Turkish Cargo goes to great lengths to guarantee that the pets are carried in the best possible condition. It assures that small animals are moved safely and securely to their locations with care and a unique methodology. The trained employees, who are IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations) certified, are completely prepared to transport live animals. Furthermore, they are up to speed on the legislative punishments imposed by the nations in which they operate.

TK Pet Cargo Facilities 

Animals are accommodated in domestic animal housing and nursing chambers, which are part of kennels with moisture sensor support systems that can be managed remotely. Throughout their stay, the pets are given food according to their owner’s requirements and as desired by the staff.

Pilots have the ultimate authority as to whether or not pets can travel in the cargo compartment. The animal cannot be delivered in the airplane hold if the pilot advises employees that the airflow parameters in the cargo are inadequate.

Turkish Airlines Pet Cargo Charges

If your pet is too heavy to fly in the cabins, you may be capable of transporting them in the cargo alternatively. Pet costs are calculated by multiplying the combined weight of the animal and container by the track’s extra luggage charge. Single short flights cost at least $140, quicker trips cost an average of $35, and transit flights cost a total of $300. The cost of a pet on a trip with a stoppage ranges from $70 to $300, while the cost of a pet on a lengthier journey ranges from $75 to $150.

Flight TypeFee
Single short flights cost at least$140
Quicker trips cost an average $35
Transit flight cost$300
The cost of a pet on a trip with a stoppage ranges $70 to $300
While the cost of a pet on a lengthier journey ranges $75 to $150

Dimensions of the kennel

The animal’s kennel will be delivered in the airplane cargo if it surpasses conventional measurements or weighs more than 8 kilograms.

Containers must have a concrete floor, be equivalently sized, be adequately aired, and be waterproof to guarantee that the animal is secure and relaxed. Turkish airline’s pet policy does not allow to carry animals in the airplane cargo in soft containers, and please ensure that the animal can get up, move across, and lay down freely when in the box. 

You should guarantee the customized enclosures are spacious enough to allow your pet to move pleasantly, stand on its own, turn around, and lie down comfortable position; it should also allow air, be waterproof, and also have a horizontal locking mechanism. 

Required documents 

Your doctor will verify that the animal is fit to fly and devoid of diseases that can be transmitted to people.

Turkish Airlines pet policy requried you to submit copies of any medical credentials or other documentation necessary by the destination country.

Frequently asked questions 

Is there a fee for transporting my pet?

Extra luggage fees are assessed based on the total capacity of your pet and carrier, as well as the path you are flying. Please be aware that the carrier for your animal is not included in your luggage allotment and will be charged separately.

What do I do if my pet isn’t allowed in the cabin?

Both pet and carrier must be transported in the cargo hold if their combined total surpasses 8 kg or their measurements surpass 23x30x40 cm.

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