Qantas Airlines is not allowing pets inside their cabins until further notice. They need to be either transported in the cargo hold compartments or as cargo. Let’s see the full Qantas pet policy.

Bookings must be made through their preferred special travel agents. The agents will handle the overall procedures and documentation on behalf of the passenger.

Qantas also offers readymade containers for your pets in their lounges. So that, you do not have to stress over container dimensions.

Qantas Pet travel Options

  1. Cargo Hold
  2. Cargo Service

Age restrictions

All pets must be at least 12 weeks old when they must fly. Pets above the age of 12 must produce a certification from a veterinarian certifying that they are fit to fly.

Container requirements

  • Within the container, your pet should be capable of standing, sitting, rotating around, and sleeping naturally.
  • It should also have enough airflow.
  • Qantas offers a limited number of boxes at several of their key airport sites, but they do not rent crates. If you want to buy a container from them, we recommend calling 13 12 13 ahead of time to ensure availability.
  • Pets may fly in the very same container when there are two of them over six months old or three under six months old, they seem to be the same breed, are equal in size and weight, and are used to cohabitation, and each pet weighs no more than 14kg separately.
  • No fiber, kitty litter, or paper are permitted. A dog training pad is permitted.
  • A single tiny toy is acceptable.
  • Please do not put food in the container; if it spills, it is unpleasant and dirty.
  • A freshwater container that is firmly secured in an upright posture, from which your pet can easily drink, and that has a vent on the exterior for staff to replenish is required.
  • Please provide the name of your pet as well as a crisis contact number.


LengthLength of the tip of the snout to the end of its tail plus elevation from the floor to the lateral epicondyle
WidthTwice as much as the width of its shoulders.
HeightFrom the peak of its skull or the tip of its ear to the pavement.

Variations and prices of containers offered by Qantas

KennelMaximum massLength/Width/HeightFor pets in the cabinFor Cargo  RRP
PP-10Up to 5kg49 cm x 33 cm x 33 cmSSAU$45
PP-20Up to 7 kg53 cm x 37 cm x 37 cmSSAU$65
PP-30Up to 11kg62 cm x 41 cm x 45 cmMS/MAU$90
PP-40Up to 14kg73 cm x 45 cm x 53 cmMS/MAU$95
PP-50Up to 22kg82 cm x 56 cm x 60 cmMMAU$180
PP-60NUp to 32kg99 cm x 61 cm x 68 cmLLAU$285
PP-70Up to  42kg115 cm x 66 cm x 80 cmXLXLAU$385

Qantas Pet Travel Fee

Individuals are not permitted to book flights for pets by themselves. So, they need to choose a special travel agent who will handle the overall shipment process on behalf of the passenger. So, you need to choose a specific travel agent for your trip and discuss with them about the charges.

Qantas do not disclose their pricing model to individuals now because different travel agents charge different amounts.

Destination Restrictions

Pet and animal reservations between Australia and London, Australia and Vancouver, and Hong Kong to Australia have been temporarily halted by Qantas (effective 4 Jan 2022).

Regulations for domestic travel :

  • Your pet must be physically fit, active, and able to tolerate being kept for an extended amount of time.
  • We cannot accept your pet for travel if it seems drugged, ill, wounded, significantly pregnant, or hostile.
  • All pets should be at least 12 weeks old, and pets older than 12 years must have a certificate showing that they are healthy enough to fly.

Some dangerous dog breeds are prohibited from entering Australia:

Pit Bull and American Pit Bull terriersDogo ArgentinoJapanese Tosa
Brazilian FilaPresa Canario.Mastiff
  • Before traveling, American Staffordshire Terriers should be carried in a CR-82 strengthened cage or an aviation-authorized guard dog kennel.
  • Greyhounds and dogs traveling with army or detention facility officials are taught about working dogs and must fly in a kennel authorized for guard dogs.

Things to bring with you :

  1. Registration form for your pet.
  2. ID.
  3. Live Animal shipper’s certificate and acknowledgment form.
  4. A crate that complies with the IATA regulations.
  5. Boarding pass.

