and living creatures. As a result, it is advised that you consult the Lufthansa freight deals desk or your nearest shipper when trying to book the trip to learn about the appropriate costs.

Restrictions and guidelines

  • Computer chips are not required for pet shipping inside the U.s, but they are highly advised for the animal’s security.
  • You’ll need one distemper immunization certificate if the pet might have traveled to one of the nations with an elevated rabies risk.
  • The health credential has to be valid for at least 10 days after the travel date.

Contact details

United States+1 800 – 645 38 80

American Airlines Pet Cargo

For individuals who want to ship their animals without escorting them within the United States and worldwide, American Airlines Freight provides a wide variety of facilities. Calmer wild animals and domestic animals, on the other hand, are subject to rigorous restrictions when flying.

Pets that are accepted :

BirdsMonkey and others
  • AA Freight will not ship dangerous or irritating dogs and perhaps other animals, and dead living creatures or illegal animals in the receiving nation. No toxic reptiles or other invertebrates will be forwarded.


The expense of transporting pets via pet freight on AA is $200. If the animal is transported to or from Brazil, the fee is $150.


  • If the trip is far too lengthy, the holder should connect a baggie with appropriate food products to the canister and provide dietary instructions.
  • Within the vessel, there must be bowls for food and supplies.
  • The compartment should be made of a durable substance.
  • The lower part of the canister ought to be water-resistant, and the animal must not get a chance to evade.
  • The holder has to provide whatever type of porous material just on the box’s floor.
  • Canisters with soft sides would not be welcomed.
  • Canisters created of metal mesh will not be welcomed.
  • Polycarbonate should not be used for vessel gates.


Bookings for the animal must be created at least 24h ahead of time of the trip and a full ten days ahead of time.

Contact Details

English800 227 4622
Spanish800 344 4320
ExpediteTC Help Desk888 733 1866

Alaska Airlines Pet Cargo

Alaska Air provides a freight facility if travelers do not bring their animals with them. For the security of one‘s animals, Alaska Air freight necessitates freight forwarders to adhere to their vessel prerequisites. As a result, make sure you buy a vessel that fulfills all specifications.

Pets that are accepted :

  • Hamsters
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Cats
  • Non-poisonous reptiles
  • Tropical fish
  • Ferrets
  • House birds
  • Pot-bellied pigs


  • Collars or restraints that restrict respiration or cause injury to the animal are prohibited.
  • The shipper must give detailed guidance on how the mammal must be managed, nourished, and watered while being in transit.
  • Cargo vessels must be sanitary, which means they must be free of scents.
  • Liquid intaking bed sheets produced of mammal-safe and non-toxic components will keep the pet hygienic and dry. Non-bedding items aren’t allowed, except for a tiny nice, comfortable element.
  • Be designed to fit the animal being shipped, with no area of the body protruding from the pet carrier.
  • Be constructed to retain moisture, as is characteristic of big animal deliveries.
  • Have grips.


  • Authorities in the importation, shipping, and exporting countries will require all essential medical declarations and approvals, which the shipper must provide.
  • A medical credential issued by a qualified physician is required for animals shipped as freight.


Based on the area, costs range from $250 to 350 dollars. As a result, exporters should consult Alaska Air Freight assistance to learn more about the fees for their different destinations.


Live animal reservations are required and would be handled at least 24 hours and up to 35 working days before an inline trip and 3-7 working days before flights with transits or foreign trips.

Contact Details

Call1 800 225 2752

Air France Pet Cargo

Creatures of all kinds, from companion animals to caged animals, could be shipped through the use of Air France freight. They excel in this field with their well-trained employees, ensuring that the animals get a good trip. Individuals are unable to make reservations for mammal transport through the use of Air France freight.

Animals that can be shipped :

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Ornamental Fish
  • Horses
  • Day-old chickens
  • Zoo animals
  • Cattle
  • Hatching eggs
  • Insects


IATA regulations should be followed when selecting transport containers.


  • Their own experienced professionals will always be on the lookout for the pet.
  • They provide chambers that are appropriately warmed.


The cost varies based on the animal’s weight and size, as well as the forwarder users use. Shipping companies typically charge various rates depending on the company. As a result, get in touch with your local shipping company to gain knowledge more about the costs. The list consists of forwarders inside the United States.

Unity Customs Brokers310 670 2216[email protected]
Jean Duncan Customs404 766 0207[email protected]
Vantage Customs650 875 7722[email protected]
Coppersmith281 442 4800[email protected]
Atlantic Customhouse202 258 9164[email protected]
AAA Customs Brokers847 261 0100[email protected]
Atlanta Customs Brokers404 762 0953[email protected]
Lisa Ragan Customs770 996 9903[email protected]
Florida Imports CHB305 437 8223[email protected]


People can not book for their pets personally anymore on Air France Cargo. They can and should consult with their closest Cargo forwarder in sequence to do so. The Cargo forwarder is in charge of organizing the entire journey. They would then take care of the reservation as well as the wellness and medicinal responsibilities.

