Do you require the relocation of your cat? You’ve arrived at the correct site if you’re curious about how cat transportation functions as well as what’s necessary to get your cat moved. Your cats need to be moved in comfort and safety similar to any other precious item. Your greatest option for assuring a painless move for the cat is to choose a reputable pet mover.

Continue reading to learn more about cat moving, including how it operates, what is needed, and how to choose the best provider. You will also find some of the most reputed cat moving services inside the United States and abroad.

Things To Take Care Of While Choosing A Service

Examine every important aspect of just about any cat transportation service while hiring a business to carry the cat. Whenever you request a quotation, you must focus on the following key aspects.

United States Department of Agriculture certification

If you want to export your cat securely, you should use a USDA-accredited animal shipping company. In other words, the absence of this certification ought to be a big no.

Client reviews

Even before you request a price or assessment, you’ll probably assess a corporation’s standing for client care. Pet owners together will speak out strongly on the correct treatment—or lack thereof—of their beloved pets. It is crucial that you read customer reviews from many sites before making a reservation.

Registration in IPATA

The IPATA is a self-governing organization of top pet transporters. They guarantee that all pets carried by their affiliates are treated fairly and humanely. For this purpose, before evaluating any pet delivery company, you must inquire about this accreditation.

See other options

Shop online and weigh your choices. It’s important to consider all available alternatives when planning for the animal’s safe transportation from or to your house. To make sure you finally book with the proper transportation for the pet, you must compare the service profiles and reputations of each firm.

Price per Mile

A reputable pet relocation business will always offer you an upfront pricing with no hidden fees for the actual transportation. A good organization never has hidden fees and would always give a precise or nearly correct quotation prior to the procedure.

Some Extra Factors To Consider While Moving Your Cat

Verify weather requirements with the relevant transporter.

Varied carriers possess different policies when it comes to carrying cats. In really hot and cold weather, they are typically very rigid regarding this. Domestic cats require heat and safety to keep healthy and active, thus the weather, geography, and severe climate days are not good for them.

Your cat’s documents must be properly organized.

There are different standards for both intra-state and nationwide cat transportation. Additionally, the standards for international transportation differ. To prevent last-minute surprises, confirm the paperwork requirements with the relevant agencies. A cat typically needs a medical clearance from the veterinarian certifying that the cat is in good enough condition to move.

For precautionary measures, see your veterinarian.

You must visit your veterinarian prior your departing to determine whether your cat requires any extra attention while in transit. Pets typically need rabies vaccinations. You should wait before using sedation right away. Veterinarian approval is required if you wish to medicate your cat because doing so can be harmful to animals. Before you begin the traveling process, administer the cat’s medication and emergency immunizations because cats require time to acclimate to changes in climate.

Make sure the container has enough space.

The cat will spend several hours sequestered within the container. Therefore, make sure the kennel has adequate space for the animals to roam about. The container must be roomy enough for the cat to stand up and spin around without difficulty.

Why Are Your Incentives For Choosing a Specialized Cat Moving Service

The key justifications for selecting a reputable cat shipping business are listed below.

Knowledge of the moving rules

If you’re taking your cat abroad for the very first time, then definitely don’t know all the guidelines that must be followed. The fact that different nations or jurisdictions have varied rules surrounding the movement of cats makes it much more difficult. You can save yourself the headache of collecting all the necessary permissions and paperwork by hiring a shipping firm.

Assistance with Transportation

You’ll require assistance transporting your cat to the airports or a shipping facility if you’re transferring to some other nation and have given up your car. It is vital to utilize a pet travel provider in these circumstances. In the event that someone can’t handle your cat on a train or another mode of transportation, a pet transportation service can take up and deliver your cat on your behalf.

Another scenario is when your cat is booked for confinement and you are unable to bring them home since they are in a distant city. Once more, a pet transportation business makes it that much simpler and less expensive by simply collecting them and boarding the airplane.

Less anxiety

It might be difficult to move long distances or overseas with a cat, particularly if your trip involves several airplanes. It requires a lot of organization, which is believed to cause the cat owner more anxiety than that of the cat itself.

Such anxiety can be greatly reduced by a pet shipping business, giving you the assurance that your cat is in good hands. Additionally, it frees up a significant amount of your time so you can concentrate on the rest of the preparations you need to do for your relocation.

