The national airline of Austria, Austrian Airlines is a well-known carrier of Europe. They are very liked by pet parents for their clear-cut pet policy. They make everything clear to ensure that the pet lovers do not face any difficulties while traveling with their companions. Pets can accompany their parents inside of the cabins or can be checked as baggage. There are a handful of rules that you should follow. Austrian Airlines charge 50 to 110 EUR for pets inside the cabin and 80 to 380 EUR for pets as checked baggage depending on the size of the pet and the location to which you will be traveling.

Travel Options

Austrian Airlines provide the following options for travelers with pets.

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ❌

Pets in the cabin

Travelers can carry small cats and dogs inside the cabin with them. The following container guidelines and dimensions should be kept in mind.

  • Travelers can carry two pets inside one container.
  • The pet should be a minimum 3 months old and completely weaned.

Container Guidelines:

  • Travelers must carry a soft-sided container while carrying pets in the cabin.
  • The ground of the container should be water-proof.
  • It should have enough space to enable air-flow.
  • The pet should feel comfortable in its natural position while being inside the container.
  • The traveler must be able to keep the container under the seat in front of him/her.

Container Dimensions:

LengthWidthHeightMaximum Weight (including the pet)
55 cm40 cm23 cm8 kg

Pets As Checked Baggage

Pets that cannot fit inside the main cabin can be transported inside the luggage hold as long as the applicable rules of transportation are followed. When making a reservation, kindly let them know the dimensions and size of the cat or dog and the carrying crate.

  • Travelers can carry two pets inside one container.
  • The maximum weight of a single pet can be 14 kg.

Container Guidelines:

  • Each pet must be capable of standing properly and have enough room to maneuver within it.
  • Boxes for food and water should be provided.
  • The bottom must have enough absorbent pad and also be water-proof.
  • At least 3 edges must have air openings.
  • It needs to be usually strong and impossible to escape.
  • Combat dogs and snub-nosed breeds of canines are subject to special rules.

Destination Restrictions

Prior to making your flight reservation, kindly make sure to research the importing and exporting laws that apply to the pet inside the country of exit, the country of transit, and the country of arrival, for instance at the appropriate embassy.

Pets can not be carried inside of the cabin while traveling to the below-mentioned countries. Thus, they need to be checked as baggage.

South AfricaHong Kong
Northern IrelandGreat Britain


RegionsTarget DestinationsPets in the cabinPets as checked baggage (Below 60×45×40 cm)Pets as checked baggage (above 60×45×40 cm)
Intercontinental long distanceBetween Thailand and Europe, Japan, China, Mauritius, Los Angeles and South Africa110 EUR190 EUR380 EUR
Intercontinental medium distanceBetween Chicago and Europe, Washington D.C, New York, Canada, Miami and Maldives100 EUR170 EUR340 EUR
Intercontinental short distanceBetween Jordan and Europe, Israel, Iraq, Iran and Egypt80 EUR130 EUR260 EUR
EuropeEurope including Armenia and Morocco60 EUR100 EUR200 EUR
DomesticFlights within Austria50 EUR80 EUR160 EUR

Breed Restrictions

Brachycephalic pets are not allowed to travel as checked baggage on Austrian Airlines due to their respiratory limitations.

Dog Breeds :

BoxersBull dogs (all types without American bulldogs)Brussels griffons
Japanese chinsPit BullsBoston terriers
AffenpinschersEnglish toy spanielsStaffordshire bull terriers
 Bull terriersPugs (all breeds)
Bull mastiffsAmerican pit bull terriersJapanese spaniels
PekineseShar PeiLhasa apso
Chow ChowsAmerican Staffordshire terriersShih tzus

Cat Breeds :

Exotic shorthairs and Scottish fold catsPersian cats
Himalayan catsBritish short-haired cats

Fight Dogs :

Combat dogs are only allowed to be carried in special containers and only within the cargo hold. Combat dogs of around 3 and 6 months are exempt from this rule. Standard transportation containers can be used to carry these dogs. The fundamental requirements that pertain to the carriage of dogs determine if this is feasible to carry them inside the passenger compartment or in the baggage hold.

American Bulldog and Anatolian Shepherd DogCaucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)
Karabash (Kangal)Dogo Argentino and Rottweiler

AUSTRIAN Service Animals

Only dogs are allowed as service animals. The dog should be properly socialized and educated to obey your directions in order for the flight to operate safely and without interruption.

Austrian Airlines reserves the right to reject to carry the dog or to move it to the freight area at an added charge if it fails to react properly. You are responsible for any harm and extra expenses associated with the shipping of the dog.

You may bring the dog inside the cabin, provided that certain conditions are satisfied. The key details have been distilled for you below:

  • One service dog can be carried without any charge for flights outside the United States and two can be carried for free in flights to and from the United States.
  • You have to provide the certification of training of the dog.
  • The dog should be seated in the foot space of your seat.
  • The dog should behave properly throughout the flight.
  • The dog can not occupy any seats.
  • Minimum age of the dog should be 16 weeks.
  • You should keep a muzzle with you for unwanted occurrences.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are not acknowledged by AUSTRIAN. They can travel as normal pets if their owners are ready to pay the required charges and follow the rules.


You can register the pet just by calling at the number provided below.


23 hours prior to travel, travelers with pets may check in using online and mobile options. The check-in counter at the terminal is where you need to pick up your flight pass. Carry the companion to the check-in counter no later than 2 hrs, and no sooner than 3 hrs, before flight, in an appropriate transporting container.


  • Make the pet accustomed to the transporting carrier by putting it in the enclosed carrier for a couple hours on numerous occasions, praising it thereafter.
  • Most animals are quite anxious both prior to and during the trip. Please consult your veterinarian regarding whether he or she would like to give your companion a prescription to make them more relaxed. The pet’s responses are frequently unpredictable and can result in circulatory issues.
  • To relax the pet, put a favorite toy and a cloth with a recognizable scent in the transporting container.
  • Ask your veterinarian how to change the pet’s diet for the journey.


Can my dog travel by Austrian airlines?

Austrian Airlines allow small dogs to travel with their owners inside of the cabins. But the weight of the dog including its container can not be over 8 kg and the dimensions of the container should be 55×40×23 cm.

Do Austrian Airlines allow service animals?

Austrian Airlines allows service animals to come onboard without any charges. But they should be well trained and their owner should provide a certificate of training.

How much does Austrian Airlines charge for pets?

Depending on the size of the pet and the destination, Austrian Airlines charges between 50 and 110 euros for pets traveling in the cabin and between 80 and 380 euros for pets traveling in checked baggage.

Do Austrian Airlines allow emotional support animals?

Austrian Airlines does not accept emotional support animals. If their owners are willing to pay the necessary fees and adhere to the rules, they can travel as regular pets.

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