Hainan Airlines offers passengers to ship pets from or to China from or anywhere in the world. Pets are not allowed to be inside the cabins according to the Hainan Airlines pet policy. They must be shipped as checked baggage.

Hainan Pet Travel options

  1. Carry-on pets
  2. As checked baggage

Pets in the cabin

Pets are not permitted to be brought directly inside of the cabin.

Pets as checked baggage

Pets that are allowed to fly by Hainan Airlines, must fly inside the cargo compartment.

Pets that are accepted by Hainan Airlines


Pets that are not accepted by Hainan Airlines

Pets that age less than 6 months.
Pets that are pregnant or have given birth within 48 hours of the flight.
Pets that are weak.
Pets that require sedatives
Pets with bad smells.

Pets with these medical conditions are also not accepted

Otorhinolaryngological problems
Cardiovascular problems
Cerebrovascular problems
Respiratory problems
Digestive problems
Pets that have gone through a surgery within 48 hours of the flight.

Breeds restrictions

These brachycephalic and strong dog breeds are restricted from traveling by Hainan Airlines :

All terriersAll mastiff
American Staffordshire terriersAmerican Hounds
All boxersAll pugs
Brussels GriffonAll bulldogs
All spanielsSpanish Hound
Cocker SpanielBoston Beagles
King Charles SpanielEnglish Toy Spaniel
AffenpinscherLhasa Apso
Chow ChowBullmastiff
Belgian GriffonPekingese
Chinese SharpeiShih Tzu
BurmeseJapanese Chin
HimalayanExotic Shorthair
PitbullTosa Inu
Dogo ArgentinoSamoyed dogs
Fila Brasileiro and their various breedsPersian

Container requirements

  • Animals must be stored individually in crates, one per container.
  • Every separately packed pet and pet container shall not weigh more than 32kg. This covers any water and food that will be kept within the pet crate while in transit.
  • Pet boxes must be spacious enough for pets to stand or sit comfortably within, turn around, and lay in a natural position. The vent must be made of metal and securely fastened to the pet box.
  • Pets’ snouts must not reach the roof of the box when they stand naturally.
  • Pet containers should be special aircraft pet boxes constructed of solid objects and fastened at the top, with at least three sides vented.
  • The pet box’s door should have a locking mechanism and be constructed of strong metal. After closing the door, it should be successful in stopping the animal from opening a door to escape.
  • All pet box components (containing nuts, hooks, rivets, bolts, and so on) must be robust and completely functional.
  • Raised corners or handles on pet crates are required to assist regular movement during sorting and storage.
  • The pet box’s bottom must be smooth and even, and it must be able to be attached to a level surface without slipping. If the crate has tires, they must be removed or rendered immobile.
  • To prevent pet excrement from seeping out, the floor of the pet container has to be solid with no cutouts. The owner must supply hygroscopic bedding to keep the container clean and dry, avoiding pet waste from overflowing and contaminating other baggage.
  • It is suggested that travelers utilize the pet container security net supplied by Hainan Airlines to wrap and wrap the pet containers firmly before stowing for the safe movement of pets. The wrapping belt should be worn outside of the protective net’s outer layer.

Hainan Keneel Dimensions

LengthLength from elbows to ground and size from top of the snout to base of the tail.
WidthTwice the size of the pet’s maximum width.
HeightLength from elbows to ground and size from top of the snout to base of tail.


  • Granted access animals should have animal isolation credentials, as well as any other valid certifications, and must follow all applicable national legislation regarding pet departure, entrance, and transiting throughout transportation.

Domestic flights

  • The field “Disinfection of Carrier” on the Animal Isolation Certificate issued by the Ministry of Animal Care Supervision must be filled in, and the paper must be sealed with a specific Quarantine seal provided by the Ministry of Animal Care Supervision. Travelers who need linking flight services must verify that the time taken to get to their ultimate destination does not exceed the period stipulated in the Animal Isolation Certificate.
  • Vaccine certificates.

International flights

  • Certificate of Entrance Inspection and Quarantine of China given by the Entrance Inspections and Quarantine Bureau.
  • The applicable government (destination/transfer) issued valid entry or exit files.
  • A valid health statement and rabies vaccination certification from the appropriate authorities.
  • Appropriate preparation of entrance permits, health declarations, and immunization certificates is needed by all itineraries’ entry/transit nations.
  • Any additional special paperwork necessary by the governments of the countries of entry or transit covered by any itinerary.

Aircraft restrictions

  • Up to 3 pets per aircraft can be transported, with a total of 2 pets assigned to each passenger.
  • It is not possible to provide inter-pet transport services. Travelers with international flights can only bring their pets on one straight journey.
  • They should pick up the animal and complete the transit protocols once they arrive at the transfer location. Travelers should allow for execution time between connections when booking flights.
  • The waiting period between transfer connections in domestic transit cannot be shorter than 120 minutes. The waiting period between transfer connections in interstate transit cannot be less than 240 minutes. Pets can be brought on the same direct aircraft as humans.