Best Cat Moving Services

Happy Tails Travel

Among the top cat transportation firms in continuous operation is Happy Tails Travel. The company has been in operation from 1995 and provides the relocation and transportation industry’s most transparent pricing system. Their declared objective is to make arrangements for every person and their cat’s pet transportation to be as easy as feasible. You can indeed be confident that your pet will be secure all through the entire trip because they offer expert specialists who have been trained in the delicate treatment and maintenance of pets.

Inside the pet relocation sector, Happy Tails Travel provides one of the highest straightforward and simple charges for operation. You’ll probably be able to locate a stated pricing for transportation on their webpage, whether you’re transporting a cat to a different state or the other nation entirely. Your cat may need to be relocated domestically or internationally, and the costs range from 400 to 2500 USD.

Most regions and overseas nations can be reached by transporting and shipping pets with Happy Tails Travel. To learn more, only complete the no-obligation animal traveling application on their webpage.

The price plan offered by Happy Tails Travel is indeed the clearest in the animal shipping industry. Any type of transfer planning frequently involves budgetary and financial uncertainty. Nevertheless, Happy Tails makes it rather simple to visualize this step of the strategic planning.

Blue Collar Pet Transport

The key principles of Blue Collar Pet Transport—safety, reliability, professionalism, and integrity—are always thought of as they do their business. Your cat is more than simply an item of luggage to them. To guarantee a safe transportation, they’ll handle them with the same degree of care that you’d give them. Blue Collar had been established in 2019 and it has quickly risen to the top in the sector. This is a great option to consider if you’re attempting to schedule a transfer of the cat.

For a price estimate, get in touch with Blue Collar Pet Transportation. If you do, remember that group land transportation is the highest affordable choice while private plane transportation is probably the best expensive. Booking your cat’s journey with less than a month to go could result in a hefty extra cost.

Cat shipping needs are met by Blue Collar in the United States and several other nations throughout the globe. This transportation solution can assist you if the cat is accepted into a particular nation.

Most accessible pet commuting services are provided by Blue Collar. Any one of the cat movement demands are easily attainable thanks to their specialist treatment, provided by background-checked & trained pet managers and chauffeurs.


With regard to any shipping requirements, including those relating to transporting pets and other animals, uShip acts as a broker to link customers with independent transporters. Using this service, you may publish your job advertisement for transportation businesses to quote on to the uShip community. This is a genuinely global transportation system; fresh job postings are made from all over the world every second of each day. Again for shipping a cat anywhere in the globe, you can choose from a number of reputable carriers.

Based on the partner transportation business you choose to arrange with, your costs will differ significantly. Similarly to how personal vs. public conveyance and airline vs. land freight will significantly affect the price. Set the spending plan before looking around with beginning values of 600 USD to 1,100 USD for national transportation and 1200 to 2,500 for overseas transportation for an individual cat.

For a range of pet moving needs both domestically and internationally, uShip collaborates with greater than 40,000 individual shipping firms. You can pick a transportation provider to assist you transport your kitty wherever it needs to go.

Clients can choose from the widest range of shipping alternatives with uShip. The large mass of providers ensures you’ll be guaranteed to get top-notch, USDA-certified assistance for the security of your cat while travel.

Animals Away

No problem where pet cat needs to travel, Animals Away, a reputable brand in the animal relocation sector, can give them superb care. This business has worked to raise the bar for individualized attention and effective conveyance ever since it was founded in 1995. Whenever you make arrangements for Animals Away to transport your pet cat, you’ll be working with a business that really can quickly and conveniently accelerate the frequently difficult procedure connected with the ultimate objective of a secure transport.

The few nearby areas mentioned above would be served by ground service from Animals Away. Additionally, their alternatives for air travel for kitties are fantastic possibilities for traveling anyplace in the United States and overseas.

The Animals Away client care staff does everything in their power to provide a good interaction and high care for just any cat transportation requirement. You’ll be astonished by how simple it is to arrange any national or foreign lodgings for the cat’s relocation once you get in touch with them.

