Yes, SAS accepts service dogs that are properly trained to provide assistance to a recognized disables individual. You can take two service dogs with you if you are traveling to the United States and one service dog with you if you are traveling to some other part of the world. No payment is necessary for taking your service dog with you on SAS. You just have to make sure that you have all the necessary documents that certifies the dog as a service dog. Otherwise, the dog will not be permitted to get on board. 

General Guidelines Regarding Service Animals On SAS

  • Service animals need to be properly trained.
  • They travel inside the cabin.
  • No payment is needed for service animals.
  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • If you are traveling to the United States, you can take two service dogs with you.
  • When traveling to any other part of the world except the United States, you can take one service dog only with you.
  • The dog should be wearing a vest or a leash identifying it as a trained service dog.
  • The dog needs to be properly socialized and educated to follow your orders in public settings.
  • The dog would be regarded as a regular pet and subject to all restrictions and expenses if it exhibits inappropriate behavior.

Seating Arrangements

  • The dog should be seated by your feet for the duration of the flight.
  • When you are traveling with a service animal, you can not book an exit row seat.
  • A service dog can not occupy a vacant seat.
  • You can purchase an extra seat for your service dog, but the dog should be seated under the purchased seat. It means you can only purchase an extra seat for your service dog for getting extra space. It can not sit on the purchased seat.
  • The dog can not have anything from the tray tables.
  • If the dog can not be accommodated within the extra seat, then you can reschedule your flight on another aircraft that has extra space. 

Required Documents

  • From a qualified psychological health practitioner, mental health certification attesting to the reliance
  • An identity card or other record that recognises the person who has a handicaps and certifies that the support dog has been personally educated by the entity or government to complete a job to aid the individual with an impairment with a requirement linked to their impairment may be approved by a company or person that specializes in training service dogs.
  • You have to provide all vaccination records as well.


You have to inform SAS about your service dog at least 2 days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. It is best to inform them while you are making your own booking. You can inform them about your service dog via this page.


When flying with service dogs, don’t forget to allow additional time for check-in and immigration screenings; we advise arriving at the terminal at least two hours ahead of your flight.


Does SAS accept service dogs?

Yes, SAS welcomes any properly trained service dog that is on duty and assisting an individual with any kind of impairment.

How much does SAS charge for service dogs?

SAS allows people with disabilities who need a service dog with them to take the service dog onboard without any additional charges. The person only needs to purchase his/her ticket.

Can you purchase a seat for your service dog on SAS?

Yes, you can purchase an extra seat for your service dog on SAS if the service dog needs extra space. But it can not sit on the seat. It has to stay under the extra seat.

Do you need to show the training certificate of your service dog on SAS?

Yes, SAS requires people with service dogs to show the training certificate of their service dog. SAS does not accept service dogs without training.

Contact Details

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United Kingdom +44 207 660 6876
Canada+1 855 593 6279 +1 647 417 6390
Hong Kong+86 10 8527 6100 +86 21 5228 5001
Others+468 797 3010

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