Yes, United Airlines accepts pets inside the cabin and pets as checked baggage. Unfortunately, their pets checked baggage service is currently unavailable.

United Airlines charges 125 USD for each one-way trip. This charge increases by 125 USD more if there are any stopovers for over 4 hours. There are no additional charges for service dogs. Emotional support animals are not acknowledged by United Airlines.

Aggressive and brachycephalic can not be transported via United Airlines. And there are temperature restrictions in place also. So make sure to read those guidelines carefully. 

United Airlines Travel Options

There are two options available for travelers who want to travel with their pets by United Airlines.

  1. Pets inside the cabin (Carry-on Pets)
  2. Pets as checked baggage.

United Pet Policy Overview

Carry-on petsTamed Cats and Dogs
As Checked BaggageNot Allowed
Cargo Service (PetSafe)Available
Service AnimalAllowed (Free of charge)
Emotional Support Animal (ESA)Not Allowed
Pets AgeDomestic 8 weeks and 16 weeks International.

UA Pets in Cabin

Tamed cats and dogs that can accommodate in a traveling carrier beneath the row across from you are considered in-cabin pets.

Animals are not permitted in the cabin on trips to, from, or via Hawaii and certain foreign cities, however, they are permitted on some United flights.

  • Local flights allow baby animals if they are at least 8 weeks old. Due to rabies vaccine restrictions, pets must be at least 16 weeks old for foreign travel.
  • Pets are not permitted to travel with unattended minors.
  • Pets should fly on the same aircraft as their owner or guardian.
  • The animal must remain in its cage with the doors locked in all circumstances. The cage for your animal must be kept near your toes, below the row across from you.
  • In the event of a crisis, oxygen support will not be accessible for pets.

Pets as checked baggage

United Airlines has temporarily suspended all their operations regarding pets as checked baggage.

UA Pets Carrier Dimensions

  • Animals in carriers must be able to stand, turn around, and lie down.
  • Water-repellent best soft-sided pet carriers should be constructed of cushioned nylon and feature breathability on two or more sides.
  • Enclosures must be spacious enough for creatures to turn around, rest, and fall asleep in a proper alignment, made out of wood, metal, or plastic, and leakage and escape-proof.
  • An animal in a cabin must be transported in an authorized carrier or crate. The enclosure must fit entirely beneath the front row and stay there under all circumstances.
  • As soft-sided animal crates are foldable and may fit below a row without obstructing the passageway, they can barely surpass specified measurements.
  • Just one animal is permitted inside a pet carrier, but it must be able to accommodate conveniently within it.

The standard measurements are specified below-

Type of KennelLengthWidthHeight
Best Hard-sided Kennel17.5” or 44 cm12″ or 30cm7.5″ or 19 cm
Best Soft-sided Carrier18” or 45 cm11″ or 27cm11″ or 27 cm

United Airlines Pet Travel Fees

There is a $125 service fee per trip, plus an extra $125 service charge for any layover of more exceeding four hours within the United States or more than 24 hours beyond the borders.

Pets Age Requirement

Flights within the U.S. and Puerto Rico allow baby animals if they are at least 8 weeks old. Due to rabies vaccine restrictions, pets must be at least 16 weeks old for foreign travel.

Pet puppies and kitties weighing less than 2 lbs should be at least 10 weeks old before being transported. Puppies entering the United States must be at least 4 months old and completely inoculated against rabies. When pups are at least 3 months old and at least 1 month before arriving at a U.S. border checkpoint, they must be vaccinated against rabies.

Breed Restrictions

Dog breeds that are not allowed to travel                         Cat breeds that are not allowed to travel
Affenpinscher                                                  Burmese  
 American BullyExotic Shorthair  
American Staffordshire terrier                   Himalayan  
Pit Bull   
Boston Terrier 
Boxer (all breeds)      
Tibetan Spaniel   
Staffordshire Bull Terrier   
Shih Tzu   
Shar Pei   
Pug (all breeds)   
Presa Canario   
Brussels Griffon 
Bulldog (all breeds)                                         
Chow Chow 
Belgian Malinois   
English Toy Spaniel   
Japanese Chin   
Lhasa Apso   
Mastiffs – all types   
Staffordshire Bull Terrier/”Staffys” 
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   
Tibetan Spaniel   

Route Restrictions

United currently serves the following affected locationsUnited doesn’t allow in-cabin pets on flights to, from or through  United doesn’t accept reservations to and from these airports for travel between May 1 and September 30 because of high temperatures
BelizeAustralia  Las Vegas (LAS)  
BrazilBarbados  Palm Springs (PSP)  
ColombiaCuba  Phoenix (PHX)  
ChinaGuam  Tucson (TUS)
Dominican RepublicFederated States of Micronesia   
El SalvadorHong Kong   
HondurasMarshall Islands   
IndiaNew Zealand   
 South Africa   
 Trinidad and Tobago   

Pets traveling from nations that are marked by the CDC as high risk for rabies are temporarily restricted by the United States. Animals immunized inside the US by such an American pediatrician could fly back to  the United States from an elevated-risk nation without a Center for Disease Control Dog Import License if indeed the dog meets the following criteria:

  • Does have a legitimate rabies immunization certificate provided by the United States; does have evidence of a computer chip; is now no younger than six months; is fit and active upon entrance; as well as comes at such an authorized entrance.