Airpets International

Among the top companies throughout the United States for transporting cats and other animals is Airpets International. It is the pet transporter with the most knowledge that is currently in use. After reuniting animals with their families for further than thirty years, they have mastered safe and compassionate transportation for your priceless pet. This business should be given serious attention if you’re seeking cat relocation. They are among the best-recommended businesses in the industry, offering basic mobility as well as a variety of specialized services.

Although Airpet International charges somewhat more than its rivals, the cat will receive superb treatment and attention throughout the whole flight. For internal travel, costs can range up to 1200 USD, while for overseas travel, costs can reach 2500 USD or more for each cat. You must at minimum request a free quotation through Airpets to contrast with the other service operators, even though these pricing points appear exorbitant.

For internal travel, Airpets run across east to west. They will carry the cat to every region whose regulations permit the importing of pets in order to fulfill your transport requirements internationally.

For almost 32 years, Airpets International had offered only the finest possible treatment for all types of pets. They have now moved 5,500 pets over that time. They are a pioneer in their industry thanks to their depth of experience and the variety of individually prepared alternatives they provide.

TLC Pet Transport

Every pet requires a lot of careful attention and love. TLC Pet Transportation is prepared to move any animals safely and with the necessary affection.

They take excellent care of the cat in part by only permitting 4 cats each minivan. They can travel farther in less time and with greater comfort thanks to this.

They are also distinctive in that they avoid using typical cargo trucks since the animals appear to be lesser pleased with them.

Citizen Shipper

Each service at Citizen Shipper has been tailored to meet your specific requirements.

You won’t have another encounter like the one you have had at Citizen Shipper. The family pets’ requirements on relocation day are listed whenever you register them for relocation. After this, the autonomous transportation service that better serves you is paired with you.

Starwood Animal Transport

Using Starwood animal travel, your cats will steal the spotlight. Starwood is a company that offers assistance with both international and domestic cat shipping.

You can trust Starwood Animal Transport to keep your cat with a member of the Starwood Animal Transportation team at all times.

From and to the aerodrome, your house, the container, or even from the parlors, Starwood provides taxi companies. One can indeed be assured knowing the cat will arrive safely and with the finest possible care no issue wherever you need them to go.

You can feel at ease when apart from the cat understanding that they are protected. 3 tiers of pet security are provided by Starwood. To make certain there is no worry or anxiety when it relates to the journey, you may add additional insurance options to your package.

Before making a decision, you may check out real evaluations of each specific transportation and address any concerns you have. checking out each of these transportation providers.

Some Questions That You May Ask The Company Before Selecting One

You can better grasp whatever you’re agreeing to whenever you make a reservation with whatever pet transportation service by asking yourself the key questions. Such questions would be quite simple for a client care person to respond if you’re working with a respectable company.

Are really the pet containers inside the car or airplane protected?

Kitties don’t do great in moving cars or other forms of transportation. In light of that, the response to this query ought to be a resounding “yes.” An expert organization will provide you with more information about any protective measures they might employ if you’re reviewing them. Your cat shipping specialist ought to be capable of telling you just how secure your cat ought to be, regardless you’re traveling by land or by air.

How much training do your animal caretakers have?

Any expert in pet relocation should be able to answer this rather simple issue. To guarantee your cat’s comfort and safety all through the journey, you should have professional, complete support.

Do cargo containers have pressure?

Again, the response ought to be an unequivocal “yes.” Those airlines with freight compartments are maintained under the same atmospheric temperature and pressure as the passenger cabins will ever accept USDA-accredited animal transporters. Accordingly, your pet would typically be inhaling the identical oxygen as the humans travelers on any particular trip.

How much consideration is given to your cat while making the journey?

In order to make arrangements for the prompt treatment of all cats on any particular trip, many leading pet transportation businesses will keep specialists waiting at key airport terminals. There are usually time-required check-ins which carriers must complete with each animal under their supervision if you’re transporting your cat via land.

Which healthcare and security laws would I be required to follow where my cat is going?

Based on the region or nation you’re sending to, it will differ wildly. However, a reputable, experienced pet exporting firm will be capable to respond to your question and ought to be capable of handling all the documentation required for the cat’s shipment.


Do we compromise any bit while selecting a travel agency for our vacations? No, right? We should not also make any compromises while choosing a Cat Moving Service for our precious friends. Spend as much time researching as needed until you find the best Cat Moving Service that best suits your cat’s needs.

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