Lot Polish Airlines is poland-based carrier which is quite well known for its superior flying experience. It seems this carrier can be an ideal choice for the pet parents also. Lot Polish allows all three services for pets i.e. pets in the cabin, pets as checked baggage and as cargo. Pet parents can choose any service they want. They generally charge 50 to 120 USD for pets inside the cabin and 90 to 360 USD for pets as checked baggage. Service animals are offered free travel but emotional support animals are no longer welcomed by Lot Polish Airlines.

Travel Options

Lot Polish Airlines provides pet parents with the following options to fly with their companions.

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ✔️

Depending on its dimensions and mass, a pet may travel inside the passenger cabin or the luggage compartment. Other pets must only be carried as freight.

Pets in the cabin

Ferrets, cats and dogs are accepted in the cabin of Lot Polish Airlines.

Container Guidelines for Cabin

  • The companion must fly aboard in a particular, weight and size-appropriate carrier the whole time (whether it’s a hard carrier or a gentle one for the carriage of pets).
  • No portion of the pet’s body can extend beyond the container, and free movement is required so it can move, rotate around, and lay on the floor.
  • The pet must fit completely inside the cage.
  • The pet being carried inside the compartment with the crate cannot weigh more than 8 kilograms.
  • If you are having a pet with you inside the cabin then you cannot be sitting in the first line.

Container Dimensions for Cabin

20 cm40 cm55 cmB787 and B737
20 cm30 cm45 cmE95, DH4, E75, E70

Pets as Checked Baggage

Keep in mind that the heat in the luggage compartment will be regulated correctly if the animal is traveling there. Thus, you have nothing to fear when traveling in that manner with your favorite pet!

Container Guidelines for Checked Baggage

  • Only one mature-aged pet is allowed per container.
  • If the pets are less than 6 months old, then upto 3 pets can be transported in the same container.
  • Wiring or welding mesh cannot be used exclusively in the construction of the crates. Air travel cannot use such crates.

The container must be :

  • Created of fiberglass, steel, strict plastic materials, hardwood, or plywood
  • with no tires connected
  • large sufficient for the mammal to freely move and also be allowed to hold, flip, and lay on the floor
  • tidy, rigid, and safely sealed, with the bottom having to be layered with biosorbent on the inside
  • prepared with a liquid and food box
  • vented on at least 3 edges.

Container Dimensions for Checked Baggage

64 cm96 cm125 cmB787
86 cm114 cm137 cmB737
71 cm102 cm120 cmE70, E75, E90
143 cm70 cm170 cmDH4


Keep in mind that an animal traveling inside the cargo as freight needs to have :

  • Rabies immunizations papers.
  • Medical certificate from a certified vet.
  • A computer chip.
  • An appropriate crate.

Individuals can not book for cargo shipping. It must be booked by an agency.


ServiceDomestic flights (Poland)Europe / Middle EastNorth America / Asia
Pets in the cabinPLN 190 / EUR 40 / USD 50 / CAD 60PLN 280 / EUR 60 / USD 70 / CAD 90PLN 465 / EUR 100 / USD 120 / CAD 150
Pets as checked baggagePLN 280 / EUR 70 / USD 90 / CAD 110PLN 600 / EUR 150 / USD 180 / CAD 230PLN 1200 / EUR 290 / USD 360 / CAD 460
  • On internal routes, there is an extra 8% VAT fee. The surcharge, that might vary based on how the facility is bought, is not included in the rates inside the list.

Required Documents

Learn the pertinent laws governing the importation and exporting into the country where you plan to travel, in addition to the basic guidelines for the welfare of pets, before making travel arrangements. You may find this information, for instance, in the embassies of the relevant nation.

  • Collect your pet’s valid medical clearance and vaccination record (for rabies or other disease), both of which attest to conformity with all laws and rules of the nation of origin, the country of arrival, and any ports used for passage.
  • Create a unique passport for your pet that includes information about its color, species, and gender as well as the chipped or tattoo that contains its identification in case you are traveling to any European Union country.

