Eva Air is one of the airlines with pretty minimal regulations about pet transportation. Although pets can not be brought inside of the cabins of Eva Air, they can be checked in as additional baggage in the cargo area of the aircraft.

Service animals and emotional support pets are allowed inside of the cabin without any additional charge.

Travel Options

  • Carry-on pets (Not Allowed)
  • As checked baggage

Pets in the cabin

With the exception of service animals brought by disabled passengers, regular pets are not permitted in the cabins.

Pets as checked baggage

Pets can be brought onboard as checked baggage only.

Pets that are accepted as checked baggage :


Pets that are not accepted as checked baggage :

Pets that are pregnant
Pets that age less than 4 months

Container requirements

  • According to IATA rules, the pet carrier must be made of firm plastic and have just one door for the creature to enter and depart, preventing the critter from leaving or exposing its claws.
  • Have airflow apertures on more than one side that work. Easily recognized as a pet crate. Cover the bottom or floor with a moisture-absorbing substance.
  • Each animal in the containers must have adequate room to turn around naturally when standing, stand and sit straight, and sleep in a natural role.
  • The containers must be securely coupled to a good amount of water and food, as well as adequate feeding cups.
  • The temperature and pressure in the compartment where your pet will be transported will be the same as in the passenger cabin.


HeightThe animal’s height when standing without touching the cage’s ceiling.
LengthFrom the peak of the snout to the tip of the tail, plus half the elevation from the floor to the lateral epicondyle.
WidthTwice the animal’s spacing from across shoulder blades.


  • With the exception of an unattended child, every person who takes a ticket may check in a total of 2 cages. If somehow the nation of arrival/transit has tougher animal restrictions, Eva Air shall abide by them.
  • Vessels composed completely of welding mesh, welded wire, wicker, carton, or foldable substances, with two doors for entry/exit, are absolutely forbidden.

Number of pets allowed per create

Weight (both the pet and the container)AgeAmount
More than 14 kg1
Less than or equal to 14 kgMore than or equal to 4 months2
  • The box’s size must be proportional to the tallest animal. When two animals inhabit a pet cage, the pet cage must be three times the size of the tallest animal. If the combined weight of the creatures and crate exceeds 14 kg, they need to get their own cage.

Aircraft restrictions

  • Animals are not permitted onboarding if the customers itinerary contains code-sharing portions and are only permitted on foreign flights operated directly by EVA Air and UNI Air.
  • Excluding the A321 and B787, each flight is permitted five crates (cages). Some itineraries and airplane types do not allow pets as checked baggage or even have restrictions on the number of pets that may be transported. Please contact Eva Air’s reservation team for further information.
A321Pets can not be checked as baggage
B787Pets can not be checked as baggage on long trips like Oceania, North America, and Europe.Two containers are accepted on short flights.

Destination restrictions

  • Due to modifications in aviation disinfecting and maintenance measures during the pandemic, EVA Air has halted pet shipping to Mainland China beginning October 18, 2021.

For the entire year, these following Southeast Asian nations restrict the importation of flat-faced (snub-nosed) cats and dogs :


Government regulations

Please keep in mind that there could be extra limits on pet travel rules during the COVID-19 outbreak, so double-check your destinations isolation and entrance requirements before flying.

  • Taiwan R.O.C.: According to Article 119-3 of the ROC Civil Aviation Act, anybody who brings an animal into an airport, compromising with hygiene, discipline, and security, faces a punishment ranging from NT 5,000 to NT 25,000. The airport authority, in collaboration with the Aviation Police Office, may force his or her removal from the terminal.
  • Animals are not permitted to be transported as unchecked luggage in the cabins or checked-in luggage in the cargo area to Brisbane. Animals from Brisbane, on the other hand, are permitted. Seeing-eye/hearing-aid dogs that are properly tied and escort visually or hearing-impaired persons can be transferred to and from the passenger compartment.
  • Pets and seeing-eye/hearing-aid dogs are not permitted to be transported as unchecked luggage in the cabins or as checked baggage inside the cargo area to the United Kingdom. They can only be transported as checked luggage in the cargo area from the United Kingdom. Please be informed that passengers traveling with dogs must check in at the counter at least 2.5 hours before their departure time when departing from Heathrow Airport.
  • Animals and seeing-eye/hearing-aid animals are not permitted to be transported as unchecked luggage in the cabins or as hold luggage in the cargo area to Hong Kong. They can only be transported from Hong Kong either as unchecked cabin luggage or as checked cargo in the cargo area.
  • Macau: Because passengers must be isolated at the resort for fourteen days after landing in Macau, guests’ dogs can only be carried by freight during COVID-19 henceforth.
  • China : Thus according Announcement No. 5 of 2019 from of the Directorate General of Formalities of the People’s Republic of China, animals entering China from specified nations and any quasi nation (– for example Taiwan) would not be applicable to isolation for thirty days and will concise customs directly upon arrival.

