Alaska Airlines accepts cabin small dogs, household cats, domesticated rabbits, and household birds. Hawaii and international travelers can bring cats and dogs in the cabin. Alaska Air allows domesticated pets in the air-controlled cargo compartment. It will cost $150 for civilians and $100 for active-duty U.S. military personnel on an official order.

They have restrictions on pets that may face breathing problems in the flight. So make sure to read that section carefully. They do not have any specific document requirements. The documents are subject to destination-based regulations.

AS Pet Policy Options

Alaska Air offers the following travel options for you in case you are thinking of transporting your pet by them. If your pets are small then you can bring them into the cabin but keep in mind, that your small pets should kept in the approved kennel. Up to 150 lbs of pets can fly in the cargo compartment same flight and cargo flights are best for 151lbs+ pets.

  1. Pets In The Cabin
  2. Pets As Checked Baggage
  3. Cargo Service

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy Overview

Carry-on PetsSmall Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Birds
As Checked BaggageCats, Dogs, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Tropical Fish and etc
Cargo ServiceService Available
Service AnimalAllowed (free of charge)
Emotional Support Animal (ESA)Not Allowed
Pets Age8 weeks old.
Passenger Age18 years old.
Pet LimitMaximum 2 pets.
Weight Limit for Checked BaggageUp to 150lbs
Carry-on pets fee$100
As Checked Baggage fee$150 ($100 only for U.S. Military)

Alaska Airlines Pet in Cabin

Little animals (pups, kittens, bunnies, and house birds) are allowed to fly in the cabin with Alaska Air if the overall mass of the creature and carrier does not surpass 20 pounds (9 kg). To make the journey with an animal in the cabin, travelers should be at least 18 years old. The first-class flight can only facilitate one pet container for every trip, while the passenger cabin can facilitate up to 5 pet containers per trip. To stay in the cabin, dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old. As far as two seats are booked, each traveler can fly with a total of 2 animals.

Conversely, if no discomfort is present, up to two animals of the same species may fly in the same container. There is a $100 cost for each animal in the cabin. The pet carrier qualifies as one of your carry-on bags. You may bring a pet container and one small backpack, or a pet container and one typically grown carry-on backpack. You can not bring all three of them at once in the cabin.

Species that emit objectionable odors or make a lot of noise should commute in the temperature-controlled baggage area.

Alaska Airlines Pet Carrier Size

Best Hard Sided17 inches11 inches7.5 inches
Best Soft Sided17 inches11 inches9.5 inches

Alaska Airline Pet Carrier Requirements

The pet carrier must meet the following requirements to gain acceptance for transportation:

  • Be under the above-mentioned dimensions.
  • Be hygienic and waterproof with water-absorbing bed sheets made of animal-safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Encapsulate the animal completely and make it impossible for it to break free.
  • Allow for sufficient airflow.
  • There should be no tears, fractures, or breaks.

Alaska Air Pet in Cargo Compartment

Alaska Airlines has limitations to accepting pets as checked baggage. If you want to fly on the same flight, AS is the best option. Alaska’s pets as checked baggage service is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. They accept up to 150 lbs in the cargo compartment. The charge is different for civilians, which is $150, and $100 for the U.S. military. Hawaii and international travelers can bring only cats and dogs.

Pets that are accepted in the cargo compartments :

Non-poisonous reptilesHamsters
Household birds,Ferrets
Guinea pigsPot-bellied pigs
Tropical fishRabbits

Pets commuting as checked-in luggage must be given water and food within four hours of check-in. Cats and dogs must be provided with enough water and food to last for the entire route.

Passengers with a four-hour connection or longer should require access to their pets within the connection town to provide additional water and food. The passenger is responsible for rechecking the animal in the connecting town and providing the paid invoice when doing so.

During verification, you will be asked to fill out a Pet Check history to confirm that your pet was given water and food before approval.