Destination Restrictions

  • Animals can only be shipped as cargo to the United Kingdom.
  • Ferrets are not allowed to enter Canada. Only dogs and cats are allowed.
  • Animals can only be shipped as cargo to Dubai.
  • Pets must go through an entry quarantine examination before entering Japan. Pets that don’t comply with import standards, such as those with certification deficiencies, will be quarantined and isolated for the required time frame of a maximum of 180 days.
  • Pets can not be transported as checked baggage if you are traveling to Egypt.

Breed Restrictions

Because of the extreme heat and anxiety, pets with shorter and/or flatter muzzles may experience significant difficulties with free respiration during flying, which can result in hypoxic and circulation issues. They have chosen to restrict the option of carrying brachycephalic cats and dogs under the airplane out of worry for your companion’s safety and well-being.

The following species of cats and dogs can not be transported as checked baggage.

Dog Breeds :

BrachycephalicAmerican Cocker-SpanielBoxer
Lhasa ApsoBrussels Spaniel And Tibetan SpanielBull Mastiff
ChihuahuaAmerican Staffordshire Terrier (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).Cavalier King Charles Spaniel And Japanese Spaniel
Mastiff (All Breeds)King Charles SpanielJapanese Chin
Dogue De BordeauxBulldog (All Breeds)Boston Terrier
Cane CorsoPinscher MonkeyChow Chow
Shih TzuAmerican Pit Bull TerrierPugs (All Breeds)
Shar PeiPekingeseBelgian Griffin

Cat Breeds :

Persian and Scottish FoldExotic Shorthair
British shorthairHimalayan

Service Animals

A assist or service dog :

  • is carried without cost inside the passenger compartment,
  • is not required to travel in a transportation crate,
  • is not required to have a mask, although it is recommended that you use one for safety,
  • must be secured to a leash to avoid interference with the other travelers,
  • and is not restricted in terms of weight.
  • Please keep in mind that you must possess the necessary paperwork, such as a passport, a certificate attesting to the service dog’s qualification, proof of the necessary veterinary vaccines, etc.

Keep in mind that the service dog in the United States permitted to fly in the main cabin if :

  • reacts to its holder’s directions politely and acts correctly in company.
  • does not endanger the lives or health of other travelers, either directly or indirectly.
  • possesses the papers required for transportation on this itinerary, and its holder has fulfilled all essential paperwork.
  • Form 1
  • Form 2

Emotional Support Animals

Lot Polish Airlines does not allow emotional support dogs onboard anymore.


Booking of the facility is dependent on the present state of allocation because they can only take a certain quantity of animals from their plane. When purchasing the reservation on their website, or twelve hours prior to takeoff, you can review it.


  • Get the pet accustomed to its transportation carrier a few days prior to a journey in order for it to handle the voyage more easily.
  • Just before the trip, put a sticker with the companion’s identity and feeding recommendations to the outside of the carrier.
  • The registration procedure for animals may take much longer. We advise walking the animal even before the flight, restricting it of beverages or food a few hours prior to departure, and giving it a small amount of water right before takeoff.
  • Additionally, to protect your companion’s safety, store the collar and mask outside the carrier or in the luggage.
  • An animal doctor should be informed before giving tranquilizers to the pet.


Do LOT airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Lot Polish Airlines allows pets inside of their cabins also. Dogs, cats and ferrets are welcomed to the passenger cabin. But they should be polite and do not weigh more than 8 kilograms including the pet and the container.

Do Lot Polish airlines allow pets as checked baggage?

Lot Polish does allow pets as checked baggage. They have properly temperature-controlled luggage compartments so that pets generally do not face any issues. Pets that weigh more than 8 kg including the container, can be transported as checked baggage.

How much does Lot Polish Airlines charge for pets?

Lot Polish charges 50 to 90 USD for accepting pets in the domestic routes, 70 to 180 USD for transporting pets from and to Europe and Middle East and 120 to 360 USD for transporting pets from and to North America and Asia.

Does Lot Polish allow service animals?

Lot Polish allows service animals for free. But the service dog should be with a legitimate handicap person and bear valid documentation of the dog’s training.

Is Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy Strict?

No, Lot allow pets inside of thier cabin, cargo compertment and transport.

Contact Details

United States+121 278 909 70
Canada+141 623 642 42
Great Britain+442 037 888 001
Poland+482 257 777 55
United Arab Emirates+800 035 702 725
Company NameLot Polish Airlines
Social Media PagesFacebook

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