More information may be found by clicking here. Each traveler is only permitted to bring 1 dog or cat at one time. Before you fly, you may get further information at Airport Quarantine.

  • Passengers traveling with pets to the United States should read Carrying a Pet into the United States. Please be aware that from July 14, 2021, canines imported from countries deemed high risk for dog rabies by the CDC will be subject to a temporary ban. More information may be found HERE.
  • Canada : The Canada Border Patrol Agency (CBSA) has unique requirements for industrial live animal imports. For additional details, please see Bringing or Traveling with Pets.

Breeds restrictions

From April 1 to November 30 at Higher Latitudes points and October 1 to March 31 at Southern Hemisphere locations, the aforementioned brachycephalic dog and cat breeds, as well as any hybrid of them, will not be permitted for transport. Throughout the year, transportation to/via/from Southeast Asia is restricted.

Dog breeds :

English Toy SpanielDogue de Bordeaux
Boston TerrierBoxers (all breeds)
Japanese Chin, Japanese Spaniel and Chin ChinBulldog (all breeds)
Brussels GriffonPug (all breeds)
AffenpinscherBull Terrier
Chow ChowLhasa Apso and Shih Tzu
Cavalier King Charles SpanielPekingese
Presa CanarioShar Pei
Mastiff (all breeds)Tibetan Spaniel

Cats breeds :

Exotic short-haired catHimalayan
BurmesePersian (like Chinchilla)

The aforementioned hazardous dog species and their hybrids are not authorized for transport all year :

American Pit Bull (Terrier)Japanese Tosa
Terrier Fila BrasileirosDogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)
American StaffordshirePit Bull Terrier and Cane Corso


  • Collect and complete the “Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animal” document in copy and present it at the terminal when you verify your pet.
  • When flying with dogs, travelers are responsible for supplying appropriate medical and vaccination credentials, as well as any other documentation which may be demanded by the nations of departure, passage, or entrance.
  • Airline staff reserve the right to terminate the transport of the pet if the preparations do not meet EVA Air’s transport requirements, along with the animal’s safety and health.

EVA Air Pet Travel Fee

The pet and its crate will be billed as extra luggage and will be subtracted there from your complimentary checked bags if accepted as checked baggage. When accompanied by passengers who rely on such pets, the seeing-eye or hearing-aid dogs will be transported free of charge and without regard for weight.

  • For countries that apply the weight concept, charges will be one and half times the weight of the pet including its container.

To or from the United States and Canada, Countries in  Central and South America :

Less than or equal to 32 kgThe excess baggage fee rate of 2 units of luggage shall be imposed.
More than 32 kg and less than or equal to 42 kgThe excess baggage fee rate of 4 units of luggage shall be imposed.
More than 42 kgThe excess baggage fee rate of 6 units of luggage shall be imposed.
  • Please keep in mind that containers weighing more than 50 kg must always be authorized by EVA Air prior to departure. The total linear size has to be less than 292 centimeters (115 inches).

Service dogs and Emotional support animals

If they satisfy the standards, completely trained service dogs and emotional support dogs can travel in the cabin for free. Make sure that all essential documentation for bringing from and shipping to all nations on the itinerary, such as the nations to which you will be moving, have been prepared.

