Hawaiian Airlines values the convenience and protection of your pets as much as you do. Hawaiian Airlines Pet Cargo gladly welcomes your pet in our safe, ventilated, and temperature-controlled cargo compartment.

The cost of shipping a dog from Hawaii

The cost depends on the following factors-

  • The dog’s breed and weight,
  • Where you’re leaving from,
  • Whether your dog requires a bespoke crate.

It might cost anywhere from $250 to over $1,000 per dog. Quick Departure at the terminal costs $185 per pet, $244 for the 5-Day-or-Less program, and $1,761 for the whole 4 month Quarantine period.

Required Age Limit for Hawaiian Airlines

Must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned from their parents. All containers must be paid for in advance. For further guidance, contact 1-877-HA- (422-2746)

Factors to Consider While Transporting Your Animal

  • You must arrange ahead of time because the amount of animals that may be transported per plane is restricted. The reservation must be made by the person sending the animal.
  • You must secure the necessary papers for the animal’s transportation, along with a medical certificate from a qualified physician and, if appropriate, a proof of acclimatization.
  • The pet carrier must be made of hard-sided plastic and be large enough for the animal to stand, sit, and lie down naturally.
  • Each pet is entitled to one health certificate.
  • The pet must be supplied with pots and permeable matting.
  • Dogs, cats, tropical fish, and crabs are the only live animals allowed.
  • IATA Live Animal, USDA/APHIS, and US Fish and Wildlife rules must all be followed while transporting live animals. You must abide by all local, state, federal, and international rules.

HA Pet Travel Carrier Dimension

Kennel Type
Outside Size
(L” x W” x H”)
Kennel Weight (pounds)
(Dim) Weight
(100 Series)
21 x 15 x 16626
(200 Series)
27 x 20 x 191253
(300 Series)
32 x 22 x 231884
(400 Series)
36 x 24 x 2624116
(500 Series)
40 x 27 x 3031167
(700 Series)*
48 x 32 x 3551277

Breed Limitations

Because of the respiratory issues that Brachycephalic or “short-headed” animals may face while in transportation and Hawaii’s tropical environment, it is explicitly prohibited and not suggested that they travel as carry-on luggage.

Because we do not supply animal cages, you are responsible to find one for your pet. Before your pet is allowed for transportation, Hawaiian Airlines inspects and approves all pet carriers.

Frequently asked question

Which airlines fly dogs out of Hawaii?

Medium-sized pets are acceptable to travel in the passenger compartment on Hawaiian Airlines’ inter-island air travel and flights departing the state of Hawaii, as long as the overall mass of the animal and carriage does not surpass 25 pounds (11 kg). Each passenger is only allowed to travel with one carrier.

Is flying a dog in cargo insensitive?

Cargo is the riskier alternative for animal transportation. If that’s a possibility, the best situation for any pet to travel is in the aircraft as carry-on baggage. Because animals should stay in their cages for the duration of the journey, they must be capable of standing and moving around freely.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Allow Pets in Cabin?

HA accept dogs and cats in the passenger cabin.

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