American Airlines Cargo service offers various options for people who are planning to transport their pets inside the United States or internationally without accompanying them. Cats, dogs, monkeys, birds, and other warm-blooded animals are welcomed by them as well as some exotic species like lobsters and other aquatics. But Cold-blooded animals and pets that can face breathing problems while flying are subject to strict regulations.

American Airlines cargo handling charges around $150 to $200 for shipping pets. But prices may vary depending on the sizes and species.

They also follow strict temperature guidelines, so make sure to read that section carefully.

Not all sorts of containers can be used to transport your furry friends. So comply with the container guidelines properly to ensure a safe journey for your pet.

Pets in Cargo Guidelines

  • Warm-blooded creatures such as canines, cats, birds, monkeys, and certain other pets will be transported by American Airlines. 
  • Cold-blooded creatures must be transported in compliance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations, and a heating or ice pack should be included if necessary. 
  • American Cargo will not transport harmful or obnoxious canines or even other pets, as well as diseased living creatures or pets that are prohibited in the target country. There will be no poisonous snakes or other reptiles delivered.
  • Pets before the flight, as per the American airline’s pet policy are kept in ventilated and climate-controlled freight and cargo facilities. 
  • If a pet is deemed inappropriate for flight or is exhibiting unacceptable and aggressive behavior, American Airlines has the choice to deny to transport it.

Carrier Requirements

  • Every animal requires ample capacity to rise up, turn around usually while trying to stand, sit upright, and keep lying in a usual position.
  • When trying to stand outside of the pet carrier, no portion of the pet must be larger or prolonged than the pet carrier.
  • The container should be kept clean.
  • There should be no breaches in the container.
  • If you are flying inside the United States, then the container should be ventilated on 3 sides and 4 sides while you are flying abroad.
  • Proper labeling should be maintained on the container.
  • There should be no tires.
  • The owner must attach a bag containing appropriate food for the pet on the container and also provide feeding instructions if the flight is too long.
  • Pots for water and food should be provided inside the container.
  • The material of the container must be sturdy.
  • The container must be waterproof on the bottom and the pet should not be able to get out of the container.
  • The owner must provide any kind of absorbing material on the floor of the container.
  • Soft-sided containers will not be accepted.
  • Containers that are made of wire mesh are not accepted.
  • Container doors should not be made of plastic.

Carrier Dimensions

The American airlines approved pet kennel dimensions are given below-

If your dog is too big then purchase the best giant dog kennel which fulfills your requirements.

Kennel TypeKennel NameOutside Dimensions (inches)Kennel WeightOutside Dimensions (centimeters)
700Giant48 x 32 x 3551 lbs (23 kg)122 x 81 x 89
500Extra Large40 x 27 x 3032 lbs (15 kg)102 x 69 x 76
400Large36 x 24 x 2624 lbs (11 kg)91 x 61 x 66
300Intermediate33 x 22 x 2318 lbs (8 kg)84 x 56 x 58
200Medium27 x 20 x 1913 lbs (7 kg)69 x 51 x 48
100Small21 x 16 x 157 lbs (3 kg)53 x 41 x 38

The number of pets allowed in American Airlines pet carrier is given in the table below-

SpeciesAgeNumber Permitted
Dogs and cats8 weeks to 6 monthsUp to 2 pets per kennel provided each animal weighs less than 9 kg (20 lbs.)
Dogs and catsOver 6 months old1 pet per kennel
All other animalsVariesVaries by species.

American Airlines pets Cargo fee

Pet cargo shipping charges are varies depending on the kennel’s total weight, species, and size. You have to confirm before the booking procedure starts.

International pet shipping cost isn’t the same as the USA and Canada prices. It has two types:

  1. United States of America to International
  2. International to International/United States

Pets Age

According to American airline’s pet shipping policy, Pets must be above 8 weeks to travel.

Pets Reservation

Reservations for your pet should be made at least 24 hours and up to 10 days in advance of a trip.

