U.S. carriers stopped providing assistance for emotional assistance animals at the beginning of 2021. The U.S. Ministry of Transport changed its rules, which weakened the security provided to passengers using ESAs. ESAs now are recognized like regular animals on Spirit Airlines trips, which entails paying pet charges ($110 every trip) and being bound by pet policies. In essence, only small-carrier-sized pets are permitted to enter the cabins.

Guide dogs and mental therapy dogs (PSDs) still are welcome to travel at no cost in the airline compartment and aren’t constrained by similar size restrictions. You now have to fill out a particular form in advanced and send it to Spirit Airlines in order to fly with an assistance dog. The new Transportation regulations for air transport mandate the submission of documents for service dog handlers, who are not used to doing so.

Are Emotional Support Animals allowed on Spirit Airlines?

After the regulatory changes made by the DOT, Airlines have stopped recognizing Emotional Support Animals as Service Animals. So, Spirit Airlines has also stopped their Service for Emotional Support Animals. Emotional Support Animals can no longer travel on Spirit Airlines for free. But, they can still fly as normal pets if their owners are ready to pay the necessary charges.

Although Spirit Airlines no longer accepts Emotional Support Animals for free, Trained Service Animals can still be traveling on Spirit at no cost. Now, lets look at the requirements for Service Animals on Spirit.


Does spirit allow ESAs?

Spirit Airlines no longer offers free travel to Emotional Support animals. But if their owners are willing to pay the necessary fees, they can still fly like regular pets.

How much does Spirit charge for pet?

Spirit Airlines normally charges a flat rate of 110 USD per pet on every flight. This may change due to size of the pet or the destination of the flight.

Can Service Animals still fly for free on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines still allows trained service animals to fly for free even though it no longer accepts emotional support animals. But the requirements are pretty strict now.

Can I buy a seat for my Service Dog on Spirit?

You are welcome to swap to any of their Big Front Chairs or make an additional reservation if you believe your dog needs more space than a seat can offer on Spirit Airlines.

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