Destination Restrictions

Only one pet per passenger is allowed on flights to these locations:


Pet transportation is not available for these locations

Weifang CityShandong Province
BaliNew Zealand
AustraliaUnited Kingdom
ParisHaikou=Chongqing=Rome route

Temperature restrictions

  • If the temperature is forecasted to be below 12°C or above 30°C at any starting place, halt, or location in transit of the pet, the particular temperature data shall be subject to the heat prediction data posted by the China Meteorological System on the day the flight applies for the flight. If the highest or lowest temperature falls inside this range, pets are not permitted to check in.

Hainan Pet Flying Fee

Pets are considered special baggage. Its weight, as well as the combined mass of a checked pet container and the food it holds, will not be included in free checked bags and will be billed as excess baggage.

1. For destinations where passengers are billed depending on the weight of the crate = Fee per kg Multiplied by total weight. The standard fee per kilogram is on an economy class regular charge multiplied by 1.5%.

2. For destinations where passengers are billed depending on the number of the crates = charge multiples (depending on the mass and dimensions of pets and cages) * charge of one baggage (note: the “charge of the baggage” stated above means one extra piece of baggage for economy class passengers.

The fee system of China to the United States, and China to Canada flights are

Small size53 cm – 38 cm – 40 cmSingle
Medium-small size68 cm – 50 cm – 48 cmDouble
Medium size3. 81 cm – 55 cm – 58 cmDouble
Large size4. 91 cm – 60 cm – 66 cmTriple
King size5. 101 cm – 68 cm – 76 cmTriple
Extra-large size6. 121 cm – 81 cm – 88 cmTriple

Service dogs and Emotional Support pets

Hainan Airlines allows service animals to be inside their cabin without any additional charges. But, because of certain restrictions, passengers may also need to transport service animals as checked baggage.


  • If shipping is necessary, travelers must schedule an arrangement with Hainan Airlines at least 24 hours before the trip.
  • While conducting pet shipment reservation processes, you need to read carefully and complete the Pet Transport Agreement.
  • Passengers traveling on domestic flights must schedule a pet consignment appointment using the following channels :
  • Hainan Airlines has direct authority over the ticket offices.
  • Hainan Airlines approved ticket agents.


  • On the day of the flight, kindly board the plane at least 2 hours before scheduled departure. To process pet consignment, bring all animals and pet shipping containers, the Pet Transport Agreement, and any needed documents to the Hainan Airlines check-in desk.

How to add a pet to my flight on Hainan Airlines?

  1. Inform Hainan Airlines about your pet 24 hours before the scheduled flight.
  2. Consult with the embassy of the country in which you will be traveling.
  3. Prepare documents as per the requirements of Hainan Airlines and the destination nation.
  4. Buy a container that complies with the regulations of IATA.
  5. Check-in at least 2 hours before the scheduled date.


  1. Puppies are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Climates that are particularly hot or cold have a more negative impact on puppies than on adults. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that your puppy’s traveling area is at a comfortable level to realize that even if you’re at ease, your dog may not be.
  1. Many companies require dogs to be crated when flying. If your puppy hasn’t been crate-trained yet, it’s important to begin the process long before your vacation to ensure they’re comfortable in tight places. This procedure might take several weeks or months.
  1. Human kids are infamous for breaking up lengthy car rides with the cry, “I need to pee!” The same is true with pups. Their thinner bladders and growing pelvic muscles necessitate more frequent urination, thus it is your responsibility to provide as many pauses as they require.
  1. Some carriers limit the number of pets that can fly in the aircraft or on a certain trip, and they may prohibit pets from flying in the cabin on certain flights. To ensure that your dog has a place to stay, make your reservation as soon as possible. If feasible, try to travel nonstop, since layovers and transfers will just add to what will be a difficult time for you and your pet companion.


Which Chinese airlines allow pets?

Hainan Airlines offers passengers to ship pets from or to China from or to anywhere in the world.

Is Hainan Airlines pet friendly?

Hainan Airlines have some rules and regulations in place for delivering a safe and comfortable trip for your pet. The regulations are simple, but they abide by the governmental regulations strictly.

Does Hainan Airlines allow emotional support pets?

Hainan Airlines acknowledges emotional support pets as service animals. They can travel inside of the cabin free of charge. But you will need to provide certified documents.

Does Hainan Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Hainan Airlines does not allow pets inside of their cabins. All allowed pets must be transported as checked baggage.

Hainan Contact details

United States1 888 688 8813Monday-Sunday 24/7
International+86 8989 5339

Hainan Short Info

Airlines NameHainan Airlines

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