South Korea’s primary airline is Korean Air. Seoul, South Korea, is where their base is located. Pets are accepted in the cabin, as checked luggage, and also as merchandise in the cargo, according to the pet’s weight. For further assistance, contact (800) 438-5000.

KE Pet Travel Options

  1. Carry-on pets (Pets in Cabin)
  2. As Checked Baggage
  3. Cargo Service

Pets in Cabin Guidelines

  • Small dogs, kittens, and birds are permitted to travel in the cabin of Korean Air aircraft if the overall mass of the pet and the carrier is under 7kg.
  • Undisciplined or loud pets are not permitted. If the pets disrupt other travelers, pet owners may will be asked to muzzle their pets.
  • Based on the aircraft, up to three dogs per person are allowed each trip. On international Boeing 737 aircraft, pets are not permitted.

Airlines pets travel cost

FlightsCost ranges
Korea to or from Japan, China, Taiwan, Macao and Mongolia100USD
for travel from Asia to or from the US200USD
Domestic flights within Asia150USD

Pets Age

Animals must be at least eight weeks old to fly with Korean Airlines.

Carrier Dimensions


Pets Reservation

Because Korean Air only admits a specific number of animals per each trip, they recommend that you reserve a spot for pet as early as the travel arrangements are finalized. To do so, call the Customer Service Department at (800) 438-5000. Furthermore, dogs are not permitted on international Boeing 737 flights.


Medium-sized dogs, cats, and birds are allowed to fly with Korean airlines. However, the pet must weigh under 7kg, including the weight of the carrier. Uncooperative or rowdy pets are not permitted.


Korean Airlines mandates that your dog, kitten, or even other pet be carried in a certified pet carrier or cargo cage, as well as a document of healthy life.

Your physician will verify that your furry companion is fit to fly and clear of illnesses that can be transmitted to people. Korean Airlines also needs you to give photocopies of any medical certifications as well as other documentation necessary by the destination country.

Service and emotional support animal

Under its policies, Korean Air will welcome assistance and moral support animals, otherwise known as ESA on their aircraft. All emotional support animals will require a note from a registered doctor on their authority indicating the need for the ESA. ESA owners should notify Korean Air well in anticipation of their trip.


  • Korean Air would do everything possible to accommodate travelers with pet allergens by assigning those rows away from other travelers with pets. Please keep in mind that seat changes are not assured and are dependent on available slots.
  • Travelers with pet allergies are generally advised to tell our employees of their health status at the time of booking and to complete the contract during check-in.
  • Always inform your physician ahead of time and have all required medications and an urgent care kit on hand. In the event of a crisis, you and your accompanied traveler have to be ready to execute any therapeutic procedures advised by your physician.
  • Travelers carrying an injectable for first care inside the aircraft should have a note from the doctor for safety reasons.


How many pets am I allowed to have?

There are a maximum of three pets permitted: one in the cabin while the rest will be sent in the cargo area.

What animals are permitted to fly with Korean Air?

Dogs, cats, and birds are welcome to fly with Korean Air flights.

Is there any chance the airlines may decline my pet?

Because of disease, violent behavior, inadequate kenneling, or high temperatures at the origin, transit, or terminal airports, Korean Air may refuse to carry a pet.

Korean Airlines Profile

Company NameKOREAN AIR
Social Media PagesFacebook

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