Delta Airlines accepts trained service animals onboard for free on local and international flights. Only dogs are recognized as service animals right now. So, you can not take any other animal with you as a service animal. They do not require any additional paperwork except the DOT forms provided below. But they may require verbal assurance. One person can only take two service dogs with them at a time. 

General Instructions

  • Service animals are allowed in the cabin for people with disabilities who meet the requirements.
  • Only dogs as trained guide animals are accepted by Delta.
  • Travel is free for certified assistance animals and any necessary equipment.
  • A maximum of two certified assistance dogs may fly with travelers.
  • Guide dogs that have received training must be kept clean and odor-free.
  • The dog must not show any kind of aggressive behavior like growling or barking.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the cabin when a customer is traveling with a certified support animal.

Seating Arrangements

  • If you are flying with a certified service animal, pick a seat which has room for it.
  • Qualified guide dogs are not allowed to occupy chairs on Delta airplanes; instead, they must be sitting inside the floor area beneath a passenger’s chair or on their lap.
  • The dog’s size cannot be larger than the traveler seat’s “floor area.”
  • The dog can not eat from the tray tables.

Required Documents

You have to also obey the rules stated by the CDC. Dogs from elevated-risk nations are required :

  • To be microchipped.
  • Be healthy.
  • Age at least six months.

Destination Restrictions

It’s vital to keep in mind that some places, including Hawaii, the UK, and other island countries, have extra criteria, and that certain countries may not allow animals to enter or travel through them due to confinement rules. To find out the needs for certain transit places in addition to those for your ultimate stop, get in touch with them or visit the embassy of the local authority.

Service Animals Relief Areas

Authorized animal relief areas must be available at all American terminals. Delta Air Lines may help with locating a pet relief place and accompanying a customer there, such as through screening if needed, even though they are not accountable for supplying food, or monitoring the locations.

Service Animals In Training

A guide dog that is still in training typically does not match the requirements for a certified dog and is not permitted to travel in the compartment. A service dog that is still in education, though, may go to the client while being handled by a qualified trainer.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support pets are no longer accepted as support animals by Delta.


If you are traveling with a service animal, you have to make your booking and inform them about the service animal at least 2 days before the flight.


Pre-boarding is an option to assist you throughout the onboarding if you need more time before boarding the airplane. Make sure to appear at the entrance in plenty of time to coordinate your exit with the airport staff.


Can my service dog sit on my lap during a Delta flight?

If the dog is small enough to accommodate in your lap, it can certainly sit on your lap. But, if the dog is a big one, it must sit in the floor space.

Can I purchase a seat for my service dog on Delta?

You can purchase an additional seat for the service dog, but the dog can not directly sit in the chair. It still needs to accommodate the extra foot space of the additional seat. Purchasing an extra seat depends on the availability.

How much does Delta charge for service animals?

Delta allows trained service animals to travel on Delta-operated flights for free.

Does Delta accept service dogs in training?

Generally speaking, a guide dog that is still in training does not meet the criteria for a certified dog and is therefore not allowed to ride in the compartment. However, a service dog in training may accompany the client while being handled by a certified trainer.

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