  • The guide animal has to be a dog that is at least four months old.
  • Emotional help animals are considered pets, and the handling guidelines for regular pets apply.
  • A service dog is an animal that has been individually taught to do work or execute duties for the advantage of a qualified candidate who has a handicap, such as a bodily, visual, mental, cognitive, or some other psychiatric disability.
  • The service dogs have to be rabies-vaccinated, have still not been subjected to rabies, and be clear of pests and illnesses that might risk persons or other pets or threaten public health, to the best of the individual’s consent.
  • The service dog must be fastened, leashed, or otherwise restrained, and a replacement mask should be kept on hand.
  • The service animals have to be hygienic and well-behaved. They should be trained to act appropriately in public and to obey their handler’s commands. They should not be allowed to run freely through the terminal, around the airport, or on the airplane.
  • A service dog ought to be able to be accommodated on the handler’s lap or inside the handler’s foot room on the flight.
  • Service dogs are not permitted. Seat thyself on an exit row. Invade or obstruct aisles or rows, Take a seat or dine from the tray tables.


  • Notify EVA Air booking service at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight in case of traveling with a pet.


  • People traveling with dogs must check-in at the terminal two hours prior to departure to guarantee smooth processing of pets going as checked baggage.
  • Kindly be advised that you must fulfill check-in formalities due to the procedural distance and time for managing pet shipment at London Heathrow Airport two and a half hours prior to departing

How to add a pet to my flight on Eva Air?

  1. Inform Eva Air customer support about the pet while making your booking. In case you have already booked your flight, then inform them about the pet 2 days prior to your scheduled flight.
  2. Make certain you read clearly about the destination ports regulations for pet transportation and comply with them.
  3. Double-check if you have all the required documentation for the destination port and as per Eva Air requirements.
  4.  Buy the crate in which your pet will be traveling a few days ahead of the flight.
  5. Check-in 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight to avoid any complications.


  1. Make sure you’re getting the appropriate treats for your canine companion. Whereas they won’t be able to experience complimentary drinks, bringing along your pet’s preferred goodies will ensure the trip is more fun for them.
  1. Being ready, whether that’s a pet travel document, a vaccine, or a health certificate, will help flying with your dog go more easily. A health certificate verifies that your pet has had all of his immunizations and vaccines and is fit to travel.
  1. Bring cleaning products for your pet. Incidents occur, and that’s just OK. Be respectful to airport personnel as well as other travelers, and sweep up any spills made by your pet.
  1. Allow your pet to use the pet rest facility prior to your trip. When it comes to incidents, a smart approach to prevent them is to have your pet use the pet release facilities as soon as you get to the airport, or even before your aircraft boards.


Can dogs fly on EVA Air?

Yes, they can. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on Eva Air to be inside of the cabins. But they can be transported through the cargo holds.

Is Eva Air strict for pets?

Eva Air pet policy is very minimal and they have somewhat less regulations on pet travel. Although they abide by the governmental regulations strictly.

How much does Eva Air charge for service dogs?

When accompanied by passengers who rely on such pets, the seeing-eye or hearing-aid dogs will be transported free of charge and without regard for weight by Eva Air.

When should I check in on Eva Air with a pet?

Eva Air recommends passengers check in 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight to avoid any complications regarding documents or pet containers.

EVA Air Contact Details

Hong Kong+852 2810 9251 (Reservation) +852 2810 9010 (Ticketing)25/F, Millennium City 3, 370 Kwun Tong Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Seoul+82 2 756 001512th Floor, Twin Tree Tower A, 6, Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Singapore+65 6226 1533300, Tampines Avenue 5, Income@Tampines Junction, #06-02, Singapore 529653
Vancouver+1 604 214 6608Vancouver International Airport, Domestic Terminal Room 4110, 3880 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 1W2
Chicago+1 847 261 99005600 N. River Road Suite 180 Rosemont, IL 60018
Los Angeles +1 310 362 66002199 Campus Drive, El Segundo, CA 90245
New York+1 646 278 60601450 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10018, U.S.A.
San Francisco+1 650 579 18181350 Bayshore Highway, Suite 650 Burlingame, CA 94010
Seattle+1 206 242 888818000 International Blvd STE 108, SEATAC WA 98188-4258, U.S.A.
Frankfurt+49 69 9291 09-99An der Hauptwache 2, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

EVA Short Information

Airlines NameEVA Air
Social Media PagesFacebook


  1. https://www.evaair.com/en-us/fly-prepare/baggage/travelling-with-pets/
  2. https://www.evaair.com/en-global/fly-prepare/special-assistance-and-inquiry/service-pets/

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