Lufthansa often comes first place whenever Americans are preparing to go on a trip or need to fly overseas. They are also very well-known to pet parents because of their simple and easy to go by pet policy. But we got some bad news this time for people who have an Emotional Support Animal with them. According to their website, Lufthansa does not anymore allow emotional support animals inside their cabins. So, if you have an emotional support animal and want to fly with Lufthansa the next time you travel, you will need to make some changes to your itinerary.

Lufthansa Airlines Emotional Support Animals Policy

After the changes brought by the United States Department of Transport at the start of 2021, regarding Emotional Support Animals – major airlines of the country changed their policies for ESA’s. And like all other airlines, Lufthansa also stopped accepting emotional support animals onboard. According to the new regulations, emotional support animals do not count as service animals and airlines are not bound to accept them anymore. So, no matter if your emotional support animal is certified or not, it cannot fly with Lufthansa.

Although Lufthansa stopped accepting ESA’s. They still allow trained service animals to travel with them for free. If you have a service animal or want to know how service animals fly on Lufthansa, we have an article on that also which will come in handy for you.


Does Lufthansa accept emotional support animals?

This time, we have some terrible news for those who travel with an emotional support animal. On its website, Lufthansa states that they no longer let emotional support animals in the cabins.

Is Lufthansa dog friendly?

When Americans need to travel abroad or are getting ready to embark on a trip, Lufthansa frequently takes the top spot. They are also well-known among pet owners for having a straightforward and straightforward pet policy.

Does Lufthansa require a pet health certificate?

Like all other airlines, Lufthansa also requires a pet health certificate to be submitted prior the travel date. The certificate should be authorized by a certified veterinarian.

Does Lufthansa allow service dogs for free?

Trained service animals are welcome to travel in the main cabin for free on Lufthansa Airlines. However, there are some restrictions that you must follow if you bring a service animal with you. The rules for taking a service dog on board an aircraft are the same as those for bringing pets on board. Therefore, you should also review Lufthansa Airlines’ Pet Policy.

Contact Details

Lufthansa Medical Center[email protected]
United States+1 800 645 38 80
Germany+49 (0) 69 86 799 799

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