JetBlue accepts trained service animals on board only, just like any other commercial air carrier. They require the dog to be fully trained and under the control of the owner. They may ask to see valid credentials and demand verbal assurance from you. One person can take two certified service dogs with him/her and both of them can travel for free.

General Instructions

  • Only certified guide dogs are accepted by JetBlue.
  • JetBlue demands all assistance dogs to be fastened, chained up, or otherwise tied and remain under the owner’s supervision at all times, both in the terminal and aboard the aircraft.
  • All guide dogs will have their conduct evaluated at the terminal to make sure that all safety criteria are followed.
  • One person can take two guide dogs with him/her.

Seating Arrangements

  • The guide dog should be able to accommodate your foot space.
  • You can purchase an additional seat if you need extra foot space but the dog can never sit on any seat.
  • You can even keep the dog in your lap in case it is small enough to stay there.

Required Documents

  • DOT form
  • Medical certificate (for certain destinations)
  • Training certificate (for certain destinations)
  • Rabies vaccination certificate (for certain destinations)

Destination Restrictions

If you plan to bring a service dog to any of the places listed below, you must first receive consent from the Pet Reception Centre.

London GatwickLondon Heathrow

JetBlue Service Animals in Training

Guide dogs in training are not recognized as trained service animals by JetBlue.


There are two steps involved in making a request for service dog travel, and they must be finished at minimum 48 hours before your departure. Beginning this procedure as early as you make your booking is something we advise.


Does JetBlue allow emotional support dogs?

No, JetBlue does not recognize emotional support animals anymore.

Does JetBlue allow service animals?

Yes, JetBlue allows trained service animals on board for free.

Does JetBlue allow service animals in training?

No, JetBlue does not recognize service animals in training.

How much does JetBlue charge for service animals?

Service animals are allowed to travel for free on JetBlue.

Contact Details

Call1 800 JETBLUE (1 800 538 2583)

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