Copa Airlines accept service dogs on every route in which they operate their flight. Service animals are accepted inside of the cabins for free. They are one of the only airlines that do not require any formal documentation to prove that your dog is a service dog. But, formal documentation may be required depending on the region to which you will be traveling. For example – If you are traveling to the United States, you must fill and submit the DOT forms. They even accept emotional support animals on three routes – Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. 

General Instructions For Service Dogs

  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • Service animals are accepted on all routes.
  • The dog should be under your control during any point of the trip.
  • The service dog will not be accepted if it smells bad.
  • The service dog will not be accepted if it displays aggressive behavior.
  • You can not have a normal pet with you inside the cabin, when you are having a service animal.
  • One traveler is permitted to take only one service dog with him/her.

Seating Arrangements

  • The dog should be placed on the ground right in ahead of the designated seat because pets are not permitted in the chairs.
  • It might not occupy much room in the corridors.
  • If somehow the dog is no bigger than a baby, it can sit in the lap.
  • If your dog is still too large to sit at the legs, Copa Airlines would if feasible, offer a row with more room. If it isn’t feasible to do so you can buy an additional seat so you have more room on the ground to put the dog ahead of or beside your chair, but never on the chairs.
  • There’s no seating permitted besides the emergency evacuation.

Required Documents

  • A label indicating the dog is a guide dog.
  • Proper vaccination documentation and a medical evaluation report.
  • Any documents required for entrance into the country of destination.
  • DOT forms.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional help animals are accepted only on routes wherein they are recognized under national legislation. For other regions, you have to transport it as a normal pet with applicable fees.



Can service dogs sit next to you on a Copa Airlines plane?

No, Copa Airlines does not allow service dogs to take seats. Service dogs are only allowed to sit on the ground at the owner’s feet.

Do I have to buy an extra plane ticket for my service dog?

No, you don’t. Most of the airlines do not allow service dogs to take seats. So, they just have to reside in your foot area. There‚Äôs no need to buy any tickets for the service dog.

How much does Copa Airlines charge for service dogs?

Copa Airlines does not charge anything for allowing service dogs on board. Service dogs travel for free on all routes of Copa Airlines.

Does Copa Airlines accept emotional support animals?

Copa Airlines accept emotional support animals on board, but only on routes where they are recognized by the country. You have to carry it like a typical pet and pay the appropriate costs for other areas.

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