Breeze Airways accepts trained service dogs for free just like any other American airline. They allow travelers to take up to two service animals at a time. Only dogs are recognized as service animals and no charges are applicable for them. Travelers need to make sure that they completed the DOT forms accordingly and have submitted the form via the email address provided below. Breeze does not recognize emotional support animals anymore.

General Instructions

  • All Breeze flights accept trained assistance animals.
  • A dog that has been specially taught to carry out duties for the advantage of a human with a mental or physical handicap is known as a support animal
  • The individual the guide dog is qualified to help should be flying with it.
  • A maximum of two licensed assistance animals are allowed to travel with passengers.
  • Always come with the DOT papers that have been checked and filled.
  • In the terminal and on the aircraft, trained guide dogs must always be fastened, leashed, or tied to their handler.
  • Dogs in public places have to be tidy and well-behaved.
  • A trained dog that acts disruptively or poses a direct risk to the safety or security of other passengers will not be allowed to board.

Seating Arrangements

  • A passenger cannot occupy a fire escape seat when flying with a certified support animal.
  • In first class, guide dogs are allowed, although it’s possible that the foot-rest extender won’t be accessible.
  • Guide dogs that have received training are required to sit on the passenger’s lap or in the area directly beneath their seat.
  • A passenger may acquire an additional seat for their assistance dog, but it needs to still remain in that space without contacting the side table, other passenger’s seat, or anything else.
  • A service dog cannot obstruct a corridor or accessibility to an emergency escape due to safety concerns.
  • ​​​​​​​​The dog needs to be smaller than a two-year-old child if you want to keep it on your lap.
  • If the certified service dog is in an enclosure, the crate and the animal should fit underneath the chair directly in front of you.

Required Documents

  • Travelers with service dogs must complete the DOT forms and send them to the below-mentioned email address at least 2 days before the flight.
  • If you have booked your flight within 2 days of the departure, then you can just present them at the check-in counter.


The Service Dog Air Travel Application must be filled and submitted via email at least 48 hours prior to departure by guests who wish to fly with a certified service animal.


Breeze would verify that the Passenger requesting travel is a person with a handicap and that the dog is capable of carrying out a duty or work linked to the impairment in order to approve the dog as a certified support animal.

Their staff are prepared to conduct fact-finding interviews to ascertain if your pet qualifies as a professional support animal or as a companion animal.

Breeze Service Dog In Training

Service dogs that still have not completed their training program are not considered as full-fledged service animals. So, they have to travel as normal pets if their owners are ready to pay the applicable pet fees.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional assistance animals are Non-trained assistance animals that must follow the cabin pet regulations when traveling. All laws and pet charges that exist will be followed.


Does Breeze allow service dogs?

Breeze Airways allows trained service dogs on board that are specifically trained to assist an individual with some kind of disability.

How much does Breeze charge for service animals?

Breeze Airways allows trained service animals to travel with competent handicapped persons for free. Up to two service animals can be taken without any charges.

Can my service dog sit on my lap on Breeze?

Breeze Airways allows service dogs to sit on their owners lap only when it is smaller than a 24-month-old child. If the dog is bigger than a 2 year old child, then it must accommodate itself in the floor space.

Does Breeze allow service animals in training?

Service dogs who haven’t finished their training aren’t regarded as legitimate service animals. Therefore, if their owners are willing to pay the necessary pet fees, they must travel as regular pets.

Contact Details

Email[email protected]
Text501 273 3931

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