In accordance with Porter Airlines pet policies, both dogs and cats may fly in pleasure with their parents. All you have to carry on board the flight is the companion’s collar, evidence of recent immunizations, veterinary health document, and immunization certificate. They do not allow pets as checked baggage. The charge varies from 50 USD to 57.50 USD per pet. Porter is still accepting emotional support animals on board for absolutely free. But only dogs are accepted as service animals and emotional support animals.

Porter Pet Policy Overview

We are summing up the key points of Porter Airlines Pet Policy for your convenience here.

Pets allowedCats and Dogs
Pets in the cabinAllowed
Pets as checked baggageNot Allowed
CargoNot available
Container dimensions55 cm × 40 cm × 27 cm
Maximum weight10 kilograms or 22 pounds (including the container)
Charges50 USD to 57.50 USD (Taxes applicable)
Service AnimalsAccepted for free
Emotional Support AnimalsAccepted for free

Pets In The Cabin

You have to keep these things in mind when you are taking pets with you inside the cabin of Porter Airlines.

  • A maximum of two pets for every flight is accepted by Porter Airlines.
  • Pets are only permitted to travel with paid, adult passengers.

These people can not take a pet with them :

  • Unescorted children
  • Travelers with young children
  • Anyone traveling with medical equipment that must be stored beneath the chair.
  • Travelers acting in the capacity of a certified flight attendant.
  • Rows of travelers in the fire escapes

Container Guidelines For Pets In The Cabin

  • Only soft-sided containers are accepted by Porter.
  • Per traveler, only one container is permitted. In a container, just one pet is allowed.
  • Pets must comply with regulations and travel in their kennels from the time they go through security checks until they arrive at their location.
  • Kindly be aware because at Porter’s decision, aggressive or anxious animals will not be transported.
  • The only normal piece of carry-on gear allowed aboard will be your companion in its container.
  • The pet including its container can not weigh over 10 kilograms or 22 pounds.
  • The pet container needs to be compact enough to put safely beneath the chair ahead of you.
  • The pet container needs to be well vented and resistant to leaks.
  • Your pet will have to be capable of easily taking a stand, rotate sideways, and lay down.
  • No portion of the animal may protrude from the crate.

Container Dimensions :

55 cm40 cm27 cm
21.5 inches15.5 inches10.5 inches

Pets as checked baggage

Porter Airlines does not accept pets to be inside their luggage compartments.


Porter Airlines does not provide any cargo facilities.

Required Documents

Concerning the transportation of pets internationally, many nations have tight rules. Please take the following actions to make sure the pet travels abroad safely and without incident:

  • To learn about the rules and procedures for pet transportation, get in touch with the embassy or consulate of the nation you intend to visit.
  • To confirm that the pet complies with international pet health requirements, speak with your doctor.
  • Get all the documentation required for your companion’s trip. Depending on the route, different documentation is required.

Pets traveling to the US :

  • Health Certificate.
  • Rabies immunization proof.


Porter airlines charges 50 USD to 57.50 USD per container for accepting pets. Taxes according to the location will be added.

Porter Lounge Facility

Animals are permitted inside the Porter lounges, however they must always be accompanied by their owners and maintained inside a pet container.

Service Animals

Porter Airlines accepts specially trained service animals inside of their cabins for free of charge. But you will have to show their certificate of training as well as maintain the service animal in a leash. Only dogs are accepted as certified service animals.

A corridor or any other place that has to be kept clear for crises cannot be entered by a support animal, which must stay on the ground where you are seated.

While traveling to the United States :

  • Identification Card.
  • Verbal assurance.
  • Rabies and other vaccination certificates.

Emotional Support Animals

Porter Airlines is one of the only carriers who are still accepting emotional support animals. But only dogs are accepted as emotional support animals by them.

One must present supporting paperwork that is dated no more than one year prior to the flight they are planning to take to fly with a comfort and support or psychological guide dog. When presenting it to a staff, it should be on paper from a qualified mental or medical expert and must state the following:

  • Name, location, ID, and country
  • About the mental need of the traveler.
  • The traveler requires the comfort and assistance or mental guide dog for activities during air transport at the location.
  • The person named in the paper is being looked after by the examining doctor or a psychiatrist.

Porter could get in touch with the emotional care provider to confirm the information in the papers. You could be forced to carry your animal as a normal pet, which would incur additional costs, if they are incapable of verifying the papers or if prior notice is not given.


You have to inform Porter Airlines about your pet if you are taking any with you. They allow pets on a prior-booking basis. So, it is requested to inform them as early as possible. If you can not do that, inform them at least one day before the flight.

Check In

Even though travelers can book in electronically, travelers who are traveling with pets have to pick up the flight tickets at the terminal check-in desk.

Before boarding an aircraft, the pet must be inspected at the terminal boarding gate if it is traveling inside the compartment with you.

  • When traveling with an animal, you need to get there at minimum 90 minutes before takeoff. Before moving on to the passenger inspection, your pet might need to undergo additional inspection.
  • Animals are not subjected to X-rays or sophisticated imaging screening.
  • The container will be run via the X-ray scanner, and yet neither the dog nor cat.
  • The pet must be taken out of the container and held as you pass past the body scanner.
  • Due to the noise at the boarding gate, you might think about keeping the companion on a tether to prevent it from running away when the chance arises.
  • You have to go via scanning twice if you want to take the companion outside for rest while you remain inside the restricted departure lounge.


  • Many people worry about going through security checks because the dog or cat has the amazing ability to escape even the toughest hold. You can request to have the pet checked in a personal space if you fall under this category. Nearly every airport has them.
  • Please get in touch with the carrier directly to learn about their pet reception policies when flying on or off with any other carrier, especially interline aircraft.
  • Among the most crucial things to keep in mind when traveling with the dog is that after you’ve gone through screening, you will not be allowed to walk him outdoors. It’s imperative that the pet performs their “stuff” before takeoff for this reason. Please utilize the appropriate pet relief sites if you’re at the terminal.
  • Consult with the consulate or embassy of the destination country as early as possible to learn about their specific documentation needs.


  1. Can you bring pets on Porter?

    Porter Airlines accepts pets inside of their cabins. Only dogs and cats are accepted and there are no pets as checked baggage or cargo facility available.

  2. How much does Porter Airlines charge for pets?

    Porter Airlines charges between 50 and 57.50 USD for each container to accommodate pets. Location-specific taxes will be introduced.

  3. Does Porter accept emotional support animals?

    Porter is one of the few airlines that still accepts service animals and emotional assistance pets. Nevertheless, they only permit dogs to serve as ESAs. Taking an ESA requires the presentation of supporting documentation that is dated no more than one year before the flight.

  4. Can my pet sit on my lap during the flight on Porter?

    No, the pet must always stay in the container. Throughout the flight, the container must be shut beneath the seat.

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