Yes, JetBlue Allows carry-on pets, and as checked baggage. JetBlue charges 125 USD for every pet per flight regardless of destination. JetBlue Airlines pet policy is pet-parent-friendly, no worries are required for pets.

JetBlue Airlines is an American limited-cost air carrier. On some of their flights, they allow smaller animals inside the compartment. There is a limit on the number of pets allowed per flight also.

But there are a bunch of regulations specific to different destinations. So, make sure to read that section carefully before booking your flight.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy Options

JetBlue offers only one travel option for passengers trying to fly with pets and which is :

  • Pets in Cabin (Carry-on pets)
  • As Checked Baggage

Pets in the cabin

Small dogs and cats in an FAA-approved dog crate that fits securely beneath the row across from you are expected to fly in the cabins. There is a limit of one pet per person. I have added a checklist for furry friend air journey.

Pets as checked baggage

JetBlue doesn’t really accept animals to commute in the luggage compartment due to a shortage of breathable air and compressed gas on their airplane.

They have pet transportation service and called it “Jet Paws” but now this service is not avalable.

B6 Pet Carrier Guidelines 

Each passenger is permitted a maximum of 2 animals, each in their very own carrier and authorized pet carrier tally for one separate item and should accommodate between the front chair. The containers must be well aerated and also have waterproof basements. Both soft and hard containers are permitted and crates with escape routes would not be acknowledged. There is a limit with one pet for every container. Containers are $55 and can be bought at the aerodrome ticket booth. The quantity available is scarce.

Do you have an animal pushchair? Because pet pushchairs are regarded as mobility aids devices, they could be inspected at the ticket booth for free. You can also gate-check that to the location’s boarding gate or backpack conveyor belt.

Dimensions: Best Airlines Approved Carrier

Length (in.)  Width(in.)Height(in.)The combined weight of the animal plus the carrier (pounds)

Aircraft Restrictions

Each flight is limited to 6 dogs.

Documents Required

ID tags and a pet license are required for your animal. Vaccination and paperwork documents for your animal may be required depending on the region.

Verify the vaccine and paperwork requirements for each of your travel destinations.

Destination Restrictions

  • Pets traveling domestically
  • Pets traveling overseas

Pets traveling domestically

Pets are welcome on all JetBlue domestic flights.

Routine immunization paperwork is required for pets in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Before flying with a pet, passengers are expected to fully understand the animal import procedures and obtain the appropriate papers.

Pets traveling overseas

Pets are not permitted on JetBlue flights to Barbados or Trinidad and Tobago.

The paperwork needs for other foreign locations differ by location. Before flying with a pet, people must learn each country’s wildlife import rules and get the relevant papers.

Dogs are no longer allowed to fly to or from Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, and Peru, according to the CDC. JetBlue has chosen to apply our rules to both dogs and cats to be on the safe side. Pets are also prohibited on planes into and out of Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and London.

Flights to the United States

To come to The United States, pups should be at least sixteen weeks old and also have obtained rabies immunization at least a month just before making the journey. A rabies immunization credential should be displayed on the such entrance, be legitimate for the duration of the remaining, which would include the following information :

  • Passenger’s contact details
  • Species, gender, birth date, coloring, and distinguishing features of the dog
  • Computer chip serial number
  • Timeline of rabies immunization, vaccine technical data, and expiry date
  • The vet who prescribed the immunization’s title, registration number, identity, and sign

JetBlue Pet Charges

  • JetBlue charges 125 USD per trip for pets.

Breed Restrictions

No specific species of dogs and cats are banned by them. So your dog or cat should be able to travel by them just by complying with the size and regulations regardless of the breed.

Service Animals

According to JetBlue’s policies, assistance dogs will be allowed on board. While in the airport and on the plane, service dogs must be leashed and harnessed. 48 hours before departure, all required papers must be supplied. Within 48 hours after travel, supporting paperwork should be submitted.

  • JetBlue does not consider training service animals to be service animals.
  • Prior to actually allowing a guide dog to commute, its conduct will be evaluated at the aerodrome to make sure that all safety needs are fulfilled.
  • Whether you are flying with a big guide dog or 2 guide dogs, they should accommodate inside the surface area of the seat(s) users had already bought. If the animal is/are too big to fit inside the seat foot space users have bought, you may buy an extra seat to ensure trip or stand in line for a plane with enough spare seats.
  • No dog is ever permitted to sit in the chair.
  • Except if the living creature is compact enough to carry completely on the passenger’s hands without having to touch any portion of the chair, changing table, or another passenger, all creatures must continue to stay just on ground.
  • A JetBlue cabin crew member would provide help and support from and to the mammal reprieve zone upon requirement. Please request help from an aerodrome crewman.

