The service dog is accepted for free inside of their cabins only when it is properly trained and has the proper certifications. It is permitted to sit at your foot space or under your front seat (If you’re carrying the dog inside the crate). If the dog is too big to sit in your foot space or stay under your front seat, then it will be transported as checked baggage and you will have to pay the fees.

American Airlines has made a lot of changes to their policies for service animals and emotional assistance animals recently.

What Is A Service Animal?

A support animal is a dog that has been specifically taught to carry out tasks or assist in activities for the assistance of a competent person with a condition, such as a bodily, perceptual, mental health, cognitive, or other psychiatric illness.

General Instructions

  • If they satisfy the standards, properly trained assistance dogs can fly inside the compartment for free.
  • Dogs must always be tied, leashed, or collared.
  • The age restriction for traveling with a guide dog is four months.
  • The animal needs to be tidy & well.
  • Dogs must sit on your lap, underneath the chair, or at the foot.
  • The dog won’t be given final authorization to fly until you get to the terminal and it has been verified that it can sit at the feet comfortably.
  • If the dog is kept in a cage, the crate and the dog should fit underneath the chair that is facing you.
  • A person is only allowed to have two service animals.
  • If you’re having a service dog, then you cannot book a seat from the exit row.
  • The dog can never take up a seat.
  • It should neither block the hallway nor take up food from the tray.
  • If the service dog is too big to sit at your feet then you have to transport the dog as checked baggage. If this is the case, transportation will not be free anymore.
  • Dogs should be socialized to act appropriately in general; if they exhibit any misbehavior that cannot be effectively addressed or managed, they will not be allowed inside the cabin.

Required Documents

  • DOT service animals documents must be filled and submitted.
  • If the flight is longer than 8 hours then you have to fill and submit the relief attestation form also.
  • If you’re traveling to America, then your dog must fulfill the CDC requirements also i.e rabies vaccination, and microchip.
  • You can submit the DOT forms here.

American Airlines Service Animals ID

When your application has been filed and accepted, they’ll send you your guide dog ID. Future reservations involving this dog can be accepted without the need to submit new paperwork if you include the ID. Remember that the SVAN ID shall terminate 1 year from the time of your signing or, if the dog’s vaccine is about to expire, earlier.

Service Animals In Training

Service dogs in training are considered as service animals. So, they must travel as normal pets.

Emotional Support Animals

American Airlines does not recognize emotional assistance animals anymore. So, they can travel as normal pets with applicable charges.


  1. How much does AA charge for a service dog?

    Assistance dogs that have been properly trained are welcome to fly inside the compartment for free if they meet the requirements.

  2. Can my service dog sit on my lap on American Airlines?

    The service dog can sit on your lap only when the dog’s size is less than a 2-year-old child. Otherwise, it has to sit at your foot space.

  3. Are American Airlines flying service dogs now?

    Yes, American Airlines is currently accepting fully trained and certified service dogs.

  4. Do American Airlines accept service animals?

    American Airlines no longer accepts service animals for emotional assistance. They can therefore travel like regular pets with the appropriate fees.

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