Tap Portugal accepts pets both as checked baggage and inside their cabins also. Only cats and dogs are allowed to travel on each of these services. Pets can’t be younger than 10 weeks in order to travel.

Air Portugal has different requirements regarding containers as checked baggage and inside the cabin, Soft containers for pets in the cabin, and hard containers for pets as checked baggage. Make sure to read the other container requirements thoroughly too.

They do not demand any additional documents regarding pet transportation. Documents must be supplied as per the prerequisites of the departing and target location.

Travel charges for pets start from 35 USD and end at 520 USD depending on whether your pet is being transported while being in the cabin or as checked baggage and also upon a different destination. So read the destination chart and understand their charging system first. Let’s know Tap Portugal pet policy in details

Tap Portugal Pet Travel Options

Tap Portugal offers passengers willing to travel with pets three types of services :

  1. Pets in the cabin ✔️ (Carry-on pets))
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Pets as cargo ✔️

Pets that are allowed

  • Other types of pets must be shipped through their cargo service for pets.

Pets in the cabin

The genus, dimensions, and mass of the mammal to be held inside the compartment, and also the space available on the airplane and acknowledgment of entrance into the target country, are all factors to consider.

  • Only soft kennels are allowed inside the cabin.
  • The total mass of the pet including its kennel must not surpass 8 kg or 17 lbs.
  • Underneath the chair, the box must be kept.
  • On longer journeys, cats and dogs are not permitted, with the exception of support animals on executive flights.
  • If TAP believes that almost all the basic criteria for this form of shipping have still not been fulfilled, it retains the ability to refuse to ship the animal inside the compartment and to move it to the cargo hold.

Pets as checked baggage

Animals can be transported in the cargo hold as long as the following prerequisites are met :

  • Only cats and dogs can be checked as baggage.
  • The combined weight of the pet and its carrier can’t be over 70 lb or 32 kg for flights to and from the United States, Netherlands, France, and Hungary.
  • The combined weight of the pet and its carrier can’t be over 99 lb or 45 kg for flights from or to other destinations.

Tap Portugal Pet Cargo

Tap Portugal only accepts cats and dogs inside of their cabins and as checked baggage. So, other animals do not have any option other than being shipped as cargo. The following things should be kept in mind while shipping pets as cargo.

  • Large animals can be shipped via cargo.
  • Insects, domestic pets, and zoo animals are also shipped by them.
  • In order to get shipped via cargo, animals must be at least 12 weeks of age.
  • Endangered animals like shark fins, laboratory animals, and trophy animals can not be shipped.
  • Brachycephalic pets are not accepted in cargo as well.

Pets Age

Pets need to age at least 10 weeks in order to travel by Tap Portugal.

Container Guidelines

  • Every traveler is permitted to carry one or even more living creatures of the same genus in one container.
  • Inside the compartment, only adaptable crates are permitted. The mammal must make the journey in the hold if indeed the vessel is rigorous.
  • It could be brought inside the compartment if the overall mass is less than 8 kg. Creatures and boxes weighing more than anything that is transported inside the cargo hold.
  • Appropriate amounts of meal and liquid should be provided inside of the container.
  • The container should provide ample area for the pet to move freely inside of it.
  • The floor must be leak-proof.
  • The pet should continue to stay inside of the pet throughout every stage of the journey.
  • The kennel should not emit a bad smell and be hygienic.
  • Pregnant pets can’t be transported. ‘
  • For pets as checked baggage, the container must be made from hard materials.
  • Pets will not be able to get food from the outside in the course of the journey, so adequate amounts of meal and liquid should be given at the beginning of the journey for pets as checked baggage.
  • Pets that may face breathing problems while flying can never be checked as baggage.
  • Sedatives help to reduce blood load, which is extremely crucial at higher elevations. While traveling in the hold, the combined effect of flight level and tranquilizers can indeed be life-threatening to the creatures.


Pets in the cabin40 cm33 cm17 cm

Documents Required

Medical Papers and other documentation must be provided as per the prerequisites of the departing and target nations.

You will need to possess the following things in order to fly between the countries of the European Union :

  • Computer chip.
  • Pet passport.
  • Rabies immunization papers.
  • If indeed the mammal must be transported inside the cargo hold, this paper is expected. Fill out the form and carry it with you the day of the trip.

Destination Restrictions

  • Pets can’t be transported to the United Kingdom via Air Portugal.
  • Pets can’t be transported to Dublin via Tap Portugal as checked baggage.
  • Dogs being shipped to the United States from nations marked as elevated danger for rabies must be entered through certain airports only.

Aircraft Restrictions

If your trip includes more than 1 air carrier, you’ll need verification of transportation from every one of them.

