Qatar Airways allows domestic cats and dogs as well as some birds as pets. The pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin, they have to be in cargo holds compartments of the same flight of their passengers. Their trained staff are always looking after your pets.

Only service dogs are allowed inside of the cabin without any additional charge. But there are some rules and restrictions which the passenger needs to abide by. Before your plan to travel with a dog, You need to read Qatar Airways pet policy.

They have a separate charging policy for birds, make sure to read that section carefully.

Travel Options

Qatar Airways will not be liable if the passenger gets rejected from entering a destination as a result of not meeting any requirement. So the passenger has to make sure they have met all the necessary criteria in order to enter a country.

  1. Carry-on pets
  2. As Checked Baggage
  3. Cargo

Animals that are not accepted by Qatar Airways :

Primates for research purposesAnimals aging less than 12 weeksWeak animals
Snub nosed breedsMiceRats
MarmotsRabbitsGorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans,
  • Female critters with breastfeeding young – transportation will be permitted if a medical certification stating that both the mother and the youngster are fit to transport is presented.
  • Carriage will only be permitted for cats or dogs that are more than six (6) weeks pregnant if a medical statement verifies that the pet is fit to transport and that there is no possibility of delivery during the voyage.
  • Rodents mentioned above can be shipped via cargo.

Pets in the cabin

Qatar Airways do not accept pets inside of their cabins.

Pets as checked baggage

Qatar Airways only accepts household cats, dogs and birds as checked baggage in the cargo hold compartments on their flights.

Container requirements for pets as checked baggage

  • The container should have holes for air flow.
  • Your pet should be comfortable inside of the container and be able to freely move inside of it.
  • The container should be able to hold your pet or prevent the pet’s escape.
  • Qatar Airways will refuse to accept your pet on board in case the container is very small.
  • You can provide food and water to your service dog on a pot. The pot should not be overfilled. The pots should be placed in such a manner that they can be filled from the outside. You can provide food before the departure or Qatar Airways staff will provide food and water to the pets every three to four hours during the journey.
  • Two animals weighing upto 14 kg in total, may travel in the same container. If the weight limit exceeds, they must travel separately.
  • Three animals from the same litter, weighing upto 14 kg and with maximum age of 6 months can travel in the same container.
LengthFrom the tip of the nose to the last of its tail + height from the ground to its elbow joint.
WidthTwice as much of the width of its shoulders.
HeightFrom the top of its head or ear tip to the floor.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that they have got all the necessary documents and have met all other requirements to enter a specific destination. Qatar Airways will not be liable if the passenger gets rejected from entering a destination as a result of not meeting any requirement.

Primary documents :

  • A health certificate from a certified veterinarian issued within 10 days of the flight and stating that the pet is all set to fly.
  • Air waybill.
  • Export or Import permit.
  • Shipper’s certificate.
  • CITES (If applicable).
  • A pet passport for identification.

Traveling with birds

Falcons are allowed inside of the Economy class cabin of Qatar Airways. One passenger can carry only one falcon and a total of 6 falcons are allowed per flight. But, make sure the container for the falcon is large enough. If the container is small, Qatar Airways may not allow the falcon inside of the cabin. Falcons can also be transported as checked baggage in the cargo holds compartment. Usual charges for pets as checked baggage will apply.

Charges for pets as checked baggage

The charges for pet shipment depend on the size and weight of the pet and also the container.

SizeTotal weight and dimensionsRate
MediumUp to 32 kgTo/From Qatar: USD 200   Other Routes: USD 350
LargeWithin 32 kg to 75 kgTo/From Qatar: USD 300   Other Routes: USD 450
OthersTotal weight: greater the 75 kg   Maximum dimensions: More than 118 inches or 300 cmWill be handled as cargo.
  • Pets will not be counted as part of free baggage allowance.
  • You can change or cancel your plan without any charge.

Charges for falcons in economy class

From (Vertical)/ To (Horizontal)  AfricaEuropeFar EastAustralia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea  The Middle East; Indian sub-continent  QatarThe Americas
Africa450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USD630 USD
Europe450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USD630 USD
Far East450 USD450 USD450 USD630 USD270 USD240 USD630 USD
Australia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea630 USD630 USD630 USD630 USD450 USD440 USD630 USD
The Middle East; Indian sub-continent  270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USD450 USD
ISC270 USD270 USD270 USD450 USD135 USD115 USD450 USD
Qatar900 QAR900 QAR900 QAR1620 QAR450 QAR            1620 QAR
The Americas630 USD630 USD630 USD630 US450 USD450 USD

Breed restrictions

Qatar Airways do not accept breeds that are subject to high risk of heatstroke when exposed to a temperature above 21°C.

