Dog owners always desire the utmost for the furry children, but dishonest hackers prey on gullible pet parents by tricking them into falling for dog fraud. Puppy frauds have existed for a while, but with simple connectivity to the web in recent years, they have grown significantly. Reports are stating that the number of people being scammed is increasing year by year.

It is vital to be informed of pet transportation frauds before making your reservation if you want to transfer the dog to a distant city or purchase a new dog online.

How do puppy frauds work?

Pup frauds can fool anyone because of how skillfully the fraudsters camouflage them. A genuine puppy or kitten is typically advertised online via Instagram, Ebay, or Craig for an absurdly cheap cost. A tragic tale in which the animal has no home and wants to be rescued right now is shared with potential pup owners who show interest.

Most scams will offer you huge cash returns or discounts.

Upon further inquiry, the con artist claims that now the dog is complimentary or extremely cheap and suggests that the dog owner simply needs to cover the expense of transportation. The con artist frequently makes reasons for not letting the pet owners meet the pup prior to carrying it home and refuses to let them see the dog.

Puppy fraud cases have significantly increased since the Covid-19 outbreak. Individuals all around the globe are turning to their dogs to help them cope with the isolation of confinement as a result of the shutdown in many nations. Animal fraudsters have taken advantage of a number of people hunting for animals during the shutdown. Puppy con artists use the lockup as a pretext to avoid meeting the consumer prior the exchange and claim to reside far away.

Sadly, there isn’t any dog or kitten; instead, it is simply a sophisticated ruse to defraud unwary people of their cash.

Source: BBC World Service

What exactly are dog transportation frauds?

Fraudsters set up a fake webpage that advertises foreign pet shipping. These web pages frequently mimic well-known pet travel companies. It is fairly simple to create web pages that appear genuine thanks to the inexpensive website domain options.

Pirate webpages rob unwary pet owners of their cash by using names and branding that are similar to those of well-known businesses. Pet transportation con artists demand a sizable deposit and other costs before vanishing with the cash.

Just do your homework on a firm before signing a deal with them. Discover reputable and licensed pet transportation companies to assist you with transportation if you need to move the dog from one town to the other.

How would you recognize pet frauds?

Fraudsters who target pet owners are incredibly clever; there are thousands of fraudulent web pages available, and each day, a greater number of these are detected. Listed below are some techniques for spotting con artists:

  • Rather than bank cards and Google Wallet, the majority of fraudsters employ undetectable or non-refundable forms of payment like Wire Transfers or Western Union.
  • Pet fraudsters typically send emails using a third-party source, such as Google or Yahoo. Their contact number are typically impossible to find as well.
  • They promote dogs at extremely low costs on social networking platforms like Instagram or Craigslist. Recall that if anything seems too wonderful to being real, it often isn’t.
  • Crossbred pups are given out for nothing in dog frauds, with the sole cost to animal owners being shipping.

Some names of reported pet scammers

The below-mentioned are the names of pet scamming people and organizations who scammed people using different ways. You can go to the website of IPATA, check and verify the names. You can also report if you ever get scammed by some organization.

https://americanlogisticmovers.comAmerican Logistic Movers Pets Trip
https://airpetaustralia.netAirpet Australia Global logistics
http://Airpetscarrier.comAir pets carrier
https://championpetsflightlogistics.comchampion pets flight logistics delta air lines
https://sparklepetmovers.comSparkle Pet Movers Kitten Rescue Guarantee Logistics
http://Gentlepawspettransport.comGentle paws pet transportation‘s Dachshund Pups Tarus
http://Miragebostonterriers.comRebecca Hodges
http://www.adorablegoldendoodle.comJoram Parrett/ Anthony Turner
http:// marklegoldenretrievers.comlolita williams, m jones
Source: IPATA Website

So how would pet transportation scammers be avoided?

Although here are numerous pet fraudsters in the globe, there are a number of methods to determine whether these nurseries or transportation companies are legitimate.

  • Verify the pet transportation service’s membership in a reputable pet travel organization, including such IPATA, RACA, IATA, or ATA. The World Pets & Animals Travel Organization, or IPATA, represents the majority of well-known pet transportation businesses. On the webpage, look for the IPATA emblem. The IPATA webpage keeps a list of reputable pet transportation firms in addition to con artists. To verify the legitimacy of the business you are working with, check the webpage.
  • Do thorough investigations of the policies of the organization. Look up evaluations and social networking activities available on the internet. Facebook evaluations are indisputable and can offer you a decent sense of the grower’s or business’s policies. Avoid businesses that lack favorable social networking visibility and ratings.
  • To receive suggestions and evaluations of the business or company you are working with, contact online forums on social networking sites. A great technique to evaluate the business is to speak with some other animal owners who have utilized the identical program.
  • Most con artists don’t care about animals; they’re only interested in swindling pet owners out of their money. Search for evidence of carelessness and absence of compassion in the firm’s communication, as well as whether they are overly focused on making money.

What must I do if I come across a pet hoax?

Fraudsters that target pet owners are constantly searching for their following prey. It’s critical to notify the webpage if you believe a fraudster has approached you in order to prevent other individuals from becoming victims. Whenever you come across a pet fraud, you must:

  • Even if you’re not certain that you are interacting with a legitimate business or producer, do not divulge any confidential info.
  • Never send money using anonymous services like Wire Transfers. Before sending money, confirm the legitimacy of the business or owner.
  • Please inform IPATA & about the fraudulent webpage.

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