Thai Airways is the flag carrier of Thailand and a much-appreciated airline for travel lovers. Their regulations and policies are fairly simple to follow. Pet parents can also consider this carrier while traveling with their companions. Thai Airways didn’t allow pets inside of their cabin. But they allow pets as checked baggage or as cargo. Their charging rates for pets are not available in public, so you need to contact your local Thai Airways office in order to learn about the exact charges.

Travel Options

These are options Thai Airways provides for travelers with pets.

  1. Pets in the cabin ❌
  2. Pets as checked baggage ✔️
  3. Cargo ✔️

Pets in the Cabin

Pets are not anymore allowed to fly inside the cabin of an airplane with Thai Airways.

Pets As Checked Baggage

In accordance with its policies, Thai Airways can convey the furry friend inside the cargo compartment of the airplane. The pressure and temperature inside this area of the luggage compartment are identical to those in the main cabin.


If you are not flying with your pet on the same aircraft, you can transport the pet as cargo through Thai Airways Manifest cargo service. They transport a bunch of other animals besides dogs and cats. Shippers must present a valid health certificate while booking for the pet.

Container Dimensions

Pet parents will need to purchase a container with the following dimensions :

HeightWidthLengthWeight (including the pet)
27 inches33 inches54 inches32 kilograms

Required Documents

Thai Airways does not need any additional documents for transporting pets. At the point of check-in, travelers must have all the paperwork needed by their countries of source and target on hand for Thai Airways personnel.


You will need to contact your local Thai Airways office to learn about the exact charges for traveling with a pet.

Destination Restrictions

Thai Airways prohibits transportation of pets as checked baggage to and from these following locations :

ToFrom and to
Hong KongSydney

Aircraft Restrictions

Thai Airways does not transport pets as checked baggage via its A320 aircraft.

Breed Restrictions

Snub-nosed dogs as well as other dog species are particularly susceptible to fluctuations in environmental quality and heat since of their physical anomalies. Snub-nosed dogs and a few other Brachy cephalic species experience respiratory issues. under typical conditions. High elevation flights worsen their pulmonary issues. As a result, they are especially likely to pass away in places like airports or processing areas where it may be too warm or excessively freezing.

That’s why Thai Airways does not accept the following species :

English BulldogFrench BulldogBrussels Griffon
American Staffordshire TerrierStaffordshire Bull TerrierBoston Terrier
Shih TzuChow ChowDutch Pug
BoxerAmerican Bulldog / BullyEnglish Toy Spaniel
American Pit Bull TerrierBulldogChinese Pug
Japanese PugLhasa ApsoJapanese Spaniel (Chin) and Tibetan Spaniel
Pit BullPugPekinese
Mastiff (All Breeds)Japanese BoxerShar Pei

Service Animals

For certain locations, Thai Airways will allow support animals for hearing-impaired persons and guide animals for a blind to travel inside the compartment.

  • Travelers are responsible for making certain that all necessary papers and sanitary rules are fulfilled for entrance and transportation.
  • This facility will be provided without any charges.
  • Please get in touch with the regional Thai Airways office no less than 2 days before the flight.
  • Your dog shall be sitting beside you but will not have a seat, and it won’t be in the section closest to the fire escape.
  • While flying, the dog should be harnessed.


Tickets may only be picked up from one Thai Airways local office; they cannot be picked up at an international terminal ticket counter. The town office should be located in the nation from which the flight is being taken.


With this facility, travelers may check in & pick up their companion at the terminals where their trip is departing from and arriving. The animal will be transported in a heat-controlled hold located directly below the travelers compartment, in which it will be protected.


  • A container door should be shut tightly but again not bolted so that flight crew can reopen it during a crisis. To catch messes, cover the ground of the container with certain soft blankets.
  • For personal identification, attach a recent picture of the companion towards the front of the box. This may save the animal’s life if they manage to escape the container. Additionally, you should keep a photo of the companion in your purse or on your smartphone.
  • Ask flight staff to look at the animal anytime possible if the flight is postponed or when you are concerned about any worries about their wellbeing. In some circumstances, you may be required to have the pet removed from the cargo hold.
  • When feasible, choose a nonstop route. This can reduce the likelihood that the pet will be mistreated by airport workers or left off the runway during linking flights.


Are pets allowed on Thai Airways?

Thai Airways allows pets as checked baggage on their aircrafts. Travelers can not carry their pets with them inside of the passenger cabins. The luggage compartment’s atmosphere is said to be just like the one of the passenger compartments.

How much does Thai Airways charge for pets?

The fee charged by Thai Airways for accepting pets depends on the locations you are traveling from and to as well as the dimensions of the pet. So you will need to contact the regional Thai Airways office to learn about the exact amount.

Do Thai Airways accept service animals?

Service animals are accepted by Thai Airways for free. Only dogs are accepted as service animals and they must be assisting a person with disability.

Does Thai Airways accept pets in the cabin?

Thai Airways does not accept pets inside of their cabins anymore. They must be carried as checked baggage inside of the baggage compartment.

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