Travelers having service animals that have completed the necessary training are accepted on Allegiant. Any dog that has been specially educated to carry out tasks for the assistance of an eligible person having a handicap, such as a bodily, visual, mental, cognitive, or other psychiatric disorder, irrespective of species or kind, qualifies as a service dog.

Allegiant retains the authority to refuse carriage to any dog acting disruptively, including but not restricted to:

  • Trying to bite, threatening to bite, snarling, barking, or otherwise behaving aggressively
  • Moving quickly or hopping on other travelers
  • Using the restroom in an airport or a cockpit
  • The loud shouting.

Allegiant Airlines Service Animals Policy

  • All assistance dogs will undergo a quick evaluation at the terminal to make sure their size can accommodate in the seat area ordered and to watch how they behave.
  • If a traveler needs a guide dog to undertake duties or responsibilities that are primarily connected to their handicap, they are only permitted 2 properly trained guide dogs.
  • The dog is not permitted to use any other guest’s foot room; it can only use the handicapped guest’s foot room. The handicapped customer may be compelled to pay another chair to suit the dog or could be refused entry if the dog infringes on some other traveler’s foot room.
  • Dogs aren’t allowed to enter the walkway.
  • The traveler is responsible for being aware of and abiding by any relevant local and state rules and restrictions that may apply to dogs. Local and state statutes and ordinances vary from location to location.
  • There are certain limitations on the category that are permitted for locations out of the inner 48 United States. Kindly be aware that it is the traveler’s duty to learn about and follow the laws, regulations, and restrictions of their region.
  • All dogs should stay on the ground, underneath the chair, or within the arms of the impaired traveler (provided the dog is physically no bigger than a child, just under about 30 pounds.).
  • All dogs are not permitted to sit upon, use trays as a chair, or consume food from them.
  • If this would prevent a dog from carrying out the training task, the dog must be under the command of the traveler and properly fastened, chained up, or tied to the traveler at any and all moments.
  • Aside from the exit row, travelers can take any row.
  • Dogs must travel with the handicapped traveler; they are prohibited from traveling alongside any other passengers.

Required Documents For Service Animals On Allegiant

  • The Dept of Transport Service dog Transportation Application and survey must be completed by all travelers that desire to fly with a properly educated service dog.
  • Health Certificate authorized by a certified vet.

Booking For Service Animals On Allegiant

Two steps should be taken at minimum 2 days before your trip departs in order to arrange travel alongside a service dog. Once airfare is booked, we highly advise starting the incremental approach. Start the procedure as early as you can if you need to book a trip less than 48 hours before your travel date in order to minimize any potential delays.

Part One :

To obtain your SAFP Guide Dog ID, fill out a DOT Service Dog Air Travel Application available on the internet. Go to part two if you currently possess a SAFP guide dog ID. You should have the accompanying details on hand in order to fill out the paperwork for a SAFP Guide Dog ID:

  1. Title and communication information of the physician
    1. Time and termination of rabies immunization
    2. Identity, company, and phone number of the coach.

Your Guide Dog Identification is effective once it has been authorized until the rabies vaccination of your guide dog has expired. Till it’s appropriate to renew the immunization record for your guide dog, you won’t need to repeat this process. Once it’s appropriate to update the shots, SAFP shall send everyone an email alert.

Part Two :

Travelers can ask to fly with their service dog if they have an authorized Guide Dog ID and also have made a reservation with Allegiant Airlines.

  1. You should carry out this procedure every occasion you book a flight on Allegiant Airlines.
    1. Regardless of whether the trip schedules or durations alter after your trip reservation has been granted, it will still be applicable for any and all trips included in that booking.
    2. You will not be required to submit a further request provided your 6-digit Allegiant reference number stays the same.


Does Allegiant accept service dogs in training?

In a particular circumstance, Allegiant accepts service dogs that are in education, working with local police dogs. Nevertheless, in order to verify, they must get information at least 3 days before the planned departure. Be aware that their standard animal policies apply and that Allegiant has the authority to turn down the application without explanation.

Which animals are allowed as service animals on Allegiant?

Allegiant accepts dogs only as service animals onboard. No other pet will be recognized as service animals even if travelers want to travel with them. The dog must be properly trained and possess a training certificate.

How much does Allegiant charge for service dogs?

Allegiant allows service dogs onboard to fly for free. It means they do not charge anything for service dogs accompanying disabled travelers. But the traveler must prove that the dog is properly trained to travel for free, otherwise regular pet charges will apply.

Do you need a crate to travel on Allegiant with a service animal?

Crates are not stated as mandatory for traveling with service dogs by Allegiant. The service dog can sit in the foot room of the traveler’s chair. They also allow travelers to hold the service dog in their arms if the size of the service dog is relatively small.

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