Yes, RyanAir accepts service dogs that are supporting someone with some kind of disability. They do not allow regular pets onboard, but they allow one passenger to have up to 4 service dogs with him/her. But you have to show them a valid document about the dog’s training. Service dogs travel for free on RyanAir. But they accept service dogs only on flights inside the United States and on flights to and from the European Union.

General Guidelines

  • Service animals must be trained.
  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • Throughout the trip, the support dog must wear a certified identification jacket or collar.
  • Service dogs must travel within the cabin with the owner.
  • One passenger can have up to 4 service dogs with him/her.
  • Service dogs and their accessories are carried for free by Ryanair.

Seating Arrangements

  • The guide dog must be seated at the owner’s feet for the full duration of the flight.

Required Documents

If you are traveling with RyanAir to the European Union or Ireland then you have to have these documents :

  • Valid pet passport.
  • Medical certificate of the dog.

Destination Restrictions

RyanAir accepts service dogs only to and from these following destinations :

Domestic FlightsEuropean Union

If you are traveling with RyanAir, you can not take service dogs to the following destinations.


Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are no longer accepted on RyanAir.


You have to let RyanAir know that you will be traveling with a service dog while making your own reservation. You can do so online or by physically visiting their desk. If you do not let them know about your service dog before the flight, your service dog will be denied onboarding.


Does RyanAir allow pets?

No, RyanAir does not allow passengers to bring their regular pets onboard.

Does RyanAir allow service dogs?

Yes, RyanAir allows travelers to bring their certified service dogs onboard.

How much does RyanAir charge for service dogs?

RyanAir does not charge anything for allowing service dogs. Service dogs on RyanAir travel for free.

How many service dogs are allowed on RyanAir?

RyanAir allows travelers to bring up to 4 trained service dogs onboard.

Contact Details

Call+44 871 246 0002

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