Let’s be honest. Taking your pet on a normal airline to fly abroad is a hassle, right? There are so many rules, regulations, and restrictions to consider. These many rules just make the journey for both the pet and its owner a bitter experience. It would be so much better if pet lovers didn’t have to think about all these regulations! To make this dream come true, Pet Airways came into existence.

Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel came up behind the idea for Pet Airways after taking their individual flight on which they had to bring a pet with them. The airline was established in 2009 with financial support from several partners to assist it getting on the market. Now, let’s look deeper into the Pet Airways and see how they do it.

What Is Pet Airways?

Presenting Pet Airways, a carrier that flies only animals. a company that flies airplanes operated by Pet Airways with the passenger cabin weather-controlled, piloted by aircrew from Pet Airways, and constantly watched after by one on-board pet caretaker. But, unlike other carriers, there will be no human passengers on Pet Airways. The entire passenger cabin is devoted to pets. In this way, pets will not have to go through the scary experience of being inside the luggage hold and fly happily with plenty of room and light around them. This is the specialty of Pet Airways.

They call the pets onboard their “Pawsengers”. And ensuring the safety and comfort of their “pawsengers” is their only priority. This is such a relief for the pet parents who are constantly haunted for their pet’s bad traveling experience.

Rules and Regulations

Looking for their rules and regulations just like other Airline Guides, right? You do not have to stress on that matter cause their are no specific rules and regulations regarding pet size, breed, container dimensions and whatsoever. Almost each and every kind of pet can be transported via the Pet Airways. It is possible because their carrier is solely devoted to animals, thus, they do not have to care about other factors.


Pet Airways does have a kiosk at the terminal where you may verify in the animal. The Pet Airlines Animal Lounge is what they term it. The pet stewards in the animal lounges will register your companion for the trip. A lot of their staffs are certified veterinarians so that they can easily understand the condition of the pet.

They will confirm the details you provided when making the flying arrangements, including your companion’s health care credential, the person to communicate with if they can’t approach you, the person who has the right to grab up the furry friend mostly in event that you can’t, as well as any special requirements or directions they should be fully cognizant of regarding any health issues.

Your companion will then be brought back towards the weather-controlled reception area outside of the check-in kiosk and put in an animal container provided by Pet Airways while they await to depart.

Their Pet Stewardesses will keep an eye on the companion and all of their prepared-to-board Pawsengers as they wait aboard the aircraft.

What Happens After That?

Your companion is transferred gently to the aircraft whenever it’s moment to depart. They move off as soon as they can after swiftly loading their passengers. Their airplanes are air-conditioned even on the runway so that all passengers who are presently on the aircraft as well as those who are being boarded can breathe nice, clean air.

Every pet must be safely enclosed in its container, and the containers must be securely affixed to the aircraft before the pawsengers can board.

The pilot will take a stroll along the corridor after all of the pawsengers have boarded to check that everyone is situated, safe, and prepared to take off.  After making sure everything is in order with the Onboard Animal care-taker, he gets prepared to go off.

They Monitor The Inside Of The Cabin Actively

Their inflight Pet Steward starts one of the numerous onboard walkthroughs of the passenger compartment to monitor on their pawsengers again when the plane is on the air and the pilot gets the go-ahead to wander throughout the compartment. Their accommodations are well-lit so that both their pawsengers and their pet caretaker can see them and make sure everything is okay. If an animal emergency arises, the inflight pet caregivers have the power to direct the pilot to locate the closest airports where assistance is available, if required.

How Are Pets Reconnected With Their Parents?

When the aircraft lands, it is promptly connected to the land air conditioning system to keep the cabin air clean, and the pet stewards immediately let the passengers out of the aircraft. In order to confirm that each pet which may be deplaning has done so and is present, they conduct a head census and location confirmation.

Their passengers have had a good time, but a beverage is indeed welcome, so they give them first before they reconnect the pets with their parents.

When releasing any animal, they check the Identification of the individual receiving it and make sure they have the proper authorization. They won’t give a pet to someone who isn’t approved.

They will attempt to contact the designated pickup individual if for whatever circumstances no one is available to welcome the pet and find out what is happening.

Even if nobody arrives, no animal would be left just at terminal unattended. They might hire a reputable boarding institution close by in order to take better care of the pets, or a member of their people might take them home.

How Much Do They Charge?

Charges for one trip travel vary between 149 USD to 399 USD. The lowest end is similar to that same 250 USD roundtrip freight fees charged by airlines. Nevertheless, the level of service is unmatched. Pets will travel inside the passenger cabin, which has been furnished with around 50 boxes for cats and dogs. The stewards who will monitor on the pets during travel each 15 minutes would accompany pets as they board the aircraft. Additionally, pre-boarding exercises and potty intervals are offered to the animals.


Nevertheless, Pet Airways is not devoid its drawbacks. we ‘ve discovered that using the airline requires having an open schedule. There will be an additional journey required for dropping off and picking up pets because the carrier will be based out of local airports close to the five launching locations. Additionally, you might get there much earlier than the cat and dog does. A 24-hour journey across the country involves a stopover in Chicago for meals, entertainment, and restroom stops. Additionally, planes currently only depart on Thursdays and Tuesdays.

They Are Trying To Resume Their Operations

Sadly, just after 2 years in the industry, Pet Airways stopped their service. This happened when the airline had financial problems. Nevertheless, throughout this period, it was still able to deliver over 9,000 pets across the United States without incident. Nevertheless, Pet Airways currently claims on its homepage that it hopes to resume flights as soon as mid-2022 after attempting to raise money for a comeback in past few years. It will be fascinating to observe if it is successful in this regard.

Contact Details

Call(888) 738 2479

Pet Airways Short Profile

Airlines NamePet Airways
CallsignSUB AIR

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