Unfortunately, animals are not permitted inside the cabin of Philippine Airlines, apart from medically trained therapy animals and comfort pets. A large number of their trips allow dogs, cats, and birds to travel as checked baggage.

For any further details, contact (800) 435-9725.

Pets in Cargo Hold

Pets including dogs, cats, and domestic birds can only be transported as checked-in luggage in the cargo hold on Philippine Airlines.

You need to notify PAL 48 hours before your flights. Here you can Book your tickets

Emotional Support Animal

Philippine Airlines does not allow ESA.

Service Animals

PAL allows service animals inside the cabin without cost


Moral support pet parents would have to provide letterhead paperwork from a psychotherapist or healthcare physician, who is dealing with the patient’s psychological health impairments. The letter has to assert that-

  • The doctor is a medically qualified medical provider or psychological physician
  • The traveler has an industry-recognized significant mental disorder.
  • The traveler requires the supportive care of a therapy dog as hospitality for flights.

The support pet has to be under a year old. This paperwork should be submitted at least 48 hours before traveling.

Restricted breeds

All brachycephalic domesticated animals and mixed breeds shall be refused transportation on all Philippine Airlines air travel.


How can I fly with my pet to the Philippines?

Pets which are small dogs, birds, and cats are welcome to travel in cargo, they should be kept in a safe, leak-proof kennel.
Other requirements are-
Vaccination certificates
Permits from the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry’s Animal Health Division (AHD), Diliman, Quezon City.

What is the preferred form of pet transportation?

Pets are not allowed in the cabin on Philippine Airlines, however, they can travel as checked luggage on Philippine Airlines cargo.

Does Philippine Airlines accepts service animals?

Pets are not permitted in the cabin of Philippine Airlines, apart from medically trained therapy animals and comfort pets.
All itineraries allow service dogs to travel. Comfort animals are now the only pets allowed in the cabin, and they can primarily travel into and out of the US.

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