Domestic services:

  • Reservations can be made up to two hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Acceptance – No sooner than two hours before departure. We recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before your flight’s departure time.
  • Collection – For local airports, please pick up your pet 45 to 90 minutes after the aircraft arrives.
  • Collection – Please pick up your pet 10 – 30 minutes after the incoming flight has departed from provincial ports.


  • All necessary exporting documents and certificates
  • Valid picture identification is required.

Breeds restrictions

Qantas Airlines has developed some special procedures for sub-nosed dogs and cats. Passengers will need to follow these procedures to ship their brachycephalic pets. Their crossbreeds are allowed to travel normally.

Dogs :

French MastiffBrussels Griffon/Griffon BruxelloisBoxer
English Toy Spaniel/King Charles SpanielAmerican BulldogChow Chow
Boston TerrierBritish/English BulldogDogue De Bordeaux
American BullyAustralian BulldogAffenpinscher
Chinese PugShih-Zhu (Tsu) (Tzu)Dutch Pug
PekingeseTibetan SpanielValley Bulldog
Japanese PugPugNeapolitian Mastiff
French BulldogLhasa ApsoJapanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel

Cats :

Exotic ShorthairPersian/Himalayan

Registration and other rules for brachycephalic pets :

  • All future reservations must be placed through a pet transport professional authorized by Qantas Freight.
  • Transferring from some other airlines is not permitted on trips.
  • All pets, particularly brachycephalic species, must be at least 12 weeks old.
  • Your pet transportation expert will supply you with the container you’ll need for your pet’s journey. Because of their weakened respiratory systems, some breeds require bigger cages than of other pets of comparable size. We advise that these species travel in crates that are at least 10% bigger than the typical size.
  • Reservations are being welcomed for overseas travel as per usual pet limitations, as well as domestic flights inside Australia between the following places:

Temperature restrictions

When conditions are expected to rise over 35°C, Qantas will reschedule or terminate any pet reservations without charge. If you believe the climate may be unsafe for your pet, please inform them by emailing your AWB number or call them at 13 12 13, and they will reschedule your pet on another trip at no extra air freight cost.

Registering for your pet

  • Direct reservations for national pet transportation via, mail, and mobile have been discontinued as of August 19, 2020. Reservations can still be made by contacting one of their recommended pet transport consultants.
  • Journeys are only available for single-sector reservations, and journeys including more than a sector must be scheduled individually.
  • Until further notice, accompanying pet transport is not available.
  • Under the new AWB, pets must be retrieved at the transit hub by the broker and re-lodged within 90 and 120 minutes before the next flight, so please bear this in mind while assessing travel alternatives.
  • New bookings for pet transport must be made through one of Qantas Freight’s approved Special Travel Agents. Their team is thoroughly educated and skilled in all the regulations necessary for the safe submission of the application and collecting of pets and animals, from making the reservation with Qantas to arranging the dropping off and collection at Qantas terminals.

List of some of the Special Travel Agents :

United StatesAustraliaAsia
All Paws Express Phone: +1 (800) 626 5023  Petflyers Phone: 1800 738 359  APC Asia Pacific Cargo Phone: +65 6542 4455 (Singapore)  
Avico Logistic Services Phone: +1 (323) 454 8100  Jetpets Phone: 1300 668 309  Ferndale Kennels & Cattery Phone: +852 2971 9330 (Hong Kong)  
PetRelocation Phone: +1 (512) 362 6100  Moorholme Pet Transport Phone: (03) 9338 0823Pampered Pets Relocation & Lodging Phone: +65 6694 0936 (Singapore)
World Pet Travel USA Phone: +1 (214) 396 5070  Petraveller Phone: 1300 644 11  Pet Export Vet Phone: +852 2403 9628 (Hong Kong)  
Jet Pets Inc Phone: +1 (310) 823 8901Dogtainers Phone: 1300 13 52 52Pet Embassy Phone: +65 9655 4995 (Singapore)  

Check-in for domestic flights

  • Drop your pet off at the Qantas Freight facility 90 to 120 minutes before your trip.
  • Qantas will inspect your pet’s species, maturity, and condition, as well as fasten the crate for transport.
  • To finalize the pricing, they will confirm that the crate’s mass and measurements match those specified in your reservation.
  • If you’re on an identical aircraft, you can go to the main terminal.