Documents for service dogs

  • They must be made aware that you are planning to travel with such a guide dog and obtain the United States Transportation department Guide Dog Air Travel Form at least 48 hours in advance.
  • The necessary paperwork for guide dogs should always encompass the living creature when flying and be displayed to a JetBlue person onboard the JetBlue Grievance Redress Executive for evaluation upon the plea.
  • For the mammal to be acknowledged in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, vaccination information is essential.
  • Vaccination, as well as supporting document guidelines, apply to global locations.

In conformance with the CDC report on dog import and export from several nations, and taking into consideration JetBlue connectivity constraints, JetBlue would not acknowledge guide dogs on trips from or to :

Ecuador (UIO)Peru (LIM)Colombia (MDE)

If you are flying from one of the below-mentioned countries then you may only enter the United States from JFK airport only and also have the following information with you :

Colombia (BOG, CTG)Guyana (GEO)Ecuador (GYE)
Haiti (PAP)Cuba (HAV)Guatemala (GUA)
Dominican Republic (SDQ, STI, PUJ, POP)Honduras (SAP)

Animals attempting to enter from the places mentioned in the previous section need to provide the attached paperwork to be passed for transportation to the United States:

  • Have such a legitimate rabies immunization certificate report from the United States or even a CDC Dog Shipping license.
  • Papers of computer chips.
  • More than 6 months of age.
  • Be in decent shape.


A backup seat and pet charge must be purchased in an attempt to take an additional pet. Every flight allows a total of six dogs, so it’s better to book well in advance. The additional pet should be reserved at the airline check-in counter within 24hrs of travel and is limited to first come, first served.

We strongly advise you to take a window or aisle seat. Exit rows, bulkhead seats, and seats with little under-seat storage will not be allocated to you. Pets are not permitted on interline/codeshare reservations, regardless of the source of the reservation.


Unless you’ve already compensated the animal service charge, as well as your dog, is affirmed to make the journey, you could indeed check in online, just on the JetBlue application, or at an aerodrome booth 24h prior to actually your trip.

Once you head to the terminal, go to the comprehensive desk or talk with a JetBlue cabin crew member inside the self-service reception area to obtain your JetPaws® backpack label, which you can connect to the dog’s crate. When you’re at the aerodrome, the dog should remain within its shuttered container.

Whilst also pet reprieve regions are usually accessible, their place differs from airport to airport. Unless your dog requires help to alleviate itself, you may have to depart the terminal and re-enter thru the surveillance.

How to add a pet to my flight on JetBlue?

  1. Book your flight as early as possible as there is a limited number of pets allowed per flight.
  2. Consult your vet to learn if your dog or cat is ready to make the journey.
  3. Make all the paperwork ready as per the requirements of the target port.
  4. You may either purchase a container ahead of time that complies with the JetBlue regulations or you may do so while checking in at the airport from JetBlue.
  5. Have your pet relieve itself before boarding the plane.
  6. Fly with your pet.


  • Every air carrier has its own set of rules for animals trying to fly inside the compartment as well as in freight. Ascertain which papers your air carrier necessitates and maintain them on hand so that you really can quickly offer them when questioned by numerous members of staff.
  • Pet reprieve zones now are obligated at the majority of airport terminals. Before the trip, locate the nearest one through your gateway for quick pet toilet training break times during stopovers. Please remember that because the places are frequently sedentary and on artificial turf, the dog might very well not want it. Keep a doggie pad on hand just in case your dog decides to relieve himself outside the pet reprieve zone.
  • All through liftoff, pressure increases in the pet’s earholes, just like it does in ours. You could realize the pet commonly swings the bat with her earlobes or rolls her eyes. To assist them in alleviating any uneasiness, give them a squeaky toy as well as tough, crunchy regards.
  • If you’re trying to fly with the dog, you might be able to get a slightly earlier check-in process if you request. This can take a little time to get oneself and the dog positioned before your trip, as well as possessing a few minutes longer can assist you each staying calm.


What is the minimum age for a dog to travel JetBlue?

8 weeks of age
JetBlue only accepts puppies and kittens who are at least 8 weeks old. If traveling overseas, they must also be old enough to meet the destination country’s import rules.

Does JetBlue fly large dogs?

Small dogs and cats are allowed in the cabins if they are transported in an FAA-approved crate that slips underneath the row across from you. There is a limit of one pet per client. Jet Blue does not allow cremated or non-cremated pet ashes in the aircraft or as cargo.

How strict is JetBlue with pet carriers?

The container and other requirements are also fairly minimal. So passengers should face no problems complying with them. They just need to have a container which is a maximum of 17 inches * 12.5 inches * 8.5 inches in measurements.

What is the pet fee on JetBlue?

B6 charges 125 USD per trip for pets. There are no additional charges.

B6 Contact Details

United States1 800 JETBLUE (1 800 538 2583)
Mexico001 800 861 3372
United Kingdom08 082 349 058
Ireland1 800 657 427
Others1 801 449 2525

Jet Blue Airlines Profile

Company NameJetBlue Airways
Website JetBlue
Social Media PagesFacebook
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