Alaska Airlines Pet Carrier Dimensions & Requirments for Cargo

  • Every dog welcomed for transportation as carry-on luggage must have an existing health license.
  • Up to 150 lbs (gross weight) of pets are allowed in the cargo hold.
  • Cats and dogs should be weaned and at least 6 – 8 weeks old.
  • Only one cat or dog aged 6 months or older could be shipped in the same pet carrier.
  • No more than one doggy, aged 8 weeks to 6 months and probably weighing over 20 kilos, could be shipped in the same pet carrier.
  • In the same pet carrier, no more than two pups or cats, 8 weeks to 6 months old, of similarly sized and probably weighed 20 lbs or less each, might well be transported.
  • Be of sturdy construction, made of polycarbonate, timber, steel, or similar stuff, and ability to endure the trials and tribulations of regular commuting.
  • If indeed the kennel is not made of a single piece, use nuts as well as bolt connectors to secure it.
  • Including one steel grated gate that is firmly bolted to avoid unwanted unveiling, as a result, will be escape-proof.
  • To be built with initial or benchmark repair parts.
  • On the outside, have grips or handrails to help you lift without tipping.
  • Have a sturdy ceiling. Air circulation slots are allowed as long as the roof’s authenticity is maintained.
  • Make sure you have enough ventilation. Perpetual bars or even other strong materials should be used to cover valves.
  • Be hygienic and leakproof with water-absorbing bed sheets made of animal-safe and non-toxic materials.
  • Insert a water and food dish within the gate to enable nutrition and hydration without having to open it.
Extra-small15 inches16 inches21 inches
Small Carrier19 inches20 inches27 inches
Medium Kennel23 inches22 inches32 inches
Large Carrier26 inches24 inches36 inches
Extra large Carrier30 inches27 inches40 inches

Aircraft Restrictions

Pets will not be accepted in the following aircraft within the following dates :

3300-3499November 15 – January 10
2000-2999November 15 – January 10

Pets in cargo compartments could well be acknowledged on Alaska Airlines trips 2000-2999 that operate entirely inside the state of Alaska throughout this period, relevant to room and loading accessibility.


Pets are not allowed to fly in the baggage area on aircraft operated by their Airbus ships because these planes do not have a hot cargo room in which to transport pets securely.

Pets Age

Every traveler is allowed to carry one carrier with a total of 2 animals of the same breed. The pet must be weaned and above 2 months.

Restrictions and Documents

If any Alaska Airlines planes take you over state boundaries, have a certificate issued from your furry companion’s qualified physician within 1 month before traveling. If the flight will take you to a place where the weather will be 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below, Alaska will demand a remark on your license confirming that the animal can withstand this condition. Animals going to another province or inside Alaska should also have paperwork proving they’ve been protected against rabies.

Destination Restrictions

Flights to Hawaii

No pets other than dogs and cats can enter Hawaii.

FebruaryNot allowedIn the cargo compartment
November 1 – January 31One cat or dogIn the cargo compartment
March 1 – April 1One cat or dogIn the cargo compartment
April 2 – October 31Usual regulations

Other restrictions per destination

International FlightsOnly dogs and cats can be transportedAll year
From/to BelizePets are not allowedAll year
To CanadaOnly cats and dogsAll year
To Costa RicaOnly cats and dogsAll year
To MexicoOnly cats and dogsAll year

Temperature guidelines

Extremely hot or cold temps can be hazardous to pets’ well-being. In the warmer months, fly early in the morning or late at night. Choose noon-time flights during the winter. Reserve direct flights whenever feasible. If temps at the beginning, route or linking airport terminals exceed certain thresholds, Alaska Airlines may refuse acknowledgment for the sake of the animal’s welfare.

Alaska Airlines Pet Health Certificate Requirements

  • The document must include the pet’s species, gender, age, profile, and inspection date.
  • The document should be certified by a licensed doctor and therefore must say that such pets are fit for travel and clear of any harmful, infectious, or transmitted illness.
  • It is allowed to provide a hard copy of a computerized medical document with a digital signature.
  • When a health license is issued, it is acceptable for transportation:
  • Around 10 days of the start of your journey.
  • Return flight on the same ticket must be completed within 1 month.
  • If the return flight is on a different ticket, within 10 days after departure.

Alaska Airlines pet travel fee

Alaska Airlines levies $100/ 100 CAD for animals traveling as cabin carry-on and $150/ 150 CAD as checked luggage. If you are transferring to some other flight, other carriers may impose added expenses on you.

Breed Restrictions

Species that may be subject to breathing problems while in air, are not accepted by Alaska Air in the cargo compartments. Although, they may very well be transported in the cabin next to their owners. This policy applies to hybrid species also.


BoxerChow Chow
Bull TerrierBrussels Griffon
English BulldogAmerican Pit Bull
BulldogBoston Terrier
American Staffordshire TerrierDutch Pug
 English Toy SpanielMastiff (All Breeds)
Japanese BoxerJapanese Spaniel
PugFrench Bulldog
PekingeseJapanese Pug
Staffordshire Bull TerrierShih Tzu


Exotic ShorthairPersian

Emotional Support Animal

Alaska Airlines no longer allows emotional support animals.

Service Dog

Only service animals that have been taught to do tasks or carry out tasks for the convenience of a relevant person with a disability should be allowed in Alaska. Mental support pets are not viewed as therapy pets, but they are allowed to fly by Alaska Air by complying with the usual Pet Policy.