Breed Restrictions

Pets that may face breathing problems while flying can never be checked as baggage. The list of pets that can not be checked as baggage :


American Staffordshire Terrier / ”Amstaff”ChihuahuaAffenpinscher
Chow ChowBoxerEnglish Toy Spaniel
Bulldog (all types)Japanese Chin / Japanese SpanielCavalier King Charles
American BullyBrussels GriffonBoston Terrier
Pug (all types)Tibetan SpanielPekingese
Shih-TzuPrince Charles SpanielStaffordshire Bull Terrier / ”Staffies”
Mastiff (all types)Shar-Pei / Chinese Shar-PeiLhasa Apso


ExoticScottish FoldHimalayan

Tap Portugal Pets Travel Fee

LocationsPets in the cabinPets as checked baggage (weighing less than 32 kilogram)Pets as checked baggage (weighing from 32 kilogram to 45 kilogram)
Within Portugal35 EUR / 46 USD / 57 CAD80 EUR / 101 USD / 121 CAD130 EUR / 162 USD / 195 CAD
Morocco, Europe, Tunisia, as well as trips from/to São Tomé and Accra70 EUR / 88 USD / 111 CAD120 EUR / 149 USD / 188 CAD230 EUR / 282 USD / 358 CAD
Transnational trips150 EUR / 185 USD / 235 CAD230 EUR / 282 USD / 358 CAD300 EUR / 367 USD / 466 CAD
Flights from and to Dominican Republic180 EUR / 225 USD / 285 CAD275 EUR / 334 USD / 427 CAD355 EUR / 404 USD / 520 CAD
  • All above valuations are set for each trip and thus are billed inside the domestic currency just at rate of exchange.
  • There seem to be no refunds for such facilities.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed to travel with their owners inside the cabin without any additional charges.

  • Support animals should be at least 10 weeks of age to fly.
  • You may book for your service dog via this application or from any airport service counter.
  • A valid training credential from a certified institution must be presented while booking.
  • Other documents like a pet passport from a licensed vet, immunization papers, and medical papers should also be provided.
  • Clear evidence that you’ve met all of the legal testing requirements.
  • Clear evidence of adherence to the requirements for insurance coverage.
  • The following two forms must be filled out and submitted if you’re flying to or from the United States :
  • Containers for service dogs are not mandatory, they may travel being accommodated in their owners foot space.
  • They must always be leashed.
  • Guide dogs can never take a seat.
  • They should not be moving around inside the cabin.

Emotional Support Animals

Tap Portugal no longer accepts pets as emotional support animals.


Their pet transportation service has so far been limited by the amount of available space on the plane, according to the category you’re traveling in but the aircraft you’re going to fly, and to the entry of animals further into the target nation, to the pets’s species, as well as the animal’s and crates combined mass.

As a result, passengers should demand the above facility while making reservations for their trip or prior to flying, ideally 48 hours ahead of time.

You will need to provide the below-mentioned information while reserving the seat :

  • Amount of pets.
  • Species.
  • Container type and measurements.
  • Weight of the pet and its container combined.


While being shipped as checked baggage, pets should arrive at the airport four hours prior to the scheduled departure to fulfill the formal procedures.

How to add a pet to my flight on TAP Portugal?

  1. Reserve for your flight as soon as you make your travel plans. But make no delay until 2 days before the departure.
  2. Purchase a kennel that complies with all the regulations in advance.
  3. Get all the paperwork ready as per the requirements of the departing and destination nation.
  4. Visit your vet to check on your dog’s wealth.
  5. Check the weather conditions of the day of travel.
  6. Be present at the airport on time.


  • Whenever you reserve the ticket packages, decide in which the dog would then stay for the time of the trip. Smaller dogs (not over 20 pounds) may well be the appropriate combination for traveling inside the compartment with the owner.  Air carriers can require well-trained dogs to commute inside the compartment (not susceptible to disconcerting commuters with strange sounds or odors) as well as possess the authority to decline to deck troublesome animals. It’s crucial to be truthful with yourself on how the dog reacts to moving with random people and prepare ahead.
  • Anytime feasible, take an uninterrupted, nonstop route. The dog will be less stressed if there are some less breaks as well as disruptions. Choose a Monday through Friday trip unless possible; airlines are generally less crowded during the week. The duration of the trip also matters if the animal is moving inside the cargo compartment. To avert cold or warm temps, cargo compartment journeys should be flown in the mornings and evenings during the summer and lunchtime during the cold season.
  • Once dogs have an opportunity to become adjusted to there own bearer prior to actually traveling, they are less stressed. Put the dog inside the bearer as much as conceivable in the weeks leading up to the journey for quick journeys round the city. This teaches them that the holder is a secure haven to be and that cruising about inside is not dangerous.
  • Be prepared to bring duplicates of your dog’s immunization records, health information, as well as the veterinarian’s contact details, in addition to meds, regards, meals, and liquid. Ensure your pets are carrying Identification tags and look into getting a computer chip implanted.


Does TAP Portugal allow dogs?

Yes, Tap Portugal allows dogs inside of their cabins as well as in the cargo compartments till they and their containers are weighing up to 45 kilograms.

Can dogs fly with TAP?

Normal dogs and service dogs are allowed to fly with TAP Portugal. Normal dogs incur some fixed amounts of changes and service dogs travel for free.

How much does TAP Portugal charge for pets?

Travel charges for pets start from 35 USD and end at 520 USD depending on whether your pet is being transported while being in the cabin or as checked baggage and also upon a different destination.

Does Tap Portugal accept emotional support pets?

No, Tap Portugal no longer accepts pets as emotional support animals.

TAP Contact Details

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Canada+1 800 903 7914
United Arab Emirates+971 4251 7888
Spain+34 900 05 39 13
Hong Kong+852 2926 2030

TAP Short Information

Airlines NameTap Air Portugal
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