Frontier Airlines does not allow animals as checked luggage or cargo anymore.

Frontier only permits domestic animals for traveling with you. Only dogs and cats are allowed to fly internationally. Frontier Airlines pet policy is easy to understand.

International travels 

Outside the criteria given below, every country may have its vaccine restrictions.

Foreign embassies can give you further knowledge about particular illnesses that your pet needs to be immunized against. The health document must include the following information:

  • Be assigned a date based on the date of arrival in into country:
  • Issued in under 10 days after arrival in the United States
  • In under two weeks after arrival in Costa Rica.
  • In under 5 days of entering Mexico

Procedures and Fees for Making Reservations

Pets are charged a fixed fee of $99 each trip on Frontier Airlines. This fare can be paid at the time of booking or on the day of the trip.

You’ll need an authorized aircraft pet cage if your animal satisfies the standards specified in Frontier Airlines’ pet policy. The carrier must have a waterproof base, enough space for your animal to move and move about, be securely fastened, and have sufficient airflow.

Frequently Asked Question

Do frontier airlines transport dogs in their cargo?

Your pet’s box will be secured in a separate place from the rest of the luggage when it is loaded into the cargo hold. The USDA also demands that you feed and hydrate your pet within four hours after check-in, but not four hours before the trip.

When it comes to pet carriers, how rigorous is the frontier?

Carriers must fit beneath the seat, thus the size requirements are rather stringent. Crates cannot exceed 18 inches in length, 14 inches in width, or 8 inches in height. Soft-sided cages afford more latitude in terms of allowable sizes than hard-sided crates.

Is it possible to book a Frontier Airlines seat for your dog?

Although certain chairs may not be able to accept your pet containers, we will work together to find a spot that will. You may bring a small suitcase OR a carry-on suitcase in addition to your pet’s traveling crate. A fee applies for the carry-on baggage.

What is the cost of flying a pet in cargo?

Estimate as an example: One small dog (such as a Chihuahua) would likely cost between $275 and $300 to fly domestic as cargo with a pet-friendly airline. Airfreight for larger dogs (such as a Great Dane) can cost up to $1000 for domestic relocation, particularly if you have a bespoke kennel.

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