  • No charges for service animals.
  • During the entire trip, the dog’s length should not surpass the storage capacity or individual room of the passenger’s chair or foot region.
  • For every booking, the accepted industry DOT Service Dog Air Travel Form must be filled out and filtered by Alaska Airlines at least 48 hours before your first flight. To avert delays and cancellations, this must be completed as quickly as possible.
  • If you bought your boarding pass only around 48 hours ahead of time, you can fill out the DOT Service Dog Air Travel Form at the air terminal. Show up quickly to prevent potential travel delays.
  • On the day of transportation, they recommend that you do not overfeed your animal.
  • If the service dog is small enough, it can sit on the passenger’s lap.
  • Dogs should be well in the departure gate and onboard the aircraft.
  • Dogs are not permitted to sit in a seat at any moment.
  • Dogs are not permitted to hinder hallways or regions which must be kept clear for emergency rescue.
  • If the journey contains a flight on an Alliance air carrier, you must notify them and fill out all of the relevant paperwork for having to travel with a support animal.
  • They recommend that all attendees check in within at least 1 hour before departing. Kindly inform the customer service rep upon arriving at the airport that you will be moving with a support animal so that they can make sure your dog is fully accounted for by passengers aboard the aircraft.
  • Per customer, a highest of 2 service animals will be allowed.

Service dogs traveling to Hawaii

A service dog seems to be the only type of service animal legally allowed in Hawaii. The Hawaii Agriculture Department necessitates service dog holders to show adequate health paperwork in addition to Alaska Air’s general maintenance animal policy initiatives. If a service dog arrives without appropriate documents, it may well be quarantined in Honolulu for approximately four months at the customer’s expense.

Flights out of the United States

If individuals plan to travel beyond the United States with their service or animal, we strongly recommend contacting the relevant embassy or consulate at least 4 weeks before departure. This is to completely comprehend and can obtain the required documents necessary to enter that nation, such as health certificates and confirmation of vaccination.

How do I add a pet to my flight?

  1. Contact Reservations at least 48 hours in advance of your trip.
  2. With your formal orders, check in at the ticket desk.
  3. Allow additional time for check-in.
  4. Complete a checklist.
  5. Provide a medical certificate.

Pets Reservation

Alaska Air suggests calling the Helpdesk at 800-252-7522 as soon as your travel arrangements are finalized since the First Class cabin can only allow one pet per trip and the regular cabin can only handle five. Inform the agent available that you’ll be flying with your pet, and they’ll make a reservation.

Remember they do not transit animals in the cargo compartment to other airlines, so they ought to be received and checked again to the next airlines.


Check-in at least 1 hour before actually departing, and no more than 2 hours.


  • While traveling overseas, it is highly advised that you investigate the hygiene and vaccine requirements of the country you will be touring.
  • You are accountable for maintaining that the pet complies with all applicable U.S. and foreign government rules and limitations. Such as veterinary documents and immunization obligations.
  • If passengers do not have the proper health and immunization papers to enter a foreign country, Alaska Airlines is not liable for any charges incurred.
  • Just on the upper side of one and or perhaps more sides of the pet carrier, put the words “Live Species” in at least 1″ tall alphabet. Make use of projectiles to emphasize the crate’s upright posture. Write the name, identify, and contact information of your pet’s target destination, whether you will be facilitating them and if others will be picking them up, on the upper side of the crate.


How rigorous is Alaska Airlines when it comes to pets?

The container regulations for this aircraft are straightforward. Enclosures should be sturdy and built of metal bulky elements like hardwood, or sturdy plastic, as per Alaska Air’s animal organization’s policies.

Is it possible for me to bring my pet to Alaska?

If the pet is three months and over, it must have a recent rabies vaccine and a veterinary health clearance given within 1 month of importation.

Is it legal to take an emotional support animal on an aircraft?

Emotional support animals will necessitate an ESA letter from a legal healthcare expert from carriers that do allow them on aircraft. Your ESA will almost always need to be compact to fit in a container beneath the row across from you.

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for pets?

Alaska Air charges 100 USD for each pet in the cabin and $150 for checked baggage but $100 for active duty U.S. military. They allow licensed service dogs to travel in the cabin free of charge.

Alaska Air Contact Details

Costa Rica00 800 25275200
Mexico001 880 252 7522 (Reservations)001 880 654 5669 (Customer care)
United Kingdom001 800 2527522
USA / Canada1 800 ALASKAAIR (1 800 252 7522)
Australia0011 800 2527 5200

At Glance

Airlines NameAlaska Airlines
Website Alaska Air
Support Center1-800-252-7522 (for reservation)
Social Media PagesLinkedin

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