ANA Airlines is Japan’s inspiration for air traveling. They promise to make sure that your journey with your pet is comfortable and secure. They have got some minimal regulations regarding your pet’s journey by air.

ANA Airlines do not accept pets inside of their cabin except service dogs who are bound to stay with the passenger. Service dogs can travel free of charge.

For normal pets, ANA Airlines offers the aircrafts air-conditioned cargo holds. Pet lovers may also use their cargo services to transport their pets internationally without need to accompany them. Let’s have a look at the ANA pet policy.

Travel Options

ANA Airlines do not allow pets to travel inside the cabin. So they must be placed in the cargo hold area. Only service dogs can stay inside the cabin with passengers.

  1. Carry-on pets (not allowed except service dog)
  2. Cargo Hold
  3. Cargo Shipment

Pets that are allowed to travel:

HamstersSmall birds

Pets that are not allowed to travel:

Sick AnimalsPregnant Animals
Younger than 4 monthsPets with respiratory diseases
Birds of preyCold-blooded animals

Container Requirements

  • Only pet per container. For birds : two birds are allowed per container.
  • The container must comply with the regulations by IATA.
  • The roof should be sturdy.
  • Body should be made of hard materials like metal or wood.
  • Space for air flow.
  • Handles on the top.
  • A lock should be placed on the door.
  • Wheels are allowed but should be removable if necessary.
  • The pet should be able to move freely inside of the container.
  • The floor should be waterproof.
  • Blankets or other materials can be placed on the floor.
  • Pots for food and water should be inside. You are allowed to put some food and water in the pots if your pet needs them.
  • Make sure there are no toys inside the container.

Age Requirements

There are no specific age restrictions.

Cargo Shipment

You can also transport your pets internationally without accompanying them via ANA cargo services. They accept dogs and cats as well as other animals except some restricted breeds in their cargo service. Contact ANA customer support while registering for your pet if you want to ship your pet via cargo.

Flight Surroundings

  • The cargo compartment will be dark after departure.
  • Although the compartments are temperature controlled, it can get very hot during the summer times.
  • Your pet may hear mechanical noises from the aircraft engines.


Documents and restrictions may differ upon different destinations. So, it is the passengers responsibility to check the requirements of his/her destination ports.

  • If you are importing pets to Japan, you need to notify the pet quarantine authorities at least 40 days prior to their arrival. The microchip will be used to identify your pet. If you are importing rodents like hamsters or guinea pigs, you will need to submit an application to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • The passenger traveling with a pet must fill and submit the Letter of Consent.
  • Rabies certificate. Vaccines must be given one year prior.

Destination Restrictions

Pets traveling to these countries/ports can not check in at the airport and thereby must book their flights for cargo by a certified agent.

 United KingdomHong Kong

Breed Restrictions

Snub-nosed dogs are prohibited from traveling via ANA Airlines.

BulldogFrench Bulldog
King Charles SpanielBull Terrier
Shih TzuBoston Terrier
Tibetan SpanielBoxer
Chow ChowBrussels Griffon


  • ANA Airlines do not accept online reservations for pets. So you have to book your flight first and then contact them via phone to register for your pet. You should possess all the information related to your pet and its container while making the phone call.
  • Only 3 pet containers are allowed per flight. So book for your pet as early as possible.

ANA Pet Travel Fee

  • Pets are not counted as part of the free baggage allowance by ANA Airlines.
  • Charge per container :
International flightsUSD 400/EUR 300/CAD 400/JPY 40000
Domestic flightsJPY 5000

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs

ANA Airlines allow you to take your service dog on board without any additional charges. You will have to register for your dog while booking your own flight.

  • You can not book an emergency exit row seat if you are bringing a service dog with you.
  • You will need to show an assistant dog certificate.
  • There should be something (like harness) with the dog indicating it assists you with your mobility or other disability.
  • You may need to show a certificate from certified authorities stating that the dog is properly trained in assisting you.
  • If your dog is of a large size, you may require to purchase your adjacent seat so that your dog can accommodate himself there.
  • You can bring a container for your service dog if you want. Container requirements are the same as for normal pets.
  • For flights to the United States and Canada, emotional support animals are not allowed. They can travel as normal pets in the cargo hold and charges will be applied.
  • If your service dog is from or has been in any country marked for being at high risk for rabies by United States authorities, it will not get a permit to enter the United States. It must apply for the CDC dog permit 30 days before the flight day.

Requirements per destination for service dogs :

United StatesRegistration for the service dog must be made minimum 48 hours prior to the departure time.U.S DOT form must be filled and brought with the passenger.
CanadaRegistration for the service dog must be made a minimum 96 hours prior to the departure time.Assistance Dog Attestation Form must be filled and brought with the passenger.  
MexicoRegistration for the service dog must be made a minimum 48 hours prior to the departure time.Support Dog Application Form must be filled and brought with the passenger.  

Preparing for travel

  • If this is a first time trip for your pet, consult your vet to take appropriate measures regarding preparing your pet for travel.
  • Your pet can not eat after checking in. So, make sure to feed him/her before checking in. But, restrain from feeding too much because it could cause sickness during the flight.
  • Provide cooling and heating items in the container for summer and winter days respectively.

How to add my pet to my flight?

  • Register for your pet while booking for your flight.
  • Make sure to have the right container.
  • Check in a few hours earlier because checking in with pets takes longer than usual.
  • Fill the Letter of Consent and pay the charges.
  • Then your pet will be shifted to the cargo compartment via a vehicle.


Does Ana allow dogs in the cabin?

ANA Airlines do not accept dogs or cats inside of their cabin. Pets can be transported in the cargo compartments of the aircrafts. But, service dogs are allowed inside the cabin.

Does All Nippon Airways allow dogs?

All Nippon Airways allow dogs and cats as well as some other animals like hamsters and small birds to be transported in their cargo holds. Service dogs are allowed to get on board without any additional charges.

Is ANA strict for dogs?

ANA Airlines have some minimal rules and regulations regarding pet travel. Pets are not allowed to be inside of the cabin except for service and emotional support dogs. They must travel by staying inside the cargo hold.

How much does ANA charge for pets?

Charges for pets can vary depending upon the size and breed of the pet. ANA Airlines normally charges 400 USD/CAD or 300 EUR per pet.

ANA Contact Details

Japan and United StatesReservation and Customer Service1-800-235-9262 (toll-free)   310-782-30115:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. PST (7 days/week)
InternationalReservation and Customer Service+1-310-782-30115:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. PST (7 days/week)

Short Profile

Airlines NameAll Nippon Airways
Social Media PagesFacebook

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