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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Airlines Pet!

  • Airlinespet.com is initiated, run, owned, and composed by Trisha A. Angelo.
  • Articles posted on this website are written by Trisha A. Angelo and are protected by trademark laws, intellectual property laws, and other applicable laws both inside the United States and any other part of the world. Any articles that are not written by us are given appropriate credits and if no credit is given, then they are assumed to be public information. It will be a matter of copyright violation if any person/organization/body uses our articles without giving appropriate references to our site. It is our right to edit or delete any post from our website at any given moment, even without any announcements.
  • People can use legit information provided in our articles only by citing our website (Airlinespet.com) and the source should be linked by the hyperlink of our website. But, it is not permitted to use our full articles without any permission. You can contact us via our website’s (Airlinespet.com) ‘Contact Us page to get any necessary permission.
  • Airlinespet.com is a profit-generating website, which means we can accept monetary incentives like sponsorships, cash advertisements, affiliated links, and any other forms of payment. But, I, Trisha A. Angelo, can assure that monetary incentives can never influence the information that is provided in this blog. We only use affiliate links of certified platforms that we ourselves use regularly.
  • Airlinespet.com uses cookies to give the visitors of our site a swift experience. By visiting our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Some of our other third-party partners may also use cookies. We request you to read their cookie policies as well.
  • We want you to understand that Airlinespet.com and Trisha A. Angelo is not going to take any sort of accountability if any direct or indirect harm, damage or loss is incurred by or in relation to the ads displayed on our blog.
  • Whenever we mention or refer to any third-party platform for you to use, we want you to read their terms of service as well.
  • We hold the right to delete or edit any comments that are posted in our blog. So, participants are requested to be kind and logical to each other. Malicious or spammy comments are not tolerated on our platform. We reserve the right to ban any person who violates the commenting policies.
  • Trisha A. Angelo holds the right to change or edit the terms of service of this website at any time.


  • Airlinespet.com is a website where we provide information regarding traveling with/transporting/shipping/ moving with pets. But we request you to understand that we are not professionals and even we can make mistakes like everyone else.
  • We request you to use your common sense and logical reasoning more when traveling with your pets. We cannot be held accountable and responsible for any harm, injury or damage caused to you or your pet while traveling.
  • We can not guarantee that the policies and regulations posted on this website will all be the same when you’re traveling with your pet.
  • I, Trisha A. Angelo, always try to update information on our articles as early as I can, but you have to understand that the writings may not always be 100% correct.
  • We request you to follow the guidelines provided on this blog at your own risk.
  • If you’ve any questions or suggestions, please contact us via the ‘Contact Us page.
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