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Guide to American Airlines Emotional Support Animal 2022

Another airline with US operations is taking steps to forbid emotional support animals inside its planes. This comes in response to a Transportation Department’s decision on the issue. American Airlines updated its policies and guidelines for traveling with service animals and emotional comfort animals. The DOT’s ultimate decision will be in accordance with America’s new policy.

Already major airlines in the United States have announced their new policies regarding Emotional Support Animals. And it is very likely that the rest of the airlines are going to follow the same road.

Does Americal Airlines allow Emotional Support Animals?

American Airlines have announced that they will no longer be accepting Emotional Support Animals on their aircraft. Meanwhile, Emotional Support Animals can still be flying as normal pets if their owners are ready to pay the necessary charges. Please be aware that comfort animals, psychological support animals, and even service dogs in training can travel with their owners as pets, never as assistance animals. All criteria and costs will be present.

Now, let’s see what American Airlines offer for Trained Service Animals.

Does American Airlines Allow Trained Service Animals?

If dogs conform to the rules, fully trained assistance dogs can travel inside the aircraft for free. A dog which has been specially taught to carry out duties for the assistance of a person who meets the eligibility requirements and has a handicap, such as a physical, visual, mental health, cognitive, or other psychiatric illness, is referred to as a support animal.

To ascertain whether your animal qualifies as a support animal that is permitted to travel, their staff members are instructed to pose specific inquiries.

Documents for Service Animals

You may give the Special Assistance Department the U.S. Transportation department Service Dog Air Travel Application at least 2 days before the trip in order to fly with a guide dog on American aircraft. This form attests to the dog’s fitness, instruction, and temperament. When the document is approved, they’ll let you know.

If you purchased your reservation within 2 days of the flight, you can fill out the questionnaire there. Make sure to get there early.

The Transportation department Guide Dog Relief Affirmation Sanitation Document, which certifies that your dog won’t have to empty itself and can do it in such a manner which doesn’t pose a safety or sanitary risk, is also necessary if your travel is longer than eight hours.

Service dogs and other canines from nations with a high risk of dog rabies are temporarily prohibited from entering the United States, according to the U.S. Agency for Health Management and Protection.

Only guide dogs possessing a Center for disease control Dog Import License or that comply with Center for disease control U.S. immunization and microchip standards are permitted to fly on commercial aircraft.

General Rules for Service Animals

  • The dog must always be tied, chained up, or collared.
  • The age restriction for traveling with a service animal is four months.
  • The dog deserves to be tidy & well.
  • The animal should fit on your laps, under the chair, or at the foot.
  • It won’t be until you get to the airport and that it’s verified that the dog can fit at the feet securely that you’ll get the go-ahead to travel.
  • If the dog is in a crate, the crate and the dog should fit underneath the chair next to you.
  • A person is only allowed to have two service animals.

Dogs must be educated to act appropriately in general; if they exhibit any misbehavior that cannot be effectively addressed or managed, they will not be allowed inside the cabin. The dog will be regarded as a normal companion if this conduct is noticed at any time throughout your trip and isn’t rectified or regulated. All criteria and costs will be present.


Did American Airlines change its pet policy?

American Airlines also changed its policy for Emotional Support Animals after the new rules got announced by the department of transportation. They will no longer be accepting ESAs on their aircraft. 

Does American Airlines charge for emotional support animals?

American Airlines used to offer free travel for Emotional Support Animals onboard. But, recently they changes their policies and no longer accept ESAs on their planes.

Can airlines ask for proof of service dog?

All airlines require passengers to provide prespecified documents that prove their service dog is legitimate and had gone through proper training procedures.

What service animals are allowed by American Airlines?

Only dogs are accepted as service animals by American Airlines. To ascertain whether your animal qualifies as a support animal that is permitted to travel, their staff members are instructed to pose specific inquiries.

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