Because of very high temp, pets can not be transported as checked baggage from the following terminals between May 1 – September 30 :

Palm SpringsTucson
PhoenixLas Vegas

Aircraft Restrictions

Pets not permitted in premium cabins of United Airlines, including-

  • Boeing 787
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 757-200


  • A scanned copy of the Customer Acknowledgement Form must be filed, approved, and dated.
  • A scanned copy of your animal’s authentic medical certificate must be provided and approved by a qualified vet within 10 days of flying. The medical certificate must include- 
  • Your pet’s species, mass, and age or birth date.
  • The date on which your pet was evaluated by a veterinarian and confirmed to be free of communicable or contagious illnesses, as well as physical anomalies that might endanger your animal, other pets, or health policy. 
  • A graphic snapshot of your animal’s transportation crate.
  • A graphic photograph of your animal with its features prominently displayed to confirm the breed.

Service animal

A service dog is a canine that has been individually trained to perform tasks or perform responsibilities for the convenience of an adult. Only dogs are accepted as service animals, and it must be :

  • More than four months old.
  • Separately educated to be doing tasks as well as executing activities for something like the value of a competent disabled person.
  • Just two service dogs are allowed to fly with approved disabled individuals.
  • If you’re flying with a service animal, it must lay on the ground in front of your designated seat and not stretch into the passageways or neighboring passengers’ foot area.
  • For pups, you may utilize an authorized in-cabin kennel as long as it fits the stowage criteria. Reclining in the exit row is not permitted.

Travelers with service dogs must fill out and provide the following two forms :

  1. Wildlife Education as well as Actions Accreditation Application for the United States Dept of Transportation’s Air Transport Service
  2. Wildlife Reprieve Authentication Application – United States Department of Travel

Your support in insect mass, species, rabies immunization dates, as well as vet documentation would be taken to finish these applications.

Emotional support animals

Emotional support animals are not permitted to travel with United.

Pets Reservation

On the majority of its flights, United Airlines exclusively allows two dogs in the cabin, thus they recommend contacting their Customer Service Team as soon as you finalize your trip arrangements. Visitors flying with their dogs and/or pets flying alone can make bookings up to one month in advance (highest) and 5 days before the date (least) before departure. You may reach the airlines directly at 1-800-864-8331 to make bookings over the telephone.


Once you head to the terminal with your pet, verify in there with a customer service person, who might issue you a yellow luggage tag to connect to your animal’s pet carrier. This same label will notify you of the prerequisites for having to travel with the animal inside the compartment and should be agreed to sign for their policies to be acknowledged.

While being in the air terminal, just at the departure lounge, and on board a plane, the animal should remain in their pet carrier with doors shut at all points of time.

How to add a pet to my flight on United Airlines?

  1. Book your flight and inform them about your pet.
  2. Visit your vet to get all the paperwork ready.
  3. Contact the embassy of your target location to learn about any restrictions in place.
  4. Purchase a suitable container and make your pet used to that.
  5. Check the temperatures of both departing and target terminals.
  6. Check-in with time on hand.


  • The foreign office or consulate of your pet’s target country may provide you with information to ensure that you fulfill all of the country’s admission requirements.
  • For precise destination criteria for animals flying to and from the United States and most locations, go to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) pet travel page.
  • Consult a specialist about your pet’s travel itinerary well ahead of time to ensure that your pet complies with all immigration rules and is prepared to travel.
  • Make your pet used to the container so that he/she does not get frustrated staying inside the container. The container should make her/him feel like a safe place.


How much does United Airlines charge for a pet?

There is a $125 service fee per trip, plus an extra $125 service charge for any layover of more exceeding four hours within the United States or more than 24 hours beyond the borders.

Does United allow pets in first class?

In United First, United Polaris Business, and United Business, two dogs are allowed on each flight. Pets are not permitted in premium cabins of United Airlines, including Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Boeing 767, and Boeing 757-200.

Has United suspended pet travel?

Note for the 9th of February, 2021: United’s PetSafe program has been discontinued indefinitely at this time. PetRelocation will keep an eye on the issue and update this site if the rules change.

Is United Airlines currently shipping dogs?

Yes. Transporting pets on United Airlines is available. This service is named United PetSafe.

Can I buy my dog a seat on United?

No, Pets and their container must be placed under the passenger’s front seat throughout the flight. Pets can not occupy any passenger seat.

United Contact Details

United States1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331)
Canada1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331)
New zealand0800-747-400
United Kingdom0845-607-6760 0207-136-0582

United Airlines

Airlines NameUnited Airlines, Inc.
WebsiteUnited Airlines
Support Center Number1-800-864-8331
Social Media PagesFacebook
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