Check-in for international flights

  • You should present at the Qantas Freight departure lounge at least three hours before the flight’s departure schedule.
  • Our ground staff will ensure that any liquid is topped up as needed, but please keep in mind that they are not permitted to feed your pet or enter the crate unless it is an emergency.
  • More than seven hours before departure, make a reservation. If you need to book a flight within seven days, contact [email protected]. au
  • Acceptance is possible up to three hours before departure.
  • Collection – Beginning four hours after landing.

Receiving from the terminal

If your pet is not a brachycephalic one, then you can collect them from the terminal yourself by pre-arranging with your agent. Keep some things on your mind before arriving at the terminal.

  • Pets are normally available for pickup 45 minutes after the airplane has arrived (local ports 10–20 minutes after the inbound flight has departed).
  • Please keep in mind that kids under the age of 17 are not allowed at any of the conveyances, so prepare accordingly. Given the proximity of the vehicle park to the customer area, visitors may be required to wear a hi-vis vest, so try keeping one with you if you do have one. Vests may be offered for rental or sale at some ports.
  • Animals should only be retrieved by the person mentioned on the airwaybill and named in the reservation. Please make sure to have proper identification.

Service dogs and emotional support animals

Service dogs are allowed to travel inside the cabin but emotional support animals are not. But passengers need to inform Qantas about their pets as early as possible.

How to add a pet to my flight?

  1. Make contact with a licensed agency at least three days before your chosen flight date.
  2. Provide the agent with any necessary information on your pet, as well as any paperwork required by your destination port.
  3. Maintain contact with your agent and ensure that the booking process is completed following your specifications.
  4. Purchase the container with caution.
  5. Check-in at least two to three hours before your departure.


  • Before flight travel, take your pet to the vet for a health check to ensure they are fit and healthy.
  • Spend time in their pet crate before flying to ensure that they are comfortable and accustomed to being in a restricted crate for the duration of the journey.
  • It’s also a smart option to familiarize your pet with their box before the travel to eliminate any possible nervousness on the day of travel. Allow them to sleep in the box for a few nights before flying if at all feasible.
  • Pets, like their people, can become exhausted, thus a water bottle should be attached to the pet box.
  • If necessary, one favorite toy can be stored in their kennel.


Can my dog fly with me on Qantas?

Qantas has suspended their pets in the cabin service until further notice. They are allowing only service dogs and emotional support animals in the cabin. Other pets must travel via cargo holds or as cargo.

How much does Qantas charge for pets?

To book a seat for your pet, you must contact your nearest travel agent. The travel agent will inform you about all the charges and expenditures.

Is Qantas strict for pets?

Qantas pet travel policy regarding pets is quite rigid. They have suspended their pets in the cabin service temporarily and further reservations need to be booked through one of their preferred travel agents.

How do I fly with my pet on Qantas?

You have to find your nearest pet travel agent and give them all the necessary information. The agent will handle the overall booking process for you.

Qantas Contact details

Atlanta1 800 227 02901 310 665 2201[email protected]
Chicago+1 800 227 0290 +1 310 665 2201[email protected]   (NorthEast Cargo Center 836 Patton Drive, Tower D Chicago IL, 60666 USA)
Dallas Fort Worth1 800 227 02901 310 665 2201[email protected]
Honolulu+1 800 227 02901 310 665 2201[email protected]
Toronto1 800 227 0290 or +1 310 665 2280 1 310 665 2201 [email protected]
Vancouver1 800 227 0290 or +1 310 665 22801 310 665 2201 [email protected]

Qantas Airways Basic Information

Airlines NameQANTAS
Social Media PagesFacebook

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