Saudi Airlines pet policy, the national airline of Saudi Arabia offers a variety of options for travelers with pets. Pet parents can have their pets inside of the cabin with them or they can transport them as checked baggage. Saudia also has the arrangement for Air Cargo. Their regulations are fairly simple apart from the approvals that pet parents need to get from the embassy, ministry of agriculture and commission of wildlife safety. They charge 150 USD for pets in the cabin and 450 USD for pets as checked baggage. Service animals accompanying bilnd and deaf persons travel for free.

Travel Options

Saudia Airlines offers the following options for travelers with pets :

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ✔️

Pets in the cabin

Only small birds, cats and falcons are allowed to be inside of the cabins with their parents.

Pets as checked baggage

Dogs are not allowed to be inside of the cabins, so they have to be transported as checked baggage.


Large animals can be transported as air cargo. But you have to directly consult with them before making any bookings.

Container Guidelines

  • The container should have proper ventilation systems.
  • One person can carry one container.
  • The weight of the pet and its container shall not surpass 5 kilograms.
  • The container must be water-proof.

Container dimensions :

52.5 cm32.5 cm40 cm

Required Documents

The following documents are declared by the Saudia Airlines as required for the transportation of pets. In addition to these, any other document may also be required as per the regulations of the target country.

  1. Medical certificate.
  2. Rabies vaccination certificate.
  3. If you’re traveling with a cat to Saudi Arabia, you have to get the medical certificate attested from the Saudi Embassy in your country.

If you’re taking a pet with you inside the cabin, then you have to enroll the pet to the Saudi Environment Ministry. You can do this by going to this link.

Without prior written consent from the official commission for animal development and conservation in the nation of Saudi Arabia, no creatures or their goods may be imported into or transferred from the country.

Saudi Arabia will not be held liable if regulators in other nations forbid household pets from entering or passing through their nations.


Please contact the nearby storefront or one of the SAUDIA selling call centers from your relevant nation since these prices are subject to alteration.

Pets in the cabin150 USD
Pets as checked baggage450 USD

Import/Export Restrictions

Live birds cannot be imported or brought into the Nation of Saudi Arabia. Living birds’ transportation is prohibited until the required Agriculture Ministry permissions are presented. The licenses must demonstrate that the animals are clear of any contagious diseases.

Service Dogs

Assistance dogs are solely allowed for people who are deaf or blind. People with other disabilities can not bring any assistance dog with them to Saudi Arabia.

  • Service dogs will be transported as checked baggage.
  • No additional charges will be applied.


You have to let them know at the time of your booking that you shall be traveling with a pet.

Check In

You have to physically check in with the pet in the terminal, online check in is not available.


  • Your dog will be traveling as checked baggage, so make sure to provide some food for the pet.
  • While booking the flight, check if the aircraft has a proper ventilation system. Otherwise, the pet can suffocate.
  • Take your pet to the restroom before checking in. Because you’ll have to go through a long verification system before you can board the plane.
  • Consult with the Saudi embassy in advance to learn about any other restrictions.


Can I bring my pet to Saudi Arabia?

It depends on the pet you are desiring to bring. Transportation of live birds from and to Saudi Arabia is prohibited. If you’re willing to bring cats or dogs, you have to take permission from the embassy as well as from the relevant ministries.

Are dogs allowed on Saudia?

Saudi Airlines allows dogs, but as checked baggage only. Dogs can not be inside of the cabin if you’re traveling by Saudia Airlines.

How much does Saudia Airlines charge for pets?

Saudia charges 150 USD for pets in the cabin and 450 USD for pets as checked baggage for flights from and to the United States and Canada. Prices for other locations are 100 USD for pets in the cabin and 300 USD for pets as checked baggage.

Does Suadia Airlines allow Service Animals?

Saudi Airlines allows service dogs for deaf and blind people only. The dog should be properly trained and known to behave in public. Service dogs travel for free as checked baggage on Saudia Airlines.

Contact Details

Commission for animal development and conservationP.O. box 61681, Riyadh 11575 Telephone : 011 4418 700 Fax : 011 4418 413
United States1 800 472 8342
Canada1 855 588 0999
United Kingdom+44 (0) 3712 004 433 +44 (0) 1217 900 430
United Arab Emirates042 485 777
Saudi Arabia920 022 222

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