British Airways is well known for its Cargo service. One reason their service is so good can be that they do not manage their cargo service themselves. Instead, they have partnered with several cargo service operators who are very specialized in this task.

Pet transportation by the cargo of British Airways is mainly handled by one of their sister concerns, IAG Cargo. They have been transporting pets worldwide since 1950 and are well known for their service.

If you have chosen British Airways cargo to transport your pet then there is a high possibility that your pet will be handled by IAG cargo. So, let’s know their policies and what benefits they offer for your pet.


  • Some of the world’s most renowned zoos and museums use IAG Cargo’s service.
  • Pets are loaded last and unloaded first from the aircraft so that pet’s are comfortable.
  • Their teams consist mostly of people who love being with animals.
  • More than 60 years of experience.


IAG Cargo gives its services to customers complying with the IATA regulations for animal transportation. So make sure to check the IATA website to know the international standards and to get some tips for the comfortable journey of your pet.

Transportation from the United Kingdom

IAG has partnered with Pet Air UK to handle pets that are being exported from the United Kingdom. So, If you’re transporting your pet from the United Kingdom to somewhere in the world, make sure to check their services.

Booking for transportation (Except United Kingdom)

To register your pet for transportation by IAG Cargo, you need to contact your nearest Pet travel agent. The agent will help you through the whole process of booking, documentation flight confirmations, etc.

If you can not find any pet travel agents near you, go to this website and submit the form. IAG Cargo will connect you with their trusted pet travel agents.

Import to the United Kingdom

If you are bringing your pet to the United Kingdom then IAG Cargo suggests making sure to read the ongoing rules and restrictions on pet importation by the United Kingdom government.

Scandinavian flights

British Airways flights in the Scandinavian region are handled by their franchise partner SUN-AIR. Sun-Air operates flights under the branding of British Airways. There are some specific regulations by Sun Air.

  • Passengers can have their service dogs inside of the cabin with them.
  • Pets weighing more than 6 kg can not travel inside of the cabin.
  • The passengers must make sure that they have all the required documents and have met all the requirements before the flight.
  • Only one pet can get on board per flight operated by Sun Air.
  • You have to book your flight at least 3 days before the flight date if you want to ship your pet by Sun Air.
  • Sun Air can not ship pets to the United Kingdom.
  • Containers must be waterproof and dimensions should be within :
20 cm or 7.5 inches30 cm or 11.5 inches20 cm or 7..5 inches

Contact Sun Air:

Telephone+45 75 33 16 11

South African flights

British Airways flights in the South African region are handled by their franchise partner Comair. Only service dogs are allowed inside the cabin on flights operated by Comair. Other pets are transported in the cargo hold compartments.

  • Your pet can have access to pet lounges in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth.
  • Booking should be made 48 hours before the flight.
  • Check-in should be made 4 hours before international flights and 2 hours before for national flights.

British Airways also has joint business with some other renowned airlines. Click on names to learn about their pet policies.

American AirlinesFinnairIberia
Japan AirlinesQatar AirwaysChina Southern Airlines

Pet Restrictions

  • Animals should not be more than two-thirds into the incubation period.
  • Sick animals can not travel.

Where will your pet be placed during the journey?

Animals are placed in the cargo hold compartment of the aircraft. The compartments are fairly temperature-controlled. IAG Cargo will turn off the lights of the compartments after the departure as pets settle much faster in the dark.

Container requirements

There are some different rules for containers for dogs and cats. So, read the following requirements carefully. Failure to meet the requirements will result in the refusal of your pet to get on board.

LengthFrom the last point of the beak to the end of its rear end PLUS length from the floor to its elbow joint.
WidthDouble as much of the width of the widest part of its body.
HeightFrom the peak of its head or ear tip to the ground.
  • Should be made of hard materials.
  • Containers can not be made of fibreboard. If the container is made of wood then it must be 12 mm thick for dogs and 6 mm thick for cats. If it is made of wire mesh then it must be 2.5 mm thick for dogs and 2 mm thick for cats.
  • Have a proper locking system. If the pin is made of plastic, it should be at least 16 mm long.
  • There should be space available for airflow on all four sides.
  • Pets should not be able to put their nose through the holes for airflow. Maximum dimensions of the holes are 25 mm * 25 mm for dogs and 19 mm * 19 mm for cats.
  • Food pots can be given inside the container. Some food can be provided if your pet needs it but water is not allowed as there is a possibility of spilling.
  • Your pet should be able to move freely inside the container.
  • Containers for snub-nosed dogs should be 10% larger than the usual ones.

Container Dimensions

27 inches or 68 cm20 inches or 50 cm19 inches or 48 cm200


  • You will need to fill out and submit a Form of Indemnity so it is your responsibility to check all the regulations and requirements.
  • A veterinary health certificate that is expressed within 10 days of the flight.

Breeds restrictions

Some breeds of attack dogs and brachycephalic dogs and cats may not be accepted to travel. Submit your form to know if your pet can travel or not.

IAG Pet Cargo Charges

Charges vary depending on the size of your pet and your desired location. So contact your nearest pet travel agent or submit the form on IAG Cargo to know the exact charges.

How to add a pet to my flight?

  1. Contact your nearest pet travel agent a minimum of three days before your desired flight date.
  2. Give the agent all the required information relating to your pet and also provide them the necessary documents as per the requirements of your destination port.
  3. Keep in touch with your operator and make beyond any doubt they complete the booking process as per your demands.
  4. Purchase the container according to the required dimensions.
  5. Check-in a minimum of 2 to 3 hours before your flight.


  • Avoid giving too much food to your pet before the flight as it can make them feel uncomfortable while on air.
  • Buy the container a few days ahead of the flight so that your pet gets used to it.
  • Never sedate your pet before traveling as it can be injurious to your pet’s health.
  • Pets slots are limited per flight. So book for your pet as soon as you book yours.


Does British Airways accept pets in cargo?

Yes, British Airways accepts pets in the cargo hold compartment of the aircraft. They can travel only in the cargo hold as British Airways does not accept pets in the cabin.

Who handles British Airways cargo holds?

Pet transportation by the cargo of British Airways is mainly handled by one of their sister concerns, IAG Cargo. They have been transporting pets worldwide since 1950 and are well known for their service.

How is the environment of the British Airways Cargo holds?

Animals are placed in the cargo holds compartment of the aircraft. The compartments are fairly temperature-controlled. IAG Cargo will turn off the lights of the compartments after the departure as pets settle much faster in the dark.

Which animals are not accepted for transport by British Airways?

Pregnant and sick pets are not accepted by British Airways as well as some breeds of dangerous and brachycephalic dogs and cats.

IAG Cargo Contact details

IAG Cargo+1 888 578 4806Monday to Friday : 08:00-21:00 EST

BA Short Information

Airlines NameBritish Airways
Cargo Service IAG Cargo (Sister concern company of British Airways)
Social Media PagesFacebook

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