Contact Details

New York+1 800 556 9000
Abu Dhabi+971 4 505 7900
Mexico City+1 305 929 0298
Bengaluru+91 80 4099 2399
Tokyo+81 570 074 057

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Pet Cargo

ANA Airways is indeed Japan’s air travel spokesperson. They ensure that both you and the animal will have a comfortable and secure journey. When you are not traveling with the animal, you can use their freight facility to transport them nationally or overseas. Their freight prerequisites are indeed very negligible and precise, focusing primarily on the companion’s solace and implementation of global standards.

Please remember the following :

  • Animals that aren’t in decent shape can’t be transported.
  • ANA Freight doesn’t accept recently hatched dogs given the possibility of hyponatremia in these kinds of small animals.
  • There should be no special needs for supplying food or fluid resupply from the moment the mammal is handed to the carrier’s care till it is obtained at the location.
  • The identity as well as kind of the animal must be reported to ANA in advance.
  • On ANA Cargo’s international trips, brachycephalic pets are not permitted. This approach is founded on the honest opinions of specialists who assume that certain dogs are at danger of physical degradation throughout extended journeys.


  • In their own containers, creatures ought to be capable of turning around while attempting to hang, stroll as well as relax with their legs inching forward, & lie on the ground in innate directions.
  • Crates should be made from elements that are resilient to dislocation as well as spalling, materials that can support the weight of the living creatures inside.
  • Pets must have enough space to turn round and lie down on the ground.
  • Crates should be crafted with at least three axes of airflow gateways to enable for ventilation systems.
  • To prevent gates from becoming accidentally managed to open, crates should be equipped with bolts and/or other attributes.


The cost of transporting the animal will differ based on its type and dimensions, and the terminal of the desired location. So, to gain knowledge more about the accurate costs for the animal and also other service charges, notify ANA customer care.

What will happen to the pet?

ANA Freight would also keep animals in confined spaces with appropriate air flow or other environments that will not exert pressure upon the animals from of the period they are apprehended till they are packed upon an aircraft, and also from the time the aircraft arrives till the animals are transferred to the consignee, in order to provide safe shipments of pets.

Contact details

Los Angeles1 310 258 61006040 AVION DRIVE, (ROOM 318), Los Angeles, CA 90045, U.S.A
San Francisco1 650 588 5440648 Westfield Road, SFIA, San Francisco, CA 94128, U.S.A
San Jose1 408 568 75661701 Airport Blvd, Suite B-1045San Jose, CA 95110-1206
Washington D.C.1 703 572 2644SUITE 295, 23723 AIR FREIGHT LN, Dulles, VA 20166-7622, U.S.A
Seattle1 206 246 2237Room 200, 16745 Air Cargo Road Seattle, WA 98158
New York1 718 656 4280Cargo Bldg 78B, room # 400, JFK INT’L Airport, North Boundary Rd, Jamaica, NY 11430
Chicago1 773 686 5230, 5232, 5233, 5234836 Patton Drive 2nd floor Tower A Chicago, IL 60666
Vancouver1 604 207 3760UNIT 219, 4840 Miller Road, Richmond, BC V7B 1K7, CANADA

British Airway Pet Cargo

The Freight care provided by British Airways is renowned. Another possible explanation for their quality reputation is that they really do not handle their own freight facility. Rather, they’ve teamed up with a number of freight facility providers who are experts on the subject. If you choose British Airways freight to transfer the animal, there’s a good chance the animal will be managed by IAG cargo.


Travelers who use IAG Cargo‘s assistance for mammal shipping must follow IATA rules and regs. So definitely visit the IATA site to learn about global practices just to get helpful advice on how to make your animal’s trip as pleasant as possible.

Traveling from the United Kingdom

IAG has formed a partnership with Pet Air United Kingdom to manage pet exports from the nation. So, if you’re moving the pet from the UK to another country, remember to look into their facilities.


You must call your local Pet service provider to apply for the pet for IAG Freight shipment. The representative will assist you with the entire reservation, paperwork, and flying verification procedure.

If there are no pet tour operators in your area, go to the webpage and book an appointment. IAG Cargo would then put you in touch with one of their reputable pet tour operators.


  • Hard elements must be used.
  • On any and all 4 corners, there should be enough room for air to pass.
  • Meals can be placed within the vessel in bowls. If the animal requires meals, you could provide it, but liquid is not permitted due to the risk of spillages.
  • Within the vessel, the pet ought to be able to function normally.
  • Vessels for brachycephalic dogs must be 10% bigger than containers.


  • You will be required to complete and offer up an Application of Indemnification, and it’ll be your duty to make sure that all restrictions and standards are met.
  • Within ten days of the trip, an animal health credential is required.


