Continental Airlines was the fourth-largest carrier in the United States from the 1930s until 2010 when it partnered with United Airlines to become United Continental. United Continental is based in Chicago and a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest aviation association. It serves 376 airports on six continents on an estimated 5,000 flights each day from its key destinations all around the United States.

Pets in Cargo Guidelines 

Live Animal Desk is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact 800.575.3335 or 32.235.1541 for further assistance.

Airlines pets travel rates

One small dog (such as a Chihuahua) will usually cost around $275 and USD 300 to fly nationally as cargo with a pet-friendly airline. Air cargo for bigger breeds (such as a Great Dane) can cost up to USD 1000 for a local relocation, particularly if you have a customized kennel.

Pets Age 

A pet must be above 6 months to be qualified to travel via air cargo. 

Carrier Dimensions

Length  WidthHeightCombined weight
48″ or  121 cm32″ or 68 cm35″ or 89 cm20lbs. or 9kgs

The kennel should be identified with a “LIVE ANIMAL” sign that is 1 inch longer and attached to the lid and one wall of the kennel.

Pets Reservation 

The domestic shipping of your pet should be done at least 7 days before the trip. However, for international shipping, it is suggested you reserve around 6 months earlier because that is how long it takes to prepare documents required by certain countries.

Restrictions and documents

Restricted Breeds

Pit Bull TerriersDogo Argentino
American Staffordshire TerriersCane Corso
Presa CanarioFila Brasileiro
Perro de Presa CanarioTosa (or Tosa Ken)


  • The animal’s Health Certificate should be used to verify the species, age, and mass of the pet. This should be issued within 10 days of the trip. 
  • Continental also has the authority to decline any pet that exhibits hostility or violence throughout the tendering process.
  • A certificate showing that the pet was nourished within four hours of a dropoff with Continental should be included in the enclosure.
  • If food is required, it must be secured to the kennel’s exterior.

Service and emotional support animal

Continental’s policy on support animals hasn’t been altered, and they’ll still be permitted onboard or as checked baggage.


  1. Continental’s policy on support animals hasn’t been altered, and they’ll still be permitted onboard or as checked baggage.
  2. Bring a leash or harness with you to stroll your pet before you leave and when you arrive.
  3. Provide your residence contact details, and the contact information of your destination, on name badges.
  4. Check Temperatures: Before heading for the airport, call the Live Animal Desk (1.800.575.3335 or 832.235.1541) to confirm that weather conditions are within reasonable levels and show up early.


Which pets are allowed in continental pet cargo?

Along with cats and dogs, continental pet cargo also accepts birds, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, pocket pets, and turtles.

Does continental airline’s service include pickup and drop-off for shipping pets?

Yes, the airlines arrange secured and comfortable, temperature-controlled pickup vans for transporting pets to and from the cargo. 

Should I give my pet a sedative before the trip?

NoYou must not give any sedative to your pet as it makes suppresses their natural system and is a major cause of discomfort. 

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