Ryanair does not allow pets inside of the cabins or checked baggage. But, the good news is they are planning on starting pet services. But for now, only guide dogs are allowed to be onboard their aircraft.

Guide dogs are accepted by them with some minimal conditions and without any additional charges. But they must be informed about the guide dog well ahead of time.

Emotional support pets can also be onboard RyanAir, but they need to gain acknowledgment from at least one international guide dog organization.

Ryanair Pet Travel Options

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️ (Only Service dogs)
  2. Pets as checked baggage ❌
  3. Pets as cargo ❌

Pets in the cabin

RyanAir still does not accept regular pets inside of their cabins. Only service dogs are allowed to be inside of the cabins. See the Service Dogs section for more information.

Pets as checked baggage

RyanAir still does not accept regular pets as checked baggage.


Pets can not be brought inside of the cabins nor can they be checked as baggage. So, there are no additional charges.

Service Animals

  • Only dogs are acknowledged as service animals by RyanAir.
  • A service dog should be designed to perform duties for such advantage of someone with an impairment in order to gain acceptance on such a Ryanair flight and also be a member of one of the below-mentioned organizations.
  • Ryanair does not allow moral support as well as therapy animals which are not acknowledged as support animals by the below-mentioned institutions to make the journey with them.
  • A collar should be on the service dog throughout every stage of the itinerary.
  • service animals must commute inside the airplane compartment and should always sit at the travelers’ feet on the ground. Per plane, a total of 4 service dogs have been allowed. The dog, as well as the kennel and meals, are transported for free of charge.
  • RyanAir staff should be made aware of the service dog while making the reservation. If they are not informed about the service dog before the flight, then RyanAir will have to reject the onboarding of the dog. This would be to guarantee that the flight attendants can demonstrate proper safety procedures.
  • Each and every setup that safeguards the service dog sufficiently is allowable.

The respective pathways don’t really admit service dogs :

Flights from and toMoroccoIsrael

The respective pathways only admit service dogs :

All flights from, to, and withinEU and EEANational Flights

Service dogs must enter Ireland and the United Kingdom or travel across European Union or EEA routes while complying with these requirements :

  • Valid European Union Pet Passport or
  • Health Certificate from a certified vet and
  • Other medical credentials.

The pet passport or Veterinarian certificate must state that the pet is associated with at least one of the below-mentioned organizations :

International Guide Dog FederationAssistance Dogs UKAssistance Dogs International (ADI)

This is the traveler’s duty to make certain that the Animal Residence permit introduced is current and meets the target nation’s immunization and therapeutic interventions prerequisites.

RyanAir is unable to take accountability for just any service dogs which are inaccurately recorded. In case you possess any hesitations regarding the dog’s qualifications to fly, we suggest consulting the target airport before departure to verify Animal’s Passport details.

Aid and service dog owners in nations which do not release Pet Passports must acquire a formal veterinarian medical certificate to demonstrate that the dog cooperates with the Animal Transport Guidance on the application.


You can not reserve for your normal pet as RyanAir does not allow normal pets on their aircrafts. In case you have a service dog, you can take them with you inside the cabin but you will need to inform RyanAir about the service dog while booking your own flight.


You will need to check in with your service dog well ahead of the scheduled departure to give them some time to complete the formal procedures.

How to add a pet to my flight on Ryanair?

  1. Inform RyanAir about your service dog while making your reservation.
  2. Get a pet passport or a medical health document from a certified vet.
  3. Make sure your service dog is associated with at least one of the aforementioned institutions.
  4. Consult with the embassy if your target nation to learn about any further restrictions. 
  5. Purchase a container if needed.
  6. Check-in well ahead of the scheduled departure.


  • This will most probably be just a long period of time before individuals find a suitable location for the Guide Dog to help alleviate themself. Remember: You have to go through the entire initial screening once more if you really need to depart the safe receptionist desk to help alleviate the dog. When you come back to the checkpoint, notify the Patrol Officer, as well as she or he could relocate you towards the start of the inspection row to accelerate the procedure.
  • Notify the Security Personnel that the dog you’re traveling with is a Guide Dog, not really a pet. Because the Federal Agent may have to invest additional time with you, it will help to move towards the start of the inspection row. You must not be detached from the Guide Dog at any point during the inspection procedure.
  • Air carriers do demand evidence that the dog is really a Guide Dog, not really a pet. Identity, including such card numbers as well as supporting documents, the existence of a strap or distinguishing features just on the strap, a physician’s written statement and other believable confirmation of the traveler that confirm the mammal for one‘s impairment is needed. Feel free to call or check the policies of each air carrier.
  • Inspect from the gate customer service desk once you’ve gone thru the surveillance. Notify the airline staff that you will be traveling with a Support Dog. In case this is one’s 1st flight with their Support Dog on this air carrier, inquire about the requirements. You would almost certainly be permitted to get on the plane first.


Does Ryanair allow pets?

RyanAir still does not accept regular pets inside of their cabins or as checked baggage. Only service dogs are allowed to be inside of the cabins.

Can you take a cat on a Ryanair flight?

RyanAir does not accept any sort of pets like cats and dogs in their aircraft. But service dogs are allowed to be inside of the compartments free of charge. Only dogs are acknowledged as service animals.

How much does Ryanair charge for pets?

Pets can not be brought inside of the cabins nor can they be checked as baggage. So, there are no additional charges. Service dogs are allowed to travel without any extra charge.

Does RyanAir accept emotional support pets?

RyanAir only accepts emotional support pets that are recognized by at least on of the below-mentioned institutions :
1. International Guide Dog Federation
2. Assistance Dogs UK
3. Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

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