The cost depends on the dimensions of the animal as well as the placement you prefer. To figure out the actual costs, call your local animal tour operator or complete the application on IAG Cargo.

Contact details

IAG Cargo+1 888 578 4806Monday to Friday: 08:00-21:00 EST

Amerijet Pet Cargo

Amerijet’s main goal whenever it comes to supporting mammal cargo is to guarantee the security of the animal, and they have decades of experience doing so. Each stage of the process, from paperwork to shipping and ground handovers, is planned and coordinated in collaboration with each client.

Animals that are accepted :

Domesticated Animals / PetsZoo Animals
Live Tropical FishBirds
HorsesHatching Eggs and Baby Chicks
Marine Life
  • Apes and snub-nosed animals are not transported by Amerijet.


Shippers must be aware that before an animal being shipped to some other nation, one must obtain a medical credential. This would include becoming sufficient to substantiate in composing that the pet was evaluated for rabies and received immunizations.

The client must also demonstrate that the shots have legitimate expiry dates. If a mare is being transported, the consumer must give a credentialed horse operator to complement the living creature on the trip.


Rates may vary depending on the pet’s description and shipping location. So contact Amerijet customer service to learn about the accurate amount.


Booking can be made at any time just by contacting Amerijet customer service or via mailing them at [email protected].

Contact Details

Toll-Free800 927 6059
Phone305 593 5500

Avianca Pet Cargo

Avianca Airlines is also providing a live animal shipping facility amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Animals that are not accepted :

Guinea pigsMice
  • Living animals that could be extremely hazardous throughout flying, as well as living creatures that exhibit aggressive or violent tendencies that can be soothed with tranquilizers, would not be accepted by the air carrier.


The exporter is accountable for maintaining that all necessary documents, authorizations, classifying, and transport boxes are in place. This is suggested that the exporter collaborates with the assignee or shipping company ahead of time to ensure that the creatures are picked up as soon as it arrive at their ultimate stop.

The following are the characteristics of the facility :

  • Disembarkation preference.
  • Managing ramps promptly.
  • Sophisticated processing.


Reservation can be made through your local animal transport operator.

Contact Details

Argentina+54 11 5480-0611 / 12Chiemese S.A. (GSA) Reconquista 737, 3er piso, oficina “F” y 2do piso, oficina “D” C1003ABO, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toronto+905 629 4522Sales office: 5160 Explorer Drive, Suite 4, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4T7 Bellies/Freighters
London+44 0 17 8442 5300Building 558, Shoreham Road West, World Cargo Terminal London Heathrow, Middlesex TW6 3RN United Kingdom
Paris+33 1 48 16 95 001 rue du pré, BP 14207, 95703 ROISSY EN.
United Arab Emirates+971 4 2394757Room 201, 2nd floor, The Arcade Building, Al Garhoud, Dubai, U A E, Po box:54812  
San Francisco650) 877-0492(650) 877-9006 900 N. Access Rd. San Francisco, CA 94128 Total Airport Services TAS
Los Angeles310 649 0069 310 646 4290 5625 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90045

WestJet Cargo

WestJet is now a limited-cost airline based in Canada, Alberta, and Calgary with additional offices in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. WestJet is a Canadian airline that offers national and external flights and also cross-border flights toward Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Animals that are accepted by WestJet :

Baby chickens

Animals that are not accepted by WestJet :

Endangered speciesCape buffalo
 Elephants Leopards
Non-human primates


Charges may vary from animal to animal and different destinations. So, contact WestJet customer service to learn the exact charges.

Contact Details

Call00 1 403 444 2446

Singapore Airlines Cargo

Singapore’s national carrier, established in 1972, is mainly remembered for its thriving tourism awards and immaculate customer satisfaction. Singapore Airlines is an international standard tourism brand for a variety of reasons, including excellent service. Singapore Airlines Freight can quickly and safely as possible ship your pets to every location.

Animals that are accepted :

Household petsTropical fishes

Animals that are not accepted :



All regulations set for animal transportation via Singapore Airlines are according to the standards of IATA.

Contact Details

Singapore65 6542 5588SATS Airfreight Terminal 55th Floor, Lobby L30 Airline RoadSingapore 819830
Adelaide61 8 8234 477261 8 8234 4738 Singapore Airlines Cargo, Level 1Qantas Freight TerminalSir Richard Ave., Adelaide Airport SA 5950Australia
Cape Town27 11 390 1488Mezzanine Level, International DeparturesCape Town International AirportCape Town 7525South Africa
Chicago847 957 2900C/O Alliance Ground International (AGI)516 Express Center Dr.Chicago IL 60666USA
Dallas1972 574 4992C/O Pinnacle Logistics1639 W. 23rd Street2nd floor suite 130DFW Airport, Texas 75261USA
New York 1718 244 7272Cargo Area D, Building 73JFK International AirportJamaica, New York 11430USA

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