Sun Country Airlines only accepts specially trained service animals that have been trained keeping in mind the disabilities of a person. Sun Country charges nothing for allowing service animals inside their cabins. If the dog’s size is small, then it can even sit on your lap. One person can take a maximum of two service dogs with him/her.

General Instructions

  • Sun Country Airlines accepts service animals for free on board.
  • Only dogs are accepted as service animals.
  • Throughout the duration of the trip, the dog’s size cannot be larger than the customer’s seat or feet space.
  • Dogs must always be tied, leashed, or collared inside the airport and aboard the airplane.
  • A dog must be four months old to be considered.
  • A limit of 2 service dogs are permitted per visitor.
  • Your pet must act appropriately. A pet that exhibits misbehavior won’t be allowed to be a guide dog.

Seating Guidelines

  • If you can do so securely, some small dogs might be allowed to lie on your lap.
  • Dogs are not permitted to sit in a seat or on a changing table at any moment.
  • Dogs are not allowed to block aisles or spaces that need to be clear for evacuation plans.

Required Documents

There can be particular limitations for locations beyond the surrounding 48 United States, so be sure the dog’s medical records are current and accessible.

Service Animals In Training

Service dogs that still have not completed their training, will not be accepted.


Reservation for a service animal is a two-step process. You have to complete both at least 2 days before the flight.


How much does Sun Country Airlines charge for service animals?

Service animals that have been specially trained to carry out duties or complete actions for the purpose of a qualified person with a disability travel for free.

Does Sun Country Airlines accept service animals?

Sun Country Airlines accepts service animals for free. Only dogs are recognized as service animals.

Do Sun Country Airlines accept Service Animals in training?

Service dogs who are still in the training process will not be accepted.

Can my dog sit on my lap on Sun Country Airlines?

If the dog is a tiny one and other passengers shall not have any problem with it, you can keep the dog on your lap.

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