Finnair ships all sorts of animals, cats, dogs, horses, fish, and exotic pets like snakes and lizards. The charges depend on the size of the pet and its species. Finnair pet cargo service does not accept individual bookings, so you must contact your local flight forwarder to ship your pet through Finnair. The flight forwarder will handle the rest from there.

Pets That Are Accepted

Finnair accepts and transports all sorts of pets to different parts of the world. But there are some cases when shipping your pet through their cargo service is the only option. Shipping your pet as cargo is the only option when :

  • Your pet friend weighs over 75 kg (on Finnair flights) and 65 kg (on Nora flights).
  • When your destination country demands it.
  • Your pet is a lizard, snake, bird, or other exotic animal.
  • Your pet friend will be traveling alone.

Pets Age

Your pet has to age at least 8 weeks to be shipped by Finnair.

Container Requirements

You must purchase a container of just the right size for your pet. Finnair does not provide specific measurements for the container as they transport various animals. But you have to ensure the following things :

  • The pet is comfortable inside the container.
  • The exterior of the container should be hard.
  • It must have proper ventilation systems so that the pet does not suffocate.
  • The door should have a locking mechanism.
  • The base of the container must be leak-proof.
  • Wheels are not allowed.
  • Finnair does not accept lattice top deck containers.
  • Provide a familiar item within the container that keeps the pet calm.
  • Please do not put the pet inside the container with a collar on its neck.
  • You can ship up to 3 cats or dogs under 6 months in a container.
  • 2 pets can be shipped inside one container but can not weigh over 14 kg.


You must consult your local flight forwarding company for the exact charges. It completely depends on the type of pet you will be shipping, its size, and the destination country.

Required Documentations

Your flight forwarder will let you know the documentation you will need to provide and help you thoroughly to get them.


You must book your pet through a flight forwarding company to ship your pet as cargo through Finnair. They do not accept individual bookings.

Drop-off and Pick-up

You have to see your pet off at the cargo terminal at least 60 minutes before the flight and pick up the pet at the destination country from the cargo terminal as soon as possible. 


  • Provide feeding instructions with the container in case you are giving food to your pet.
  • Let the Finnair staff know if the pet needs any medication.
  • Make sure the pet is used to that container.
  • Do not sedate the pet.


Does Finnair take pets?

Yes, Finnair allows pets inside their cabins as checked baggage, and they provide cargo services for pets that are too big or traveling alone.

Does Finnair cargo take exotic animals?

Yes, Finnair Cargo accepts and ships exotic animals with their cargo service.

How do I ship my pet through Finnair cargo?

You have to go to your local flight forwarder and let them know the required information. The flight forwarder will help you make a booking, manage documents and ship your pet.

How much does Finnair cargo charge for pets?

It depends on the type of your pet and the size of it. You must contact your local flight forwarder to learn about the exact charges.

Contact Details

Los Angeles+1 (310) 645 2575
New York833 292 2746
San Francisco833 292 2746
Seattle+1 (310) 645 2575

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