Swiss International Air Lines recognizes that each destination will have its own set of regulations and limitations regarding pet flying, and the passenger must learn about them. The airline advises that reservations be arranged far in ahead for this reason. It is essential to be informed of the airline’s individual pet regulations to fully comprehend the requirements and prepare for your pet’s comfortable and secure flight.

Pets in Cabin Guidelines

• On Swiss International flights, pet dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin as far as their overall mass with the cage does not surpass 17 pounds (8 kg).
• Animals have to be neat, nutritious, and odorless to enter the cabin.
• Dogs that are threatening, expectant, or may bother other travelers are not permitted on Swiss Airlines.
• The cost of flying with a pet varies depending on the location.

Airlines pets travel cost

Flights Travel cost
Switzerland to Europe 60 CHF
Switzerland-Intercontinental 90 CHF
within Europe 50 EUR
Europe-Intercontinental 70 EUR
Intercontinental-Intercontinental via Europe $100
Intercontinental-Europe $100

Pets Age

The pet traveling via SWISS airlines must be at least 10 weeks.

Carrier Dimensions

Comfortable, sanitary, escape-proof, and scratch-proof kennels are required for pets flying in cabins.

The container’s maximum length is 46″ or 118cm.

Pets Reservation

• Only dogs and cats under the age of 16 weeks are allowed in the cabin with Swiss International Air Lines.
• Rabbits and hares are also permitted in the hold.
• Each passenger is limited to two dogs.

Restrictions and documents

Several states need proof of wellness. Because it is the obligation of the traveler to be informed of all restrictions, you must check your physician and the regional Embassy to confirm that your pet meets all criteria.

Other restrictions

Due to disease, violent behavior, inadequate kenneling, or high temperatures at the origin, transit, or arrival terminals, SWISS has the right to refuse to carry a pet.

The dog should be schooled to obey your directions and act responsibly in an open realm in ensuring a safe and uninterrupted flying operation.

If the pet somehow doesn’t behave decently, Swiss may charge you extra to move the pet to the freight hold or decline to fly the pet. You are responsible for any damage or other expenditures incurred as a result of your dog’s transportation.

Service and emotional support animal

Moral support dogs are just allowed on SWISS flights into and out of the United States for free (inclusive of direct flights).

The comfort dog will be carried in the cabin or cargo section based on the overall weight on trips outside of the United States.


  • If you want to know if you may bring your dog on certain flights, contact the helpline +41 43 547 9919.
  • If there is space in the cabin for a pet, you can reserve your animal’s ticket first, then your personal over the telephone with the operator.
  • If you want to order your ticket through an agent rather than digitally, they will first reserve your seat and then register your pet. Some airlines’ processes do not follow this sequence, so simply be informed of this more convenient choice.


Is there any kind of legal need for pet carriers?

The International Civil Aviation Organization (IATA) has established rules for cargo containers. For the sake of animal welfare, SWISS follows these standards to the letter. They specify the requirements for shipping containers, including their design and overall shape.

Is it possible to bring my pet along in the cabin with me?

If all of the relevant requirements are met, dogs and cats are permitted to travel with their owners in the cabin. Additional animals aren’t allowed.

What will the cost of transporting my pet be?

The cost of moving your pet is determined by your location and the animal’s breed. Please tell the Service Centre if you wish to bring your animal on a trip.

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