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Complete Guide to KLM Airlines Pet Policy 2022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is also the oldest known airliner still running under its original title. In 2004, KLM and Air France merged. 

KLM allows dogs in the cabin and keeps them on board for the majority of their trips. For additional details, phone (866) 434-0320. This 

Pets in Cabin Guidelines

  • In the cabin, you are permitted to carry one cat or dog.
  • The animal must be able to accommodate in a compact animal carrying case or kennel with a required length of 46 x 28 x 24 cm. 
  • The travel bag or cage must not cost more than 8 kg when combined with your animal. Because you won’t be able to take your pet out of the kennel during the trip, make sure it’s small enough to move around comfortably.

If you’re flying Business Class on an international journey, you’ll never be able to have an animal in the cabin since they can’t fit below the row across from you.

Airlines pets travel cost 

You’ll have to pay a cost of EUR 75 to EUR 400 for each one-way trip to transport a family pet with you. We understand that this is a wide pricing range; the cost varies based on your departure point and itinerary. When booking a trip, you may see the precise fee. 

Pets Age

Your animal must be at least 5 – 10 weeks old and fly along with the same aircraft as you. 

Carrier Dimensions

Carrier heightCarrier widthCarrier lengthWeight limit
18” or 46 cm11″ or 28 cm9″ or 24 cm13 lbs. (6 kg)

Pets Reservation

The airplanes have a restricted capacity for animals; the number of pets they may transport varies depending on the kind of aircraft, location, and operating carrier. Upon reserving your travel, kindly book a room for your companion as quickly as possible or at least two days before your flight’s departure.


Currently, KLM does not accept snub-nosed dogs to fly with them. This sort of creature should be carried by KLM Cargo.

Service and emotional support animal

Service and emotional support dogs that have been adequately trained can fly in the cabin with their owners. Apart from dogs, KLM is not obligated to allow therapy animals. 

If a trip segment is 8 hours or longer, KLM may request confirmation showing your dog will not need to empty itself and can do so in a manner that does not pose a health or sanitation risk aboard.

Emotional support animals must be given at least 48 hours’ notice before departure. 


You must call KLM at least 48 hours ahead of time of your departure to enroll your animal. Your furry companion will not be allowed on the aircraft if you do not sign up ahead of schedule.

You must inform the person arranging the registration that you’ll be flying with an animal in the cabin when you phone to secure your ticket.


Is KLM a pet-friendly airline?

Small cats and dogs are allowed in the economy cabin on most KLM flights, as well as in business class on flights inside Europe. Dogs are allowed in the cabin providing the total weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 18 pounds (8 kg)

Is it true that KLM allows dogs in international cabins?

In the cabin, you are allowed to bring one cat or dog.

How can I schedule a flight with my dog on KLM?

Simply register online and email the airlines via social media with the following information:
Your name
Booking code
Dog’s breed
Kennel/bag size weight
Your dog’s weight

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