KLM pet cargo service allows you to ship cats, dogs, fish, horses, cattle, and other types of pets. But the pet must be at least 10 weeks of age to be shipped through them. Charges depend on the type of pet you will be shipping. So, you must contact your nearest flight forwarder to know the exact amounts. They have separate facilities trimmed to the needs of different species.

Pets Allowed

KLM transports only the below-mentioned pets to their destinations.

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Horses
  4. Hatching eggs and chickens
  5. Fish
  6. Cattles
  7. Zoo animals
  8. Insects

Pets Age

Pets under the age of 10 weeks are not accepted by KLM Cargo (except chickens).

Container Requirements

Your local transport agent will help you get the perfect container for shipping your pet. They will also make sure the container complies with KLM and local policies.

Breed and Type Restrictions

KLM does not accept the below-mentioned pet breeds and pet types for transport.

  • Pugs
  • Boston Terrier
  • French Bulldog
  • English Bulldog

The containers should be one-size larger for other snub-nosed breeds.


Contact your nearest KLM flight forwarder to learn the exact amount for shipping your pet. Charges will vary depending on the size of your pet and the destination you are shipping to.

Required Documents

You have to contact your nearest flight forwarder to learn about specific document requirements for your pet and your desired destination. The flight forwarder will help you make reservations, get airway bills, and get health and vaccination certificates.

Destination Restrictions

  • You cannot ship amphibians or reptiles to Amsterdam.

List Of Flight Forwarders

We provide a short list of flight forwarders connected with KLM cargo to ship your pet from the United States.

AAA Customs Brokers[email protected]847 261 0100
Atlantic Customhouse[email protected]202 258 9164
Jean Duncan Customs[email protected]404 766 0207
Unity Customs Brokers[email protected]310 670 2216
Florida Imports CHB[email protected]305 437 8223
James R Martin[email protected]305 597 0551

Why Choose KLM Pet Cargo For Transporting Your Pet?

There are a bunch of facilities they provide that make them lucrative pet transporters.

  • They continuously check on your pet during the flight, onboarding and off-boarding.
  • They have some dedicated pet facilities.
  • These cabins are continuously being checked from the cockpits.
  • They comply with the IATA, CITES, ATA, and IPTA.
  • They only allow competent flight forwarders to work for them.
  • They onboard pets at last and off-board pets at first.
  • If deemed necessary, they are ready to clean the containers as well.
  • They offer dog-walking services and separate litter for cats.


  • While selecting the flight forwarder – prioritize quality over price.
  • Go through their policies thoroughly.
  • Talk with the flight forwarder about any hidden charges.
  • Pick up your pet from the airport after the flight as soon as possible.


Does KLM ship animals?

Yes, KLM transports all sorts of animals to different destinations worldwide.

How much does KLM charge for transporting pets?

It depends on which flight forwarder you will be choosing and your pet’s species. Contact the flight forwarder to learn about the exact charges.

How safe is KLM pet cargo?

KLM Cargo is very safe for pets as they handle pets through professional staff.

Does KLM have veterinarian services?

Yes, KLM always has veterinarians on all of their hubs.

Contact Details

Call02  5895 2924

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