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Details Alaska Airlines Emotional Support Animal 2022

Alaska became the first airline in the United States to react to the new DOT regulations in 2021. By which, they stopped accepting ESA’s on their flights. They stated that only the trained and qualified Service Animals will now be accepted on their flights and Emotional Support Animals can no more enjoy the traveling experience on Alaska Airlines.

If you have an Emotional Support Animal and you liked flying with Alaska, then this step might have hit you hard. But, you know, there’s always one or another way. You just have to make your Emotional Support Animal qualify as a Psychiatric Service Dog and That’s it. By doing this, you can still enjoy flying by Alaska with your support friend. Besides, you can always take him/her with you as a normal pet.

What kind of Service Animals are accepted by Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines solely allows service dogs as accepted assistance animals. Alaska Airlines may allow service animals that have been trained to carry out duties or complete tasks in support of a qualifying disabled person. Psychiatric guide dogs are included in this. A total of two assistance animals are permitted per traveler. Throughout the duration of the flight, the dimensions of your support animal may not surpass the dimension or individual area of your chair or foot area.


Booking a minimum of 48 hours before your departure, you must finish two steps in order to travel with service animals. This procedure should be started at least five days before the trip.

In order to prevent potential delays, please begin your inquiry as soon as you can unless you have purchased your ticket less than 48 hours before departure.

You must get in touch with the partner airline individually if the itinerary involves another flight because their procedure can be different.

Step 1:

To obtain the SATS Companion Animal ID, you must apply online DOT Service Dog Air Travel Application if you’ve not traveled by Alaska Airlines before February 2021. Kindly go to step number two if you now have a SATS therapy dog ID. You should have the complete information on hand in order to fill out the application for a SATS service dog ID:

  • Title and phone number of the doctor
  • Time and expiry of rabies vaccination
  • Identity, company, and phone number of the coach

Your Therapy Dog ID is effective once it has been approved until the rabies vaccination of your support animal has expired. Until it becomes necessary to refresh the immunization record for your therapy dog, you won’t need to repeat this process. SATS will send you an email notification when it’s time to update your dog’s immunizations.

Step 2:

You may request to fly with a support animal if you do have an authorised Service Dog ID and also have made a reservation with Alaska Airlines. Every occasion you create a booking to fly on Alaska Airlines, you should perform this procedure. Once accepted, even if the travel schedules or times vary, the travel request would be good for all trips included in that booking. You will not need to submit a new request provided your six-letter passcode stays the same.

Things to keep in mind when you fly with a service animal on Alaska Airlines

While making reservations

  • It is prohibited to be sitting in an aisle seat for individuals traveling with guide dogs due to safety concerns. In order to keep the service animal secure from pedestrian traffic, we advise selecting a window seat.
  • We advise against overfeeding or overwatering your pet on the day of departure.
  • Learn where the pet relief zones are located at each airport you will pass through on your trip.
  • On the occasion of a mechanical problem, we advise printing and keeping a printed version of both the DOT Therapy Dog Air Travel Application and the emailed permission for the flight from SATS.

When at the terminal

  • In your chosen class of service, They will make every attempt to place you in a seat with more spaciousness.
  • Some of the foregoing might be required from you at your ticket window or boarding area:
  • That you will be taking a guide dog on that specific flight
  • To make certain that the service dog can fit on your seat’s base
  • To quickly evaluate the conduct of the service animal

After boarding the aircraft

  • If necessary to support your impairment, guide dogs should be seated just on floor space under the chair or, if no bigger than a newborn, in the lap.
  • Onboard the flight and in the terminal, guide dogs must conduct themselves properly.
  • At no point may a guide dog take a chair or be placed on a tray table.
  • The lanes or spaces that need to be left clear for evacuation should not be blocked by guide dogs.

How your service dog can be rejected by Alaska Airlines?

Your therapy dog won’t be approved as a support animal and will also be susceptible to their pet travel plan if it exhibits disturbing conduct, including but not consisting of the following.

  • Excessive screaming that doesn’t correspond to an owner’s need or concern
  • Aggressive actions against visitors or pets
  • Idly pacing or running about
  • Using locations other than the specified pet relief facilities, such as the passenger compartment, for bathroom breaks
  • Leaping on clients or staff
  • Use a seatback side table or an airplane seat
  • Using the back tray benches to eat
  • Unresponsive to requests from the owner or handler

In addition, Alaska retains the authority to bill the owner for any harm a service animal causes.

Service Animals traveling to Hawaii

The Hawaii Agriculture department expects the pet owners of guide dogs to submit adequate health certification in accordance with their standard laws on service animals.

The one and only state without rabies are Hawaii. It’s critical that Hawaii keep its standing. Not only will the spread of rabies be disastrous for the healthcare system, but would also have a negative impact on Hawaii’s distinctive environment, tourism, and way of life.

Before the guide dog will be allowed further into the state of Hawaii, there really are stringent requirements and particular procedures that should be finished in order to keep this special status. Without the appropriate paperwork, guide dogs may be confined in Honolulu for more than 120 days at the traveler’s cost. If you travel on Alaska Airlines and don’t have the right health documents, you’ll be on your own for any expenses you encounter in Hawaii.

Service Animals traveling internationally

We strongly advise getting in touch with the relevant country’s high commission at least one month before your trip if you’re taking your guide dog outside the United States. This is to make sure that you will be aware of and capable of obtaining the particular paperwork, such as health records and evidence of immunization, needed for entrance into that country.

Your pet may be quarantined upon arrival if all necessary precautions are not taken and paperwork is not given. You will be liable for all expenses incurred in keeping the pet in confinement, any fines imposed, and any fees related to transferring the pet to its place of origin.

Is your Service Animals still under training procedure?

Bookings should be addressed at least 48 hours ahead of time if a support animal-in-training trip request is needed. Alaska is not bound to accept service animals which are still under training procedure but they may choose to accept the pet for free of charge if there is enough room on the plane.

Every one of the requirements listed must be satisfied in order for newly trained guide dogs to be approved for free delivery to a new parent:

  • A instructor is driving the assistance animal.
  • The new owner’s name and hometown are known to the instructor.
  • The assistance animal’s instructor may offer formal letterhead-based paperwork attesting to the dog’s completion of the training.


Does Alaska accept ESA?

In 2021, Alaska became the first American airline to comply with the new DOT rules. At that point, they ceased to take ESAs on their flights. Only properly trained service animals will now be permitted on board flights, according to Alaska Airlines, and emotional support animals will no longer be permitted.

Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight Alaska Airlines?

Your service dog can stay on your lap in case it is too big to accommodate in the assigned foot area. But, the flight staff may not allow that if the dog shows aggressive behavior towards other travelers.

Is Alaska Airlines good with pets?

The restrictions on containers for this airline are simple. According to the standards of Alaska Air’s animal organization, enclosures must be robust and made of heavy materials like metal, wood, or durable plastic.

Do dogs fly free on Alaska Airlines?

Your dog can travel absolutely free if it is a trained service dog on Alaska Airlines. But, the airline doesn’t allow emotional support animals currently. 

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