Among the minor international carriers which flies both people and animals is Alitalia, the flag airline of Italy. Therefore, when you and the furry family member are relocating to Italy, thinking about vacationing abroad, or when you are currently in Italy and arranging a journey elsewhere, you may want to take into account using this airline. Alitalia accept pets inside of their cabins as well as checked baggage. Their charges typically vary from 60 USD to 235 USD depending on the pet you are taking with yourself and the location to which you are traveling.

Travel Options

Alitalia provides pet parents with below-mentioned options to carry their pets.

  1. Pets In the Cabin ✔️
  2. Pets as Checked Baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ❌

Pets Age

Pets that are under the age of 180 days are not accepted for flights by Alitalia.

Pets In The Cabin

Containers are permitted to carry a maximum of 5 pets of the same breed, provided that the combined mass of the pets doesn’t somehow surpass 8 kilograms and a maximum of 10 kilograms when the container and any supplies are included.

Container Guidelines For Pets In The Cabin

Additional standards for the companion’s comfort and security

  • A sheet, paper, or even other microfiber substance needs to be placed on the ground of the container. No straws allowed.
  • The animal cannot be on a leash or wear a mask. These equipment should not be kept within the container, as well.
  • The animal should not be physically exhausted or have any wounds. Consult your veterinarian to determine whether tranquilizers would be beneficial for the pet, and don’t forget to provide at minimum a dish within the container to keep your furry friend comfy throughout the trip.
  • Without accessing the container, the dish has to be emptied, latched, and reachable.
  • Pets can only be transported when they are contained in a suitable soft, half-rigid, or fully-rigid container.
  • While getting on and off the plane, as well as throughout the journey, the pet must be maintained in the container because of safety concerns.

Container Dimensions For Pets In The Cabin

Pet parents should have container with this dimensions :

24 cm20 cm40 cm10 kg (including the pet)

Pets As Checked Baggage

If you are putting your pet in the baggage hold, then consider purchasing a container having these features.

  • Dog transportation requires a sturdy container.
  • Aluminum or plastic containers must be used for the container’s shell.
  • Tires on the container should be taken off. Insulation material must be used to lock them when they are extendable.
  • A security door having a security mechanism that secures the sealing positions at the head, center, and ground is required for containers used to carry Dogs.
  • For the purpose of carrying Dogs, container’s side air vents must be constructed of metal, never plastic.


Alitalia does not provide any travel services for pets.

Required Documents

There are the basic documents. You may want to consult with the embassy of the country you are traveling to in order to learn about any other required paperwork.

  • A valid pet passport which must contain updated information about the immunizations.
  • A microchip.
  • A health certificate (for flights within Italy).
  • Rabies vaccination certificate or CDC-issued permit (for flights within the USA).

Destination Restrictions

Alitalia has got some destination restrictions in place.

  • Alitalia does not transport pets to the United Kingdom.
  • If you are traveling to Israel, check this link before preparing for travel.

Birds can not be carried from these below-mentioned destinations :

South AfricaTurkey
Balkan PeninsulaRomania

Breed Restrictions

Snub-nosed or brachycephalic types are especially sensitive to anxiety and heat. We advise you to thoroughly consider your companion’s general condition and, as a result, the hazards involved in this sort of travel, in order to ensure its well-being and security.

Dog Breeds

American Staffordshire TerrierBulldogBoston Terrier
Cane CorsoBrussels GriffonBichon Frise
BullmastiffAffenpinscherChihuahua (apple-headed)
BoxerCavalier King Charles SpanielAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
Chow ChowDogue de BordeauxDogo Argentino
PekingeseKing Charles SpanielFrench Bulldog
Shar-PeiEnglish MastiffPug
Japanese ChinSilky TerrierMaltese
Tibetan SpanielNeapolitan MastiffPresa Canario
Shih TzuLhasa ApsoNewfoundland
Yorkshire TerrierValley Bulldog

Cat Breeds

Exotic ShorthairBurmese


Pet parents must purchase an extra reservation, the price of which varies according to the animal’s size, the locations of arrival and departure and if the animal will be traveling inside the passenger compartment or the baggage compartment.

ServiceNational flightsMiddle East, North Africa, EuropeOther locations
Pets in the cabin60 USD or 50 EUR95 USD or 80 EUR225 USD or 195 EUR
Pets as checked baggage70 USD or 60 EUR105 USD or 90 EUR235 USD or 200 EUR

Transportation Of Rabbits

Rabbits and rodents need the following in order to enter the European Union :

  • A crate or container appropriate for the species of pet being transported and suited for cabin travel
  • Kindly get in touch with the ITA Airlines Contact Center if you are traveling beyond the European Union.

The foregoing is required for kittens, canines, and hamsters to travel inside the European Union: A document produced by a physician objecting to the companion’s health and stating the immunizations your companion has had (a current and valid rabies immunization certificate is required).

Lawful tattooing or microchipping.

Service Animals

Alitalia accepts trained service dogs free of charge inside of their cabins.

  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • They can travel for free.
  • Only Service dogs can be taken to Israel and the United Kingdom.


Few tips for preparing for your journey with your pet :

  • If the companion will be going in the baggage compartment, get them familiar with a container or crate at minimum 5 days before the journey.
  • Prior to taking off, offer your pet regular, small amounts of drink.
  • Make absolutely sure the pet has sufficient nourishment for the whole flight by feeding it up to 4 hours prior takeoff.
  • Ask your veterinarian if sedatives would be beneficial for your pet.


Does Alitalia allow dogs in-cabin?

Alitalia accepts dogs inside of their cabins. The dog, including its container, should not weigh more than 10 kg and the container must be a soft one in order to fit under the chair. If you have smaller dogs, then you are allowed to take a maximum of 5 dogs inside the same container.

Which airlines allow pets in-cabin to Italy?

Alitalia, Italy’s flag carrier allows pets inside of their cabins. Dogs and cats are accepted in the cabin and pet parents are allowed to take upto 5 pets of the same species in one container. The container dimension is 24×20×40 cm.

How much does Alitalia charge for pets?

Alitalia charges 60 to 225 USD for pets inside of the cabins and 70 to 235 USD for pets as checked baggage. These charges vary depending on the locations and the pets dimensions. Travelers are allowed to get a full refund if anything bad happens in the journey.

Does Alitalia accept service animals?

Alitalia allows trained service animals to travel with their owner being inside of the cabin for free. But the only dogs are recognized as service animals and the dog should be properly trained.

Contact Details

Italy800 936 090
United States+1 877 793 1717
Canada+1 866 725 7077
Other Locations+39 068 596 0020
Email[email protected]
Airlines NameAlitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.
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