Cats :


Dogs :

American Pit Bull TerrierAffenpinscherGreyhound dogs with the exception of pets (There can only be two greyhound dogs booked as pets at a time.)
BrusselsBoston TerrierBoxer
Bichon Frise  Bull TerrierAmerican Staffordshire
King Charles SpanielShar PeiPug (all breeds)
French TerrierFrench MastiffDogue de Bordeaux
English MastiffCane CorsoChow Chow
Bulldog (all breeds)  Bull Mastiff (English Mastiff)Dogo Argentino
Japanese ChinNeapolitan mastiffGriffon
Shih TzuPekingeseStaffordshire Bull Terrier
Presa CanarioPitbull TerrierValley Terrier

Service dogs

Qatar Airways allows service dogs to be inside of the cabin free of charge only for certain routes. For other routes, service dogs can travel as checked baggage in the cargo holds compartment without any additional charge.

  • Only dogs are allowed as service animals.
  • The service dog should not age less than 4 months.
  • The service dog should fit in the passenger’s lap or his/her foot space in front of the seat. If the dog can not fit in that space, the passenger can have a dedicated seat for the service dog if available.
  • The service dog must bear a leash while onboard or while in the Hamad International Airport.
  • You can provide food and water to your service dog on a pot. The pot should not be overfilled.
  • You must inform Qatar Airways about your service dogs at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • You can check in online or if you decide to check in at the airport, the process should be completed at least 1 hour before the departure.
  • You may bring necessary absorbent materials to clean the dog’s waste.
  • You may not feed the dog too much before the flight to prepare it for the flight.
  • There are no weight restrictions for service dogs.

Document requirements for service dogs :

  • Health certificate.
  • Proof that the accompanying animal is a service dog (Identification card).
  • Training certificate.
  • Vaccination records.
  • Other documents as per the requirements of the destination country.

For traveling to the United States,these forms need to be filled :

DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form
DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form


The passenger needs to notify Qatar Airways about their pet while booking their flight. If registration for pets has not been done while booking the flight, it can also be done anytime minimum of 48 hours before the departure. If they are not notified before 48 hours, passengers’ flight may be delayed or the passenger may need to change their flight schedule.

A non-refundable $35 administration fee applies to tickets booked or amended by phone, at the airport, or through a Qatar Airways Ticket Office.

While in transit at Doha

  • Your pet can get out of the container and walk.
  • Staff check if the animals are doing well.
  • Containers get cleaned by staff.
  • If required, they may be placed in a larger container for the time of transit.
  • Animals transferring from aircraft operated by other airlines are not accepted by Qatar Airways. It is, however, permissible to transport animals from Qatar Airways to other airlines.

How to add a pet to my flight?

  1. Inform Qatar Airways about your pet or service dog while booking your flight or 48 hours before the flight.
  2. Download and fill up the necessary forms.
  3. Make sure you have read about all the rules and regulations regarding pet travel by your desired location.
  4. Make sure you have all the required documents.
  5. Make sure the container is the proper size for your pet and that it is comfortable for them to be in.
  6. Make sure to check the weather on the day of your flight.
  7. Check in at least 2 hours prior to the flight departure.
  8. Do not forget to provide food inside the container.


  • Double-check that you have all of the essential documents and that they are legitimate.
  • Other airlines’ pets are not permitted on all Qatar Airways flights. So, if your journey is split into two halves, make sure you fly with Qatar Airways on both rounds.
  • If your flight is going to be long, make sure your pet is doing well.
  • Consider buying the container a few days before the trip and assist your pet in becoming accustomed to it.


Can I take my dog on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows only service dogs inside of their cabin. Other domestic cats, dogs and birds need to travel in the cargo holds compartment of the aircraft.

How much does it cost to fly a dog Qatar?

Qatar Airways charges USD 200 to USD 300 for flights within Qatar and USD 350 to USD 450 for international flights to ship pets. Service dogs are allowed to travel without any additional charges.

Are pets allowed in Qatar?

Qatar Airways allows only service dogs inside of their cabin. Other domestic cats, dogs, and birds need to travel in the cargo hold compartment of the aircraft.

How strict is Qatar Airways with dogs?

Despite Qatar Airways does have certain strong regulations concerning pet transportation, if all of the prerequisites are met, the travel becomes safer and more secure.

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