Restrictions and documents   

Due to thermal constraints, American Airlines imposes the following restrictions :

AirbusAnimals allowAnimals not allow
Airbus 319, Airbus 320, Airbus 321NX, Airbus 3215, 321H aircraftTropical fish, Lobsters, other “aquatics”Warm-blooded animals


  1. For both times in a round trip, carry two versions (one original also one duplicate) certified and approved by a specialist doctor within 10 days before travel.
  2. If you’re delivering untamed or distinctive birds, you’ll need to specify if the creatures have been both in written form and on letterhead:
    • Bred in captivity on specific farmlands,
    • Being transported into or out of a zoological garden, shelter, preserve, care facility,     healthcare organization, or public-sector wildlife entity.
  3. Health certificates are required for birds being exported to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Honolulu, Hawaii.
  4. A medical certificate is required for birds traveling to and from international places.
  5. A health certificate is not required for commercial household birds

Breeds restrictions

Dogs and cats breeds that can face breathing problems while on-air and their hybrids are not accepted by American Airlines Cargo.

Dog Breeds :

Cane CorsoPresa Canario
Pug (all breeds)American Staffordshire Terrier
Japanese ChinBoxer (all breeds)
AffenpinscherLhasa Apso
Boston TerrierBulldog (all breeds)
Chow ChowBrussels Griffon
PekingeseEnglish Toy Spaniel
Mastiff (all breeds)Tibetan Spaniel
PitbullDague de Bordeaux
Shih TzuShar Pei

Cat Breeds :

Exotic ShorthairHimalayan

Temperature restrictions

The temperature of the day you are planning to transport your pet should be under 85° F. Otherwise American Airlines Cargo does not ship pets if the temperatures are higher as it can cause problems for pets.

Service Animal

If service animals meet the requirements, they may travel in the aircraft for free.

A service dog is a canine that has been specifically groomed to do tasks or execute duties for the assistance of a designated adult with a disability, such as a physical, visual, psychological, cognitive, or other mental condition, such as:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Hearing problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Motion problems

The staff is trained to ask specific questions to evaluate if the pet is a service animal that can travel with you.

Pick Up

Dogs and cats are usually ready for pick-up 60 minutes after the plane lands. Nevertheless, guess it depends on the delivery point and subscription model, periods may vary.

  • Verify the location and time of the grab.
  • Keep the air shipping bill number as well as proof of identity close at hand.
  • Consider the time it will take to clear conventions if you are shipping globally.
  • Global reservations may necessitate additional managing and import customs expenses.


Before the flight, it is recommended to ensure the following-

  1. Remove all axles from kennels
  2. Kennels must be dry and tidy of irritating odors
  3. Place water-absorbing fabric on the base, such as blankets, sheets, or bedding. There are no hay, wood chips, or straw permitted. The bedding can’t be higher than 3 inches.
  4. Attach two bowls (food and clean water) within the cage, assuring they’re reachable even if the door is open.
  5. Double-check your drop-off address and duration
  6. Double-check that the temperature changes are within safe limits
  7. Bring two forms of identification as well as all needed documentation and health certificates
  8. Family pets that were heavily sedated will not be accepted.


Does American Airlines ship cargo pets?

Yes, Depending on the breed and size of the animal, it can either be carried on or transported via American Airlines Cargo. Active-duty military and U.S. State Department Foreign Service members traveling on formal orders are the only ones who can check their dogs at the ticket counter.

is American Airlines pet cargo safe?

To protect your pet’s health and well-being, the cargo room is climate-controlled and pressured. Seasonal limits and temperature-related rules are also enforced by reputable airlines. When the outdoor temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, American Airlines does not allow pets to fly in cargo.

How much does it cost to ship a pet by air?

American Airlines pets shipping cost $200 and out of Brazil $150.

Which animals are not accepted by American Airlines Cargo?

American Cargo would not ship dangerous or impolite dogs and other animals, as well as infected living creatures as well as animals that seem to be illegal in the destination country. There will be no delivery of venomous snakes or even other reptiles. Dogs and cats breeds that can face breathing problems while on-air and their hybrids are also not accepted by American Airlines Cargo.

What are the temperature policies for shipping pets by American Airlines Cargo?

The temperature of the day you are planning to transport your pet should be under 85° F. Otherwise American Airlines Cargo does not ship pets if the temperatures are higher as it can cause problems for pets.

AA Pet Cargo Contact Details

English800 227 4622
Spanish800 344 4320
ExpediteTC Help Desk888 733 1866
Email[email protected]
WriteAmerican Airlines Cargo P.O. Box 619616; Mail Drop 4418 DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616 USA

AA Short Profile

Airlines NameAmerican Airlines, Inc.
Social Media PagesFacebook

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