The usage of animals for emotional support has increased recently both domestically and internationally. Airlines have indeed been forced into the tough decision of simply absorbing the cost of permitting ESAs on their trips without an additional fee since air travel with dogs has not been adequately controlled. As a result, they have virtually been given the same classification as mental service animals.

Regarding this matter, the authorities were bound to change their regulations. And leave it up to the airlines whether they want to treat emotional support animals as same as service animals or not. So, the nightmare happened for emotional support animal owners. Almost all airlines changed their policies regarding emotional support animals. 

Does United Airlines allow Emotional Support Animals?

United Airlines no longer accepts any kind of pets as Emotional Support Animals. This is due to the regulatory changes made by the Department of Transportation. Pets that were able to travel as Emotional Support Animals can still travel for free if they receive the required training. But United still allows appropriately trained service animals to assist any disabled person for free. Let’s look at their policy for trained service animals.


Does United Airlines allow Emotional Support Animals?

Any form of dog is no longer allowed on United Airlines as an Emotional Support Animal. The Department of Transportation’s recent regulatory revisions is to blame for this. If they receive the necessary training, animals that were permitted to travel as Emotional Support Animals may continue to do so for no charge.

Does United Airlines allow Service Dogs to travel for free?

Travelers with properly trained service animals can still travel for free on United Airlines. But they need to have proper documents and be well-trained.

Does United Airlines allow Service Dogs in training?

United Airlines does not allow service dogs in training to travel with passengers. But a service dog in training can still travel with his/her trainer for free on United Airlines.

Which pets are allowed to be service animals on United Airlines?

Only properly trained service dogs are allowed on United Airlines. No other pet except